Board & card game for 2 players.
Battle between Aztecs & Conquistadors. 
Abstract skirmish level combat.
Each figure represents a single man (unit). 

You win if you kill the opposing Leader.

Use an 8x8 chessboard.

Use chits or miniatures to represent men.

#	Type 		Hits
1 	War Leader 	3
2 	Jaguar Knight	2
2 	Eagle Knight 	2
19 	Warrior		1	
# = Number of that type of man you start the game with.
Hits = Number of Hits that type of unit has.

#	Type 		Hits
1 	Captain		3
8	Soldier		2
4	Horseman  	2
2	Cannon		2

The Aztec player places one unit on each square of his back three rows.
The conquistador places one unit on each square of his back two rows.
Units may not stack. 

Players share a common deck. 

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 3 phases:
1. Fate Phase
2. Move Phase
3. Attack Phase

Draw 3 cards. 
Max hand size = 5 cards.
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it.
Discard excess cards.

Play (discard) a Move card to move one of your men.
The move card has a number. 
This is the number of spaces the man moves.
Moves can be diagonal or orthogonal. 
“Knight” type move cards allow a man to move like a knight in chess.
Instead of moving just one man in any direction, you have the 
option of moving one or more men forward the indicated number of 
spaces using a single move card.
Horsemen can be moved up twice per turn.
Cannons can move a max of 2 spaces per turn.

Play (discard) an Attack card to have a man attack.
The attack card has a number. 
This is the range of the attack.
You cannot attack through other units, except for Bows & Atlatl. 
Attacks can be diagonal or orthogonal. 
Attacks do one Hit of damage to the target.
Use Chits or coins to record damage.
A man reduced to zero Hits is killed and removed from the board.
Your opponent may play Defense cards to negate your attack.
Cannons can only attack using cannon only cards.
A canister shot has a range = 2. It does damage to that square, the two 
Squares on either side, and the square at range = 1.
Roundshot travels in a straight line for unlimited range. It does damage to every 
Unit in every square it passes through.

M = Movement
A = Attack
D = Defense
K = as a Knight would move in Chess
Type = Purpose of card
User = Who can use the card
Z = Aztec
C = Conquistador
E = Either

Card Name:		#	User	Range	Type	Notes: 
Dagger			2	E	1	A	
Blood Sacrifice		1	Z	-	-	Draw 2 cards
Spiked Clubs		2	Z	1	A	
Obsidian Spears		2	Z	1	A	
Atlatl			2	Z	2	A	
Slings			2	Z	2	A	
Bows & Arrows		2	Z	2	A
Take Captive		1	Z	1	A	Vs unit with 1 hit only
Padded Armor		1	Z	-	D	
Battledress		1	Z	-	D	
Magic			1	Z	-	D	Lucky Talismans
Wooden Shields		1	Z	-	D	
Fighting Skill		1	Z	1	A	Knights only
Steel Swords		2	C	1	C	
Muskets			2	C	3	A	Soldiers only
Matchlocks		2	C	3	A	
Rapiers			2	C	1	A	
Steel Breastplates	2	C	-	D	
Steel Helmets		2	C	-	D	
Pistols			2	C	2	A
Crossbows		2	C	2	A	Soldiers only
Canister Shot		2	C	x	A	Cannons only
Round Shot		2	C	x	A	Cannons only
Fear of Horses		1	C	1	A	Horsemen only	
Lances			1	C	1	A	Horsemen only
Pikes			2	C	1	A	Soldiers only
Closed Ranks		2	C	-	D	
Veteran Soldiers  	2	C	-	D	
Massacre 		1	C	1	A	
Gold, God & Glory       1	C	-	-	Draw 2 cards
Maneuver  		10	E	1	M	
Advance			8	E	2	M	
Charge			6	E	3	M	
Sprint			4	E	4	M
Gallop			2	E	5	M	Horsemen only

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