Two player set piece strategic game.
One player controls the Aztecs.
The other player controls the Spaniards and their allies: 
The Totonac, Tlascalans, Texcocoans, and Cholula.

The Spaniards must capture the Aztec leader Cuahtemoc.
The Aztecs must capture the Spanish leader Cortez.

Use a hex map.
The map describes the Capitol city: Tenochtitlan.
One side of the city is bordered by lake Texcoco. 
Indicate housing, roads, plots, jungle, water, and temple hexes.
Walls line the borders between hexes.
The city is geometrically organized.
The city is surrounded by walls except the parts bordered by water.
There are some internal walls.

Use counters or chits to represent units.

The Aztecs have 45 warrior units and one Cuahtemoc unit.
The Spaniards have the following units:
5 Totonac units.
10 Tlascalan units.
5 Cholula units.
5 Texcocoan units.
15 Rogue Aztec units.
13 Brigantines (Boats).
5 Conquistador units and one Cortez unit.
The Aztecs are inside the city. The Spanish are outside.
Every city must have at least 3 units in it.
Each unit represents 10,000 indians or 100 Spaniards.

Event Phase
Spanish Move Phase
Spanish Attack Phase
Spanish Rally Phase
Aztec Move Phase
Aztec Attack Phase
Aztec Rally Phase
Fire Phase

Roll twice on the Event Table.

1-3 	1 Aztec dies of disease/starvation
4-6	1 Spanish Ally dies of disease/starvation
A player picks which of his units succumbs.

Units may not stack except for units riding brigantines.
A unit gets 1D6 move points. Roll for each unit before it moves.
A unit can get 2D6 move points but it cannot attack.
Roads and clear hexes cost 1 point to enter.
Housing and plots costs 2 point to enter. 
Walls cost 2 points to pass.
Temples and jungles cost 3 points to enter.
Only units on brigantines can move on water spaces.
It costs brigantines 1 point to enter a water hex.
Units may pass through friendly units.
Units may not enter or pass through spaces occupied by enemy units.
Routed units cannot be moved toward enemy units.
If a routed unit is ever adjacent to an enemy unit, it must move away or be destroyed.
Units cannot enter spaces with a fire counter.

A unit can attack an adjacent enemy unit.
Routing units cannot attack.
An attacking unit rolls 1D6.
All rolls of 5-6 on 1D6 indicate the defending enemy unit is defeated.
On a natural or modified roll of 1 the attacker is defeated.
Conquistadors get +1 to their rolls.
Units attacking routed units get +1 to their rolls.
Leader units and friendly units adjacent to leader units get +1 to their rolls.
Spanish units attacking Aztec units behind city walls get -1 to their rolls.
Aztecs attacking Conquistadors or Cortez get -1 to their rolls.
Units on Brigantines get -1 to their rolls.
If a unit is defeated roll 1D6.
On a roll of 1-2 the unit is destroyed.
On a roll of 3-6 the unit is routed.
A routed unit must immediately move away from the attacking unit exactly 1D3 move 
points or be destroyed.
Routed units are flipped over.
Each friendly unit adjacent to the routing unit also routs on a roll of 1-2 on 1D6.
If the defeated unit was in a housing hex, put a fire counter on the space.
A unit that defeats an enemy unit may move 1 space and attack again.

This players routed units not adjacent to enemy units may rally.
Roll 1D6 for each unit. 
The unit is flipped face up on a roll of 5-6.
Add +1 if adjacent to a leader unit.

Fires go out on a roll of 1-2 on 1D6. Remove the fire counter.


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