INTRODUCTION Board game for 2-4+ players. Asterix Theme. DISCLAIMER Asterix the Gaul is a copyrighted, licensed product. This is merely a fan site. VICTORY At the End of the Game, the player with the most Tiles in the most Categories in his Victory Pile (VP) wins. The 4 Categories are: Wild Boar, Mistletoe, Menhirs, Roman Cohorts If there is a tie, the Player with the most Menhirs wins. If it is still tied, the player with the most Boars wins. If still tied, the player with the most tiles wins. The Game ends when all scoring Tiles have gone into VP’s. THE BOARD Use a Chess Board. The center 4 spaces is the Gaul Village. TILES There are 60 Tiles to be placed randomly on the remaining non-village spaces. TILE MIX Tile Title: # Notes: Wild Boar 10 Tasty Treat Roman Cohort 10 Nasty Menhir 8 Big Stones for Carving Runes on Mistletoe 12 Ingredient for Magic Strength Potion Lake 8 Major Barrier Clearing 12 Empty MAGIC POTION Getafix the Druid is able to brew a Magic Potion that gives the drinker Superhuman strength. Because of this the Village remains the last Gaulish Settlement to be unconquered by the Roman Empire. POTION TOKENS These are used to keep track of how much potion a player has remaining. DICE 2 Six sided dice are needed. PAWNS Each player gets 1 pawn of a unique color. (Little Gaulish Asterix figurines would be good) SETUP Players Pawns start in any Village Space. Each player starts with 3 Potion Tokens. Roll high on 1D6 to see who goes first. Players set up the board by placing 1 random Tile in each non-village square. Tiles are placed face-up. TURN SEQUENCE Players take turns. On a players turn he rolls 2 Dice. He chooses 1 roll & moves his pawn that many spaces in any direction. He then moves a number of spaces equal to the other roll if possible. Pawns can move orthogonally or diagonally. At the end of your turn, discard 1 Potion Token. LAKES Pawns cannot move through or into Lakes. CLEARINGS These are basically empty spaces in the Forest. They do not score or block the way. VILLAGE SPACES A Pawn must stop his move completely upon entering a Village space. Every time a Pawn starts his turn in a Village space, he replenishes his Potion Token Total back up to 3. Every time a Pawn enters a Village space, he puts all Tiles he was carrying into his Victory Pile (VP). CARYING CAPACITY As a Pawn moves around the Board he picks things (Tiles) up. Mistletoe, Menhir, and Boar Tiles can be picked up and carried. Place these Tiles next to you in a “Things Carried” pile. Any number of Mistletoe can be carried. Up to 1 Menhir or 2 Boars can be carried. Things are dropped off when you return to the Village where they go to your VP. A Pawn can only pick up a Tile if he lands on it, not if he was just Passing through the space. A Pawn can land on 2 spaces per turn, 1 from each dieroll. ROMAN COHORTS If a pawn lands on a Roman Cohort, he automatically puts it in his Victory pile (VP) as long as he has at least 1 Potion token remaining. (The Romans are defeated: You don’t have to carry them around) A pawn without potion Tokens cannot enter a space containing a Roman Cohort. LANDING ON OTHER PAWNS If you land on an opponents Pawn, you may steal 1 Thing he is carrying. If you land on a space with many pawns, you may only pick 1 Pawn to steal from.

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