Questing card and dice game for 1-2+ players.
Based on the novel “The City of Dreaming Books”. 

The City of Dreaming Books is a copyrighted property. 
This is merely a fan site. 

The vast network of catacombs beneath Bookholm are filled with priceless 
Literary treasures. There is great danger as well; deadly traps and fearsome 
Creatures. And the worst foes of all, your fellow bookhunters!

Set a time for play… 1 to 2 hours. 
At the end of this time, the player with the most Pyra (actual and in the 
Form of unsold books) is the Winner. 
Note: In the book, many bookhunters are motivated by things other 
Then getting rich, namely murder. They are a motley group of psychopaths and 
Killers. Some could be rich many times over and retire, but they continue to 
Prowl the catacombs in search of others of their kind they can victimize without
Being punished for their crimes. These, the players will encounter as Foes.  

The unit of Currency in Bookholm is the Pyra, a form of paper money. 

This is a ubiquitous term. 
There are Skill levels, Depth levels, Creature levels, Foe levels, 
Trap levels, and Difficulty levels.  

The Catacombs descend down 10 levels:
Level	Notes:
0	Surface: Buying Equipment and Selling Books; Accelerated Healing
1	Cellars	 
2	Civilized (Traps here are Level +2)
3	Required to find Class 3 Books
4	Unholm (Creatures here are Level +2)
5	Land of the Dead (No Foes Here)
6	Required to find Class 4 Books
7	Ancient
8	Wild (Dead Ends here are at Level +2)
9	Shadowkeep
10	Giant Lands

This requires several Steps:
1. Determine Race: Roll once on the Race Table
2. Determine Skills: Draw 10 Cards from the Skill Deck
3. Starting Equipment: Draw 5 cards from the Equipment Deck. 
4. Name your Bookhunter (and draw a picture) 

There are 8 Skill Types:
1. Duel (Killing opposing Bookhunters or intelligent Foes)
2. Slay (Killing Creatures)
3. Disarm (Avoiding Traps)
4. Explore (Getting past Difficult Terrain)
5. Book Lore (Finding and Identifying valuable Books)
6. Evade (Avoiding Foes and Creatures)
7. Social (Selling Books and Avoiding Duels) 
8. Stamina (Capacity to withstand wounds and injury)

A bookhunter starts with zero level in all skills except Stamina. 
Stamina starts at level 10. 

1D6	Race:			Starting Skills:
1	Troglotroll		Stamina +1 Slay +1 Evade +1
2	Wolperting		Duel +1 Slay +2
3	Bluddum 		Stamina +1 Duel +1
4	Hoggling		Stamina +2 Social +1
5	Uggly			Lore +2 Evade +1
6	Rare			Roll on the Rare Race Table

1D6	Race:			Starting Skills:
1	Vulphead		Lore +1 Explore +1 Social +1
2	Lindworm		Stamina +1 Lore +1 Slay +1
3	Norselander		Stamina +1 Lore +1 Social +1
4	Nocturnomath		Lore +1 Duel +1 Social +1
5	Alpine Imp		Stamina +1 Explore +1 Disarm +1
6	Demi Dwarf		Evade +1 Explore +1 Disarm +1

Card:				Notes:
Savagery			Duel +1
Ferocity			Duel +1
Cruelty				Duel +1
Trickery			Duel +1
Ambush  			Duel +1
Speed				Duel +1
Surprise			Duel +1
Fighting Technique		Duel +1
Prowess 			Slay +1
Cunning 			Slay +1
Hunting 			Slay +1
Trapping			Slay +1
Monster Lore			Slay +1
Animal Handling 		Slay +1
Instinct			Slay +1
Intelligence			Slay +1
Perception			Disarm +1
Observation			Disarm +1
Caution				Disarm +1
Trap Setting			Disarm +1
Reflexes			Disarm +1
Poison Lore			Disarm +1
Mechanics			Disarm +1
Engineering			Disarm +1
Climbing			Explore +1
Mountaineering  		Explore +1
Balance				Explore +1
Agility				Explore +1
Willpower			Explore +1
Courage 			Explore +1
Survival			Explore +1
Labyrinthology			Explore +1
History				Lore +1
Literature			Lore +1
Language			Lore +1
Typography			Lore +1
Antiquarianism			Lore +1
Printing			Lore +1
Biography			Lore +1
Ink Lore			Lore +1
Stealth				Evade +1
Subterfuge			Evade +1
Hide				Evade +1	
Running 			Evade +1
Silence				Evade +1
Sneakiness			Evade +1
Camouflage			Evade +1
Escapology			Evade +1
Haggling			Social +1
Presence			Social +1
Diplomacy			Social +1
Intimidation			Social +1
Streetwise			Social +1
Sense of Humor  		Social +1
Double Talk			Social +1
Persuasion			Social +1
Endurance			Stamina +1
Strength			Stamina +1
Vitality			Stamina +1
Physique			Stamina +1
Constitution			Stamina +1
Energy				Stamina +1
Toughness			Stamina +1
Vigor				Stamina +1

Type:				Notes:
Weapons 			Slay +1 and Duel +1
Opening Tools			Explore +2 for Opening Challenge 
Navigation Tool 		Explore +2 for Navigation Challenge
Climbing Tool			Explore +2 for Climbing Challenge
Detection Tool			Disarm +1
Armor				Stamina +1
Light Source			Explore +1 and Disarm +1 and Lore +1
Reading Instrument		Lore +1
Container			See Limit Notes

You can only have one of each type of Armor. 
For example, you only gain benefit from one mask and not a second. 
Similarly, you only gain the benefit from a single light source. 
You only gain the benefit from the first two weapons you possess. 
Having a Container allows you to carry 2 extra Books. 
A container also lets you carry extra food, water, and medicinals, so you 
Heal 1 extra lost stamina in end phase. 

Equipment			Notes:
Flaming Torch			Light Source
Lantern				Light Source
Oil Lamp			Light Source
Jellyfish Torch			Light Source
Candles				Light Source
Skeleton Key			Opening Tool
Pickaxe				Opening Tool
Hammer  			Opening Tool
Lockpick Kit			Opening Tool
Length of String		Navigation Tool
Ball of Twine			Navigation Tool
Compass 			Navigation Tool
Maps				Navigation Tool
Pole				Detection Tool
Spikes				Climbing Tool
Rope				Climbing Tool
Chains				Climbing Tool
Hooks				Climbing Tool
Backpack			Container
Sacks				Container
Basket				Container
Spectacles			Reading Instrument
Magnifying Glass		Reading Instrument
Studed Leather			Armor Suit
Double Leather			Armor Suit
Scale Mail			Armor Suit
Chainmail			Armor Suit
Deaths Head Mask		Armor Mask
Wire Mesh Mask  		Armor Mask
Kettle Helm			Armor Helm
Great Helm			Armor Helm
Gauntlets			Armor Arms
Bracers				Armor Arms
Metal Plates			Armor Pieces
Spiked Plates			Armor Pieces
Greaves 			Armor Legs
Heavy Boots			Armor Legs
Knife				Weapon
Axe				Weapon
Dagger 				Weapon
Sword				Weapon
Spear				Weapon
Whip				Weapon
Crossbow			Weapon
Mace				Weapon
Spiked Club			Weapon
Blowpipe			Weapon
Sabre				Weapon
Cleaver				Weapon
Poison Arrows			Weapon
Iron Javelins			Weapon

Players start at the Surface (Depth = 0). 
Players roll high on 1D10 to determine who goes first. 
Play proceeds clockwise. 

There are no encounters at the Surface. 
Because of the availability of good food, drink, medical care, sanitation, and 
Accommodations at the surface, players heal 2 extra stamina per turn while there. 
While at the surface players can buy equipment and sell books. 

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 5 phases: 
1. Surface Activities Phase
2. Movement Phase
3. Encounter Phase
4. Resolution Phase
5. End Phase

Skip this phase if you are not at the Surface.
You may take 1 action:  
1. You may pay 100 Pyra to draw 1 equipment card. 
2. You may sell 1 Book. 
When selling a book you get +10% to its value for each level of Social Skill you have. 

If you are at the surface you may immediately descend to Depth Level 1. 
If you are at any other depth you may attempt to ascend or descend 1 Depth Level. 
To do this you must succeed at a Movement Challenge. 
To do a Movement Challenge roll 1D10 and add your Explore Skill level. 
If your adjusted roll is 7+ you succeed.  

If you are at the surface skip this phase, otherwise roll once on the Encounter Table. 

1D6	Encounter:	Notes:
1	Trap		Draw 1 card from the Trap Deck
2	Foe		Draw 1 card from the Foe Deck
3	Creature	Draw 1 card from the Creature Deck
4	Book		-
5+	Dead End	Draw 1 card from the Dead End Deck

Resolve the current Encounter according to its type. 

You can have a max of 8 pieces of equipment. 
Discard excess equipment and Books. 
Heal 1 Lost Stamina. 
There is a 50% chance one random piece of Equipment of yours breaks or is lost. 

You can carry a max of 4 books with you. 
You can carry 1 extra book for each piece of equipment you don’t carry.  

Draw 1 card from the Trap Deck
Roll 1D10 and add your Disarm Skill Level. 
Subtract the Trap Level. 
Success 7+ No Penalty. 
Fail on 6 or less. 
Penalty for failure is determined by the card. 
Collapse Traps have a 50% chance of sending the player down 1 Depth Level. 

Trap				Level	Notes:
Cave In				4	2D6  Damage; Collapse
Rock Slide			3	1D10 Damage; Collapse
Fire Trap			5	1D6 Damage
Flooding Chamber		5	Automatic Death
Poison Gas			6	Draw a card from the Poison Deck
Exploding Trap			7	2D6 Damage
Death Trap			9	2D6 Damage
Spear Lined Pitfall		4	2D6 Damage & Miss Next Turn
Spring Operated Blades		3	1D6 Damage
Poison Darts			2	Draw a card from the Poison Deck
Falling Beams			1	1D6 Damage; Collapse
Crushing Trap			2	2D6 Damage; Collapse
Converging Walls		4	Automatic Death
Acid Trap			4	1D6 Damage
Bookcase Trap			8	1D6 Damage; Collapse

Poison				Effect:
Lethal				Automatic Death
Madness 			Miss Next 2 Turns
Paralyzing			Miss Next Turn
Weakness			Get -3 to all Skill Challenges Next Turn
Laughing			1D6 damage and Miss Next Turn
Delirium			Miss Next Turn
Memory Loss			Lose 1 Random Skill
Blinding 			Miss Next Turn
Bacterial Blood Poisoning	Get -2 to all Skill Challenges Next 2 Turns
Disease				Get -1 to all Skill Challenges Next 3 Turns
Caustic				1D6 Damage
Venomous			2D6 Damage

Draw 1 Card from the Foe Deck. 
You may attempt to Evade the Foe 50% of the time. 
Roll 1D10 and add Evade Skill Level. 
On a roll of 10+ you successfully evade the Foe.
If evasion does not work you may next attempt to Parley with the Foe.
Roll 1D10 and add your Social Skill Level. 
Success on 9+. The Foe leaves you alone. 
Get +1 to roll for every Book and equipment you give Foe as Bribe. 
If foe cannot be parleyed, he must be fought: 
Roll 1D10 and add your Duel Skill Level. 
Subtract the Foe Level. 
On a modified roll of 9+ you suffer no damage and defeat Foe. 
On 6-8 you win but lose 1D6 Stamina. 
On 5 or less you suffer 2D6 Damage.  
If you win a Duel roll 1D6 on the Loot Table:

1D6	Loot:
1	Nothing
2	1 Equipment
3	2 Equipment
4	1 Lesser Book
5	2 Lesser Books
6+	1 Valuable Book

Foe			Level	Notes:
Rong Kong Koma  	10	If you lose suffer an extra 1D6 Damage
Book Pirates		5	If you lose, no damage but lose all your books
Book Thief		6	If you lose, no damage but lose your most valuable book
Blorr the Bricklayer	4	If you lose, miss your next turn
Nassim the Noose	5	Cannot be Parleyed 
Imran the Invisible	6	Cannot be Evaded
Reverberus Echo 	3	If you win -1 to Loot Table roll
Lembo the Snake 	5	Get -2 to Evade and Parley Rolls
Yont Yooble		-	Encounter a Trap instead at Level +2
Hunk Hoggno		6	If you lose he eats you: Automatic Death 
Erman de Griswold	7	Get +1 to Evade Roll
Hadwin Paxi		4	He does +1 Damage
Azlif Khesmu		1	Get -1 to Evade Roll
Horgul the Hairless	3	If looted has no Equipment
Blondie Snotsniff	2	If looted has no Books
Shadowking		15	Cannot be Parleyed with
The Toto Twins		4	If you win first duel fight a second duel
Krood Brothers		3	If you win first duel fight a second duel
Golden Beard		-	Encounter a Book Trap instead at Level +3
Hokum Bogus		5	Get +2 to Parley
Tarik Tabari		8	If you win +1 to Loot Table roll
Colophonius Regenschein	9	He evades you on a roll of 5+ on 1D10

For every Foe you kill gain 1 Reputation Point. 
If your Reputation is higher than a Foes Level get +1 to Parley Rolls. 

Draw 1 card from the Creature Deck. 
You may attempt to Evade the Creature 50% of the time. 
Roll 1D10 and add Evade Skill Level. 
On a roll of 10+ you successfully evade the Creature.
If Creature cannot be evaded, it must be fought: 
Roll 1D10 and add your Slay Skill Level. 
Subtract the Creature Level. 
On a modified roll of 9+ you suffer no damage and defeat the Creature. 
On 6-8 lose 1D6 Stamina. 
On 5 or less lose 2D6 Stamina.  

Creature			Level	Notes:
Bookworm Swarm  		1	You may evade them by tossing them a book
Big Black Beetles		2	-
Poisonous Snake 		3	Instead of Damage draw a Poison Card
One Eyed Bats			3	-
Plague Rats			3	If Damaged get -1 to all Skill rolls Next 2 Turns
Blind Moths			1	Instead of getting Damaged Miss Next Turn	
Catacomb Flies			2	If you Evade, Miss Next Turn
Mutant Jellyfish		2	Get +2 to Evade; Do at most 1D6 Damage
Giant Worm			5	Get +2 to Evade
Albino Crabs			6	-
Deformed Ape			5	Cannot be Evaded
Lavaworms			7	Get +2 to Evade
Assorted Vermin 		3	If you Evade get -2 to next Movement Challenge
Crystalloscorpion		7	In addition to Damage draw a Poison Card
Troglognomes			4	Instead of Damage they steal 1 Equipment
Fearsome Booklings		5	Instead of Damage go up 2 Depth Levels
Megaworm			8	Get +2 to Evade
Giant Ants			5	If Damaged also lose 1 Equipment
Cyclops				7	Does +2 Damage
Dangerous Insect		5	-
Winged Bloodsuckers		4	-
Giant Earwigs			3	Do at most 1D6 Damage
Giant Bookhoppers		2	Do at most 2D6 Damage
Giant Spider			3	In addition to Damage draw a Poison Card
Gigantic Caterpillars		4	Get +2 to Evade
Giant Millipedes		6	Get +2 to Evade
Hybrid Creature 		4	-
Spinxxxx			9	-
Giant				10	-
Black Tentacles			5	Get -1 to Evade
Harpyrs				8	Get -2 to Evade
Luminous Scorpions		2	Instead of Damage draw a Poison Card

Roll a number of six sided Dice equal to your Depth Level plus a number of 
Six sided dice for each level of Booklore skill you have. 
For every roll of 6 you get 1 Find Point. 
If you get 1 Find point Draw a card from the Lesser Book Deck
If you get 2 Find Points Draw a card from the Book Trap Deck
If you get 3 Find point Draw a card from the Valuable Book Deck
If you get 4 Find point Draw a card from the Golden List Book Deck

Book Traps are handled like regular Traps. 

Book Trap			Level	Notes:
Lethal Device			5	2D6 Damage
Poison Dart			4	Draw a card from the Poison Deck
Glass Slivers			4	1D6 Damage
Needle Catapult 		5	Draw a card from the Poison Deck
Acid Syringe			3	1D6 Damage
Toxic Gas Cylinder		2	Draw a card from the Poison Deck
Toxicotome			10	Draw a card from the Poison Deck
Poisoned Book 			8	Draw a card from the Poison Deck
Hazardous Book  		7	2D6 Damage
Analphabetic Terrortome 	9	1D10 Damage
Exploding Book			6	1D10 Damage
Posthypnotic Commands   	3	Miss Next Turn
Olfactory Poisons		1	Draw a card from the Poison Deck
Razor Sharp Page Edges  	3	Draw a card from the Poison Deck
Strangling Bookmark		4	1D6 Damage

If you find a Collection (Many Books) its value counts at the end of the game, but you 
Do not carry them with you as you would individual books. 

Book					Pyra	
Adventure Story 			1
Thriller				1
Flagellators Manual			1
How to Comb a Chicken   		1
Four Hundred Frog Recipes		1
A Pig for Two Pyras			10
Nothing of Importance			10
Plethoric Novel				10
Adynationist Poetry			10
Adaptionism Literature			10
Pastellist Literature			10
Oxymoronic Verses			10
Anticlimacticist Novel			10
High Baroque Literature 		10
Romantic Literature			10
Ugglian Horror				10
Onomatopoeic Dynaprose  		10
The Way of the Bookhunter		10
Count Elfensenf Novel			10
Prince Sangroid Novel			10
Joys of Gardening			10
Sir Ginel				10
Zomonian Gagaist			100 
The Smoked Cookbooks    		100
Scientific Treatise			100
Pine Needle Pamphlets			100
Shaven Tongue				100
Tiger in My Sock			100
Hard Beds & Soiled Sheets		100
A Village Named Snowflake		100
Life is more Terrible than Death	100
Ant Drum				100
The Glass Guest 			100
The Dog that only Barked Backwards	100

Book					Pyra	
Censored Book				1K 
Hair Raiser				1K
Rickshaw Demons Curry Book		1K
Jewel Studded Book			1K
Signed in Blood				1K
Mint Condition				1K
First Edition				1K
Illustrated Copy			1K
Bound in Dragon Hide			1K
Golden Clasps				1K
Load of Rubbish 			1K (Collection)
Cheap Offers				1K (Collection)
Cellar Books				1K (Collection)
Trashy Old Volumes			1K (Collection)
Old Stock				1K (Collection)
Long Lost Library			10K (Collection)
Pirates Booty				10K (Collection)
Dealers First Editions			10K (Collection)
Publishers Stocks			10K (Collection)
Buried Collections			10K (Collection)
Entombed Books  			10K (Collection)
Late Medieval				10K (Collection)

Book					Pyra	
Ethereal Library			100K (Collection)
Princely Treasures			100K (Collection)
National Library			100K (Collection)
Ancient Library				1M (Collection)
Princess Daintyhoof			1M	
Treatise on Cannibalism 		1M	
The Twelve Thousand Precepts		10M	
The Bloody Book 			10M	
Silence of the Sirens			1M
The Solar Chronicles			1M
Animatome				1M
Flying Book				1M

Draw 1 Card from the Dead End Deck. 
Roll 1D10 and add your explore Skill Level. 
Subtract the Dead End Level. 
Success on a roll 7 or higher.  
Failure on 6 or less. 
If you Fail Miss Next turn 50% or lose 1D6 Stamina 50%. 
C = Climbing Challenge
O = Opening Challenge
N = Navigation Challenge

Dead End			Level Type	Notes:
Shaft				5	C	If Success go up or down 1 Level
Chasm				10	C	If Success go down 2 Levels
Lava Pits			9	C	If failed Does 2D6 Damage
Shadowy Corridors		4	N	
Labyrinth			8	N	If failed Miss next 2 Turns
Sealed Gateway  		7	O	
Stalactite Cave			2	C	
Winding Stone Staircase 	1	C	If success go up or down 1 Level
Stone Arches			2	O	
Narrow Passages 		3	N	
Stalagmite Forest		4	C	
Hidden Chambers 		5	O	
Ravine				6 	C	If Success go down 1 Level
Terraces			2	C	If Success go up or down 1 Level
Dripstone Cave			3	C	
Lofty Caverns			4	C	
Old Mines			4	N	
Maze				7	N	If failed Miss next 2 Turns
Tunnels				3	N	
Mausoleum 			4	O	
Rusty Gnomes Railway		-	-	Go up or down randomly 2 Levels 
Dead Bookhunter  		9	N	If Success roll twice on the Loot Table
Discover Lair			8	O	If success roll twice on the Loot Table
Find Dropped Item		5	C	If Success draw 1 Item card

If you occupy the same Depth as another player and you roll the  
Foe encounter, there is a 50% you will encounter a (random) opponent’s 
Bookhunter. If one or both of you wants to fight, there will be a battle: 
Both roll 1D10 and add their Duel Skill Levels. 
The higher roll wins. If tied both lose. 
The winner suffers 1D6 Damage. The loser suffers 2D6 Damage. 
If a player is killed. The other player gets his books and equipment. 
If neither player wants to fight, you may freely trade books and equipment. 
At the Surface, bookhunters may never fight, but may always trade with each other. 

If you are killed, use your next turn to roll up a new Bookhunter. 
The new Bookhunter inherits all the Pyras of the deceased, but not 
Any equipment or books he was carrying when he died. 
The new Bookhunter starts on the Surface. 

You may establish one hidden lair in the Catacombs. 
To do this, it must be during a turn in which you successfully resolved a 
Dead End Encounter. 
You may store unlimited Books and equipment in your lair. 
Whenever you are at the depth level at which your lair is, you may, instead 
of rolling for an Encounter, pick up or drop off items freely in end phase.
While in your Lair you heal 1 extra lost Stamina in End Phase.  

The rules as they are should work very well for solo play


Troglotrolls heal quickly. They heal 1 extra Damage in End Phase. 
Their reduced intellectual capacity gives them Lore -2. 
They are natural cave dwellers so get Explore +1. 

Wolpertings are fast. This gives them Evade +1. Their vicious, carnivorous 
Nature gives them Social -1.  

Bluddum have tough hides. They always take 1 less damage from every die of 
damage rolled against them. They are not terribly coordinated so get Explore -1.  

Hogglings are full of energy. A the end of their turn, there is a 1 in 6 chance they 
Will immediately get to take another turn. Because of their lack of subtlety they get 
Lore -1. 

Ugglies are well versed in Divination. Once on their turn, they may look at the next 
5 cards in any deck. This also gives them an extra Evade +1. Because of their 
hideousness they get Social -2. 

Vulpheads are memory masters with a good sense of smell. This gives them any extra 
Lore +1 and Evade +1. These Fox folk are smallish compared to many other races so 
have a Stamina -2. 

Lindworms are studious and very long lived so get an extra Lore +1. When in danger 
they produce an unpleasant smell that gives them Evade -1. These scaly dinosaurs get 
an extra Stamina +1 but their pacifist ways give them Duel -1. 

Norselanders are vegans adverse to violence so get Duel -1 and Slay -1. They are big, 
So get Stamina +1 and the ability to carry 2 extra pieces of equipment. 

Nocturnomaths are scientifically orientated so get Disarm +1. They are also 
Telepathic so get an extra Social +1. They are very frail so suffer Stamina -2. 

Alpine Imps are mountain dwellers so get an extra Explore +1. They are adept at 
Hiding so get Evade +1. They are small so get Stamina -2. 

Demi Dwarfs are at home in subterranean locales so get an extra Explore +1. 
They are natural craftsmen so get Disarm +1. Their short stature results in a Stamina -2

If you roll a 6 on the Encounter table while on Depth Level 9 you will find
Shadowkeep Castle. Roll once on the Shadowkeep Castle Table: 

1D10	Result:
1	Attacked by the Shadowking for 2D6 Damage
2	Attacked by Animatomes for 1D6 Damage
3	Locked Out: Nothing Happens
4	Trapped in Castle: Miss Next Turn
5	Draw 1 Valuable Book Card (Ignore Collections: Redraw till you get a Book)
6	Waylaid by Weeping Spirits: Miss Next Turn
7	Transported to the Land of the Giants (Depth Level 10)
8	Read Orhm Books: Miss Next Turn
9	Led Astray: Return to the Wilds (Depth Level 8)
10	Shadowking befriends you: Miss Next Turn and Gain Lore +2

Rules for Depth Level 10. 
Treat Foe Encounters as a Giant Encounter: 
The Giant has a Creature Level = 10. 
If you fight it and lose, he feeds you to his monstrous pets he keeps in 
Giant glass jars (Automatic Death)

When you encounter the Fearsome Booklings, you may attempt to befriend them: 
Roll 1D10 and add your Social Skill Level. Success on 8+. 
If Successful they take you to their home in the Leather Grotto (Depth Level 6)
where you miss your next turn, but gain Lore +1 and heal 2 extra points of Damage. 

If you successfully parley with Colophonius, he will become your friend. 
The next times you meet him he will either give you 1 Lesser Book, 
1 Equipment or guide you up or down 1 Depth Level, your choice. 


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