INTRODUCTION Card game for 2 Players. Simulation of the Battle of Austerlitz. One player is Napoleon. The other player is the Third Coalition as represented by Austria & Russia. VICTORY Control all 3 Fronts (Flanks) and reduce your opponents Morale to zero. THE FIELD There are 3 Strategic Fronts (Flanks): Stanton Hill (North) Pratzen Heights (Center) Telnitz (South) THE DECK Players share a common deck. SETUP Napoleon starts in possession of Stanton Hill and Telnitz. The Coalition starts in control of the Pratzen Heights. Each player starts with 20 Morale points. TURN SEQUENCE Players take turns. Each turn has 4 Phases. Strategy Phase Orders Phase Attack Phase End Phase STRATEGY PHASE Draw 5 cards from the Deck. If the deck runs out, the battle is a draw. ORDERS PHASE Put Leader and Unit cards into play. Leader & Units cards must be assigned to a specific Front. Some cards designate a Front, others allow you to choose. ACTION PHASE You may launch one attack on one target Front. You may attack from a Front even if you already control the Front. The Defender may play Defense cards at specific Fronts. Players add up the Force of all their Units, Leaders, Attack, Defense, and Event cards played at the Front. If the Defender controls the Front he gets +4 Force. The higher total Force wins the Action. The Winner gains control of the Front. The Winner gains 2 Morale Points. The loser loses 3 Morale Points. END PHASE Max hand size is 7 cards. Discard excess cards. VICTORY CARDS You can only play a Victory card if you have just won an Action. Draw 1 card when you play a Victory card. ATTACK CARDS You may Play an attack card to launch an extra attack on another Front. This is effectively an additional Action Phase. (Max one attack per Front per turn) RESERVE CARDS Discard a Reserve card to Search the Deck for one of your Leader or Unit cards and put it in your hand. MARCH CARDS Discard a March card to Draw 2 cards. MANEUVER CARDS Discard a Maneuver card to Move one of your Leaders or Units to an Adjacent Front. Draw 1 card when you play a Maneuver card. STANDSTILL CARDS Discard a Standstill card to cause opponent to discard 2 random cards from his hand. STRATEGY CARDS Discard a Strategy card to move 1 opposing Leader or Unit to an adjacent Flank. Draw 1 card when you play a Strategy card. DECK NOTATION L = Leader U = Unit A = Attack D = Defense E = Event V = Victory R = Reserve S = Strategy M = March X = Maneuver Y = Standstill N = Napoleon C = Coalition B = Both Napoleon & the Coalition Casualties = Discard opposing Leader or Unit Assault = You can only use this at a Front you do not control DECK CARD LIST Card Name Type Force Use Notes Decisive Defeat V - B Casualties Carefully Timed Blow A 7 N Assault Hold Ground D 5 B Marshall Oudinot L 4 N Marshall Davout L 4 N Marshall Soult L 4 N Marshall Lannes L 4 N Marshall Bernadotte L 4 N Marshall Murat L 4 N Reinforcements E 4 B Reserve R - B Check Advance D 5 B French Imperial Guard U 7 N Hour of Glory V - B Gain 2 Morale French Corps U 5 N Sweeping Maneuver X - N Confound Opponents Y - N Confusion Y - B Bavarian Allies U 4 N Mamelukes U 6 N Good Progress M - B Lines of Advance M - B Abandon the Field V - B Casualties Converge M - B Cross River M - B Enveloping Force A 7 B Careful Deployment R - N All-Out Attack A 6 B Concentrate Troops X - B Center of Operations M - B Defensive Flank D 6 B Ensnare S - N Trap Snaps Shut V - N Opponent loses 2 Morale Hard Pursuit V - N Casualties Feign Weakness S - B Lure Opponents S - B Duplicity S - B Mist & Fog S - B Storm Heights A 5 B Assault Unleashed R - B Repel D 5 B Imperial Guard U 7 N Shatter Center V - B Center Only: Gain 2 Morale Wheel Forces X - B Flee in Disorder V - B Casualties Hard Fought Action E 3 B Hold at all Costs D 7 B Full Retreat V - B Opponent discards 2 cards Exhaustion Y - B Over-Extension Y - B Forced March R - B Link-Up X - B Demoralized V - B Opponent loses 2 Morale Tsar Alexander L 5 C Emperor of Austria L 4 C Marshall Kutusov L 6 C Surrender V - B Casualties Cut-Off V - B Opponent loses 2 Morale General Buxhowden L 4 C Encirclement A 7 B Collapse V - B Casualties General Bagration L 4 C Desperate Battle E 3 B Lichtenstein L 4 C Recall Men E - B Gain 2 Morale Russian Imperial Guard U 7 C Repulse D 7 B Chosen Ground S - N Fortifications D 7 B North & South Flanks only Regain Initiative V - B Draw an extra Card Mass Attack A 6 B Assault Hold the Line D 5 B Congestion Y - B General Langeron L 3 C Split in Half V - B Opponent loses 2 Morale Complete Surprise A 7 N Full Scale Attack A 5 B Assault Stolid Defense D 6 B Bombardment V - B Casualties Cavalry Charge A 5 B Resist Bravely D 5 B Charismatic Leadership E 5 N Artillery Fire E 3 B One Sharp Blow A 7 N Assault Light Infantry U 3 B Light Cavalry U 3 B Heavy Cavalry U 4 B Contested Village E 6 B Skirmishing E 3 B Bayonet Charge E 5 B Support Flank R - B Allied Column U 4 C Diversionary Attack A 3 C Commit Reserve R - B Furious Onslaught A 7 B Assault Counter-Attack A 5 B LINKS Bicentennial Wikkipedia BGG

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