Card game for 2+ players. 
Theme: Avatar: The Last Airbender.
Each player is trying to help the Avatar complete Quests on 
Their own turn and preventing their opponents 
From completing quests on their turns. 

Avatar: The Last Airbender is a licensed, trademarked, copyrighted property. 
This is merely a fan site. 

The Player with the most Quest Points when the game ends is the winner. 

The game ends the turn after there are no cards left in the deck. 

Each card in your Victory Pile is worth 1 Quest Point. 

Players share a common deck. 
There are 3 basic types of cards: Quests, Aids, and Challenges

Each player is dealt a hand of 3 cards. 
The player with the least hair goes first. 

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 6 Phases: 
Fate Phase
Adventure Phase
Event Phase
Quest Phase
Reward Phase
Journey Phase

Draw 2 cards. 
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

You may look at any one opponent’s hand. 
You may then switch one of your cards with one of his, or 
You may discard a card and draw a card from the deck, or do nothing. 

Some cards with the Event Trait may be discarded in this 
Phase to produce their Special Effects. 

You may play a Meld from your hand.
A Meld is a combination of cards. 
A Meld must include: 
Exactly 1 Quest Card
2 or more Aid Cards
2 or more Challenge Cards
Every card has a Force rating. 
The Total Force of the Aid cards must equal or exceed that of the 
Quest card plus the Challenge Cards. 
By playing a Meld, you complete the Quest Card. 
Save the Quest and Challenge cards to your Victory Pile and 
Discard the other cards of the Meld. 

Some cards have the “Reward” Trait. 
If you completed a Meld this Phase you get to 
Collect your Rewards: The Abilities of these cards take effect. 

Max hand size is 7 cards. 
Discard excess cards. 

Q = Quest (QC = Quest Card)
A = Aid (AC = Aid Card)
C = Challenge (CC = Challenge Card)
A/C = Use as Aid or Challenge Card
OMD = Target opponent must discard…
RC = Random Cards from Hand
AP = Adventure Phase
QP = Quest Points
F = Force
Switch = Switch this card for a random card from Opponent’s Hand
HC = Hero Card
DX = Draw 2 cards and discard 1 card
D1C = Draw 1 Card
LAOH = Look at Opponents hand
LN = Look at Next…
ET = Experience Token: Permanently Get +1 to your Aid Total for rest of Game
PX = Permanent effect
Req = Requirement to play this card in a Meld
Elemental = Card having Water, Earth, Air, or Fire Traits

Card Name:			Type	Force	Notes:
Air Bending			A	6	Air HC Aang
Mischievous Ways		A	4	Air HC Aang; Event: Get another AP
Avatar State			A	7	Air HC Aang
Diplomacy			A	5	HC Aang
Fire Nation Soldiers		C	2	Soldiers; Event: OMD 1 RC
Fire Nation Warships		C	4	Mech; Event: Switch
Hot Headed Prince		C	7	Fire Zuko; Worth 2 QP
Fools Errand			C	3	Fire Zuko; Event: LAOH
Exile				C	6	Fire Zuko; Reward D1C
Uncle Iroh			C	4	Fire Iroh; Reward: Switch
Wisdom				C	3	Fire Iroh; Other CC’s get F-1 
Captain Zhao			C	4	Fire Zhao; Soldiers get F+1
Commander Zhao			C	5	Fire Zhao; Soldiers get F+2
Admiral Zhao			C	6	Fire Zhao; Reward: OMD 1 RC
I’ve Got Your Back		A	5	HC Sokka; Other HC gets +3
Boomerang Attack		A	4	HC Sokka
Clever Sokka			A	6	HC Sokka; Event: Switch
Nurturing			A	5	Water HC Katara; Other HC’s get +1
Water Bending			A	5	Water HC Katara
Healer				A	4	Water HC Katara; Other HC’s get +2
Flying Bison			A	4	Appa; Reward: Draw 2 Cards
Winged Lemur			A	3	Momo; HC get F+1
Pirates				C	4	Event: LAOH & Steal 1 Card
Speak to Avatar Roku		A	4	Event: Discard hand & Draw 6 Cards
Fire Sages			C	3	Fire; Event: LAOH
Fire Sage Traitor		A	3	Fire; CC in Meld are F-1 
Jet				A	6	Warrior; Event: OMD 1 RC
Invasion Forces			A	5	Fire Soldiers
Hot Air War Balloon		C	3	Mech; Event: LAOH
Steam Powered War Machines	C	6	Mech
Yu Yan Archers			C	5	Fire Soldiers
Sickness			C	4	HC get F-2
Appease the Forest Spirit	Q	3	Req: HC
Mass Prison Escape		Q	5	Worth 2 QP
Suki				A	5	Warrior; Warriors get F+1
Fire Nation Rebels		A	4	Fire Warriors
Earth Nation Rebels		A	5	Earth Warriors
Master Pakku			Q	6	Reward: PX: Water AC get F+1
Box of Scrolls			A	4	Water; Other Water AC get +2
Women Warriors of Kyoshi	A	5	Warriors; Event: D1C
Save Village from Volcano	Q	7	Req: Elemental AC
Fortune Teller Aunt Wu		A	2	Event: LN 10 cards in deck
The Mechanist			A/C	4	Mech cards get F+2
Freedom Fighters		A	4	Warriors; Event: OMD 1 CC
Catapults			C	5	Fire Mech; Event: OMD 1 QC
Southern Water Tribe Folk	A	4	Water Warriors
Northern Water Tribe Folk	A	4	Water Warriors
The Blue Spirit			A	6	Warrior: Reward: OMD 1 RC
Water Whip			A	4	Water
Dust Cloud			A	4	Air
Canyon Crawler			C	5	Monster
Escort Rival Tribes		Q	5	Reward: D1C
Bounty Hunter & Beast		C	6	Monster; Event: OMD 1 HC
Master Jeong Jeong		Q	3	Reward: PX: Fire AC get F+1
Friendly Monks			A	3	Warriors; Event: DX
Cabbage Merchant		A	1	-
Encounter King Bumi		Q	5	Reward: Gain 1 ET
Ice Dodging with Bato		Q	4	Reward: Draw 2 Cards
Koh the Face Stealer		Q	5	Reward: LN 10 cards in Deck
Fury of the Ocean Spirit	A	7	Water; Soldier cards are F-1 
Princess Yue			A	4	Reward: Worth 2 QP


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