By Lloyd Krassner
Edited & Updated by Jason Newell

Mages (Archmagi) use spells, heros, monsters, armies, and 
artifacts to destroy each other and conquer the world.

Click here for Archmagi Map Generator by Peter Cobcroft.
Use a Hex map or hand draw Territories. 
Draw one large continentof 20-40+ territories. Differentiate between Sea & Land spaces.
Predetermine the terrain type in each Hex by choice or by using the D20 & consulting the Terrain chart.
If a map is missing certain terrains, units from those terrains can be deployed in only special circumstances.
Play may proceede on a map of unknown territories using the Exploration Phase and rules.
One or more Sea hexes should be designated as the Reef or Abyss terrain types.
An alternative to the D20 method is to make Terrain chits for each of the Terrain types.
Map designers may want to specify terrains that cannot be used for deployment.

Each player randomly selects:
1 Archmagi chit
3 Unit chits in Reserve
5 Spell chits
Players must also select the color of their banner chits.
Players place their Archmagi on Land hexes on opposite ends of the map.

Players roll high. Reroll ties. High roll goes first.
Play proceedes in a clockwise direction.
A player whose turn it is, is called the Active Player. 

Destroy all opposing Archmagi units.

Units are represented by counters or chits. 
The chit has the name of the unit(or spell, etc.) on it.
Make seperate Recruitment piles for: Archmagi chits, Spell chits, Banner chits, Artifact chits, Unit chits.
Players will often have to refer to the lists in the rules to find out what certain chits do.
All players should have their own copy of the rules.

D20     TYPE            NOTES
1       Plains          Steppes, Plateau, Grasslands    
2       City            Civilized, Towns
3       Forest          Woods
4       Castle          Feudal
5       Heath           Farmlands
6       Hills           Chaparral
7       Swamp           Bog, Marsh      
8       Caves           Caverns
9       Mountain        Crags, Peaks
10      Desert          Dunes
11      Jungle          Rain Forest
12      Tundra          Permafrost, Arctic
13      Taiga           Boreal Forest, Pine Forest
14      Ruins           Cursed Lands
15      Tors            Cold Mountains, Glaciers                
16      Waste           Bad Lands, Broken Lands, Barrens
17      Sylvan          Faerie Woods
18      Volcano         Hot Springs, Lava Pits
19      Water           River, Lakes            
20      Workshop        Factories
*       Sea             Deep Sea
*       Abyss           Murky Depths
*       Reef            Shallows
*       Coastal         Any Hex adjacent to a Sea Hex is also a Coastal Hex

All units get Tactics+1 in their home terrain
Coastal Hexes are considered to be both Land & Water

1-Recruit Units
2-Recruit Spells
A 'Round' is when all players have taken a turn. 
Then starts a new Round.

Acting Player draws 2 Unit chits from the Unit Recruit Pile
Each unit, represented by the chit, is recruited in only one type of territory.
Deploy the unit into its territory only if that territory is occupied by units you control.
A player may hold up to 5 Unit chits in a pile called the Reserve.
Excess Units in the reserve are discarded back to the Unit Recruit Pile.
Once per turn in his recruit phase, A player may discard two reserve chits to draw an artifact.
Artifacts are also represented by chits and are drawn from a seperate artifact pile.
Deploy artifact to any unit capable of using it.
Artifacts can also be stored in the Reserve.

All players, not just the acting player, draw 3 spells from the Spell Pile.
A player can have a maximum of 7 spells in their Spell Reserve. Discard extras.
These spells can be cast by any mage or spellcasting unit the player controls.

Active players units only.
Each Scout or Rogue unit belonging to the active player may reveal all units in an enemy stack adjacent to it.
Units with the Steal ability may try to steal a target artifact in the same, or an adjacent hex. 
Units with Guard ability will catch and kill the thieves on a roll of 1-2 on D6, preventing the theft.
The theft succeeds on a roll of 1-2 on D6; One attempt per Scout phase.
The stolen artifact stays in posession of the thief until it is 
given to another hero in the same hex in move or scout phase
The target player must reveal if artifacts are present in the stack before a steal attempt is made.

Any number of units may be stacked together.
Each stack has on top a colored banner chit indicating the owner of the stack.
Banners should also be marked with an identification number
The banner chit also hides the identity of the units & artifacts in the stack.
Each player has as many banners as they need.
Instead of putting the stack under the banner, the stack may be kept 
off of the map in an area marked with the same ID # as the banner.

Acting Player Moves his units.
By Default, units move 1 Hex.
Swift units may move 2 Hexes into identified hexes.
Very Swift units may move 3 Hexes into identified hexes.
Flying units may move over hexes occupied by enemy stacks.
Units in the same space may trade artifacts

This Phase occurs only in games where the identity of the terrains in the Hexes was not predetermined.
Randomly determine, using the D20, the identity of unknown Hexes adjacent to your stacks.

Occurs when two opposing stacks occupy the same space.
The active player is always the attacker.
Remove the stacks from the board, for the duration of the battle, but leave the banner chits as markers.
The Battle Phase is divided into 4 segments:

Each player simultaneously reveals one of their units from their stack. 
These are the combatants. 
During Sea battles, transported units may be combatants.

Players simultaneously reveal any other units that modify the combatants. 
This includes: Mages casting Spells, Generals, Sites, Artifacts, Archers.
A mage or spellcaster may cast any number of spells per Battle Phase.
Units with skirmish or vanish may return that unit to their stack and replace it with 
another, once per Battle Phase.
Units with guard may replace another unit once per Battle Phase.
Units with Paralyze may affect one unit per Battle Phase

Both units roll 1D6 and add Modifiers. This is the Battle roll
The Modifiers include the bonuses listed in the description of each combatant.
The higher rolling unit destroys its opponent. 
Ties result in both units surviving.
Stacks with mages may cast spells before or after the rolls depending on the nature of the spell.
Normally effects that are battle roll modifiers are revealed before the roll is made.

Certain effects occur.

The Battle Phase is repeated until one side is destroyed or the attacker calls off the attack.
The battle may end with both stacks still occupying the same territory.

The defender may, during a battle, sacrifice a unit in Tactical options Segment
to move the stack to an adjacent empty or friendly Hex. 

Note: All units count as Male, Neutral, Slow and Living, unless stated otherwise.

Air:            Descriptor
Ambush:         Add value to BRM when Defending
Animal:         Descriptor
Archer:         Add value to BRM of a friendly unit in combat, but not to own combat
Artifacts:      Seperate chits that Improve the unit that owns it, Stacked with unit
Cannibal:       Sacrifice a friendly Living unit in same stack in Scout phase to gain the bonus for rest of turn
Carry=X:        X Heros in same stack get any flying, armor, and swift Modifiers this unit has
Cavalry:        Add value to BRM vs non-flying Slow units
Chaos:          Descriptor
Cold:           Descriptor
Construct:      Descriptor. Nonliving
Demihuman:      Descriptor. All are Good unless otherwise specified: Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Gnomes
Demon:          Descriptor. All Demons are Evil
Dragon:         Descriptor
Earth:          Descriptor
Elemental:      Descriptor. Nonliving, and also has one of the following descriptors: Air, Fire, Earth, Water, Cold
Evil:           Descriptor
Fey:            Descriptor
Fire:           Descriptor
Flying:         Unit may Travel in any hex
General:        All units get +1 BRM if this unit is revealed during Tactical options Segment
Giant:          Descriptor
Good:           Descriptor
Guard:          Defending side: Replace your current combatant with this unit before the Battle roll 
Hero:           Descriptor. Human Male unless otherwise specified
Hex:            Map Space; Also Territory
Humanoid:       Descriptor. All are Chaos units: Kobolds, Orcs, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Gnolls
Lawful:         Descriptor
Martyr:         This unit may be destroyed instead of target or combatant unit in the same stack 
Monsters:       Descriptor. Type includes Giants & Dragons & Demons & Undead        
Nonliving:      Descriptor. Units such as Undead, Constructs, Elementals, immune to certain attacks
Paralyze:       Target cannot be used for the listed number of turns, or for the remainder of the battle.
Plant:          Descriptor. Also counts as having the Wood Descriptor
Poison:         Adds to BRM vs nonswarm Living units  
Priest:         Descriptor. All priests are spellcasters
Regenerates:    Unit must be defeated twice during the battle to be killed
Scout:          Look at opponents stack before battle in Scout Phase
Sea:            Travels in water hexes only
Ship:           Descriptor All ships are: Sea, Construct, Wood. If a ship sinks, all units on it are destroyed
Site:           Units that do not move. Always revealed
Skirmish:       Replace this unit with another unit in stack once per battle during Tactical options Seg 
Slay:           Add to BRM vs specified unit type
Steal:          See Scout Phase
Suprise:        Add to BRM when Attacking only
Summoning:      Unit appears during battle and is discarded at end of battle
Swarm:          Descriptor
Swimmer:        May travel in water hexes               
Swift:          Move=2
Very Swift:     Move=3
Terrain:        Identity of Map Hex; For Example: Jungle, Forest
Transport=X:    X Nonmonster Units (& any # of Heros) benefit as Carry=X
Undead:         Descriptor. All Undead are nonliving and evil
Vanish:         Unit may exit battle & moves to adjacent empty or friendly hex. Once per turn
Warrior:        Descriptor. Type of Hero that can use most Weapon & Armor artifacts
Water:          Descriptor. Water Units are swimmers
Wood:           Descriptor    


10      Dwarves         BRM: +5, Martyr, Guard, Archers+1
5       DwarfLord       BRM: +6, Demihuman, Hero, Warrior, Slay Giants+4, General
15      Goblins         BRM: +3, Archers+1, Poisons+1, Swarm, Humanoid
5       Storm Giants    BRM: +10, Giant, Air
5       Stone Giants    BRM: +7, Giant, Earth
10      Griffons        BRM: +5, Monsters, Flying, Very Swift
5       Dwarf Hall      BRM: +6, Site, Guard

15      Elves           BRM: +4, Spellcasters, Archers+3, Demihuman
10      Sylvan Knights  BRM: +6, Demihuman, Cavalry+2, Swift
5       Elf Lord        BRM: +4, Hero, Mage, Warrior, General, Demihuman
5       Ranger          BRM: +4, Hero, Warrior, Scout, Archer+2, Slay Humanoids+2, Skirmish             
10      Centaurs        BRM: +4, Archers+2, Swift, Skirmish
5       Ents            BRM: +8, Fey, Suprise+2, Plant, Monster   
10      Trolls          BRM: +5, Regenerate, Ambush+1, Evil, Cannibal(+4)
5       Hydra           BRM: +9, Regenerate, Monster
10      Witches         BRM: +4, Spellcasters, Evil, Slay Fey+3, Poisons+1, Female
15      Lizard Men      BRM: +5, Swimmer
5       Jabberwocky     BRM: +6, Dragon, Fly, Evil
5       Nymphs                BRM: +0, Fey, Female, Slay Human Male Heros+8, Vanish
5       Sprites               BRM: +3, Fey, Flying, Steal, Scout, Vanish             
5       Pixies                BRM: +1, Fey, Flying, Archer+1, Vanish, Skirmish, Spellcasters           
5       Dryads                BRM: +2, Fey, Suprise+3, Vanish, Female, Plant
5       Gremlins              BRM: +2, Fey, Vanish, Steal, Slay Constructs+10, Monsters 
5       Unicorn               BRM: +7, Fey, Swift, Scout, Skirmish, Cavalry+2, Vanish
5       Fairy Circle Ring     BRM: +2, Site
10      Nomads          BRM: +5, Archers+2, Cavalry+2, Swift, Skirmish  
5       Djinn           BRM: +9, Flying, Very Swift, Spellcaster, Monster    
10      Dervishes       BRM: +4, Good, Guard
5       Assassin        BRM: +3, Hero, Rogue, Poisons+2, Slay Heroes+4, Scout
5       Sphinx          BRM: +6 (+1D6), Monster, Earth
5       Pyramids        BRM: +4, Site
5       Beast Master    BRM: +6, Hero, Warrior, Scout, Skirmish
10      Amazons         BRM: +4, Archers+2, Slay Human Males+3, Female
10      War Elephants   BRM: +5, Animals, Cavalry+3, Transport=1
5       Vipers          BRM: +4, Animals, Swarm, Poison+2, Suprise+1
10      Simmians        BRM: +3, Animals, Guard
5       Insect Swarm    BRM: +2, Animals, Swarm, Poison+2, Flying, Swift, Regenerate
        HILL UNITS
15      Orcs            BRM: +6, Archers+1, Humanoid
10      Boarboyz        BRM: +6, Humanoids, Cavalry+2, Swift
5       Hill Giants     BRM: +7, Giant
5       Shaman          BRM: +3, Hero, Spellcaster, Poisons+1
5       War Chief       BRM: +5, Hero, Warrior, Humanoid, General
5       Ogres           BRM: +5, Chaos, Cannibal(+6), Giant
10      Gnomes          BRM: +3, Archers+1, Ambush+1
5       Hill Fort       BRM: +3, Site, Regenerate, General
        CAVE UNITS
10      Drow            BRM: +4, Spellcaster, Evil, Demihuman, Archers+1
15      Kobolds         BRM: +3, Swarm, Ambush+2, Chaos, Scout, Humanoid, Skirmish
10      Troglodytes     BRM: +4, Swimmer, Suprise+2
5       Black Wyrm      BRM: +9, Dragon, Fly, Evil, Very Swift
5       Green Slime     BRM: +7, Regenerates, Ambush+1, Monster
5       Mind Flayer     BRM: +7, Hero, Spellcaster, Evil, Humanoid, Cannibal(+5)
5       Caves           BRM: +5, Site, Maze: Paralyze on roll of 1-3 on D6
10      Knights         BRM: +4, Lawful, Cavalry+2, Swift
15      Yeomen          BRM: +2, Archers+3
10      Pikemen         BRM: +6, Slay Cavalry+2
15      Swordsmen       BRM: +4, Guard
5       Cavalier        BRM: +6, Hero, Warrior, Cavalry+2, Slay Monster+3, General
5       Castle          BRM: +5, Site, Guard
15      Skeletons       BRM: +3, Undead, Guard
15      Zombies         BRM: +3, Undead, Regenerate
10      Ghouls          BRM: +4, Undead, Paralyze(1), Cannibal(+4)
5       Wraith          BRM: +8, Undead
5       Vampyre         BRM: +6, Hero, Undead, Flying, Swift, Vanish, Regenerate
5       Lich            BRM: +7, Hero, Undead, Spellcaster
5       Crypt           BRM: +4, Site

5       Cleric          BRM: +3, Hero, Priest, Slay Undead+6, Lawful, Good
5       Paladin         BRM: +5, Hero, Warrior, Cavalry+2, Slay Evil+2, Lawful, Good
5       Deva            BRM: +8, Flying, Slay Evil+3, Lawful, Good, Very Swift
5       Witch Hunter    BRM: +4, Hero, Warrior, Scout, Slay Spellcaster+5, Immune to spells, Lawful
15      Zealots         BRM: +4, Martyr, Lawful
5       Temple          BRM: +4, Site, Guard
10      Gargoyles       BRM: +6, Monsters, Flying, Very Swift, Guard, Earth
5       Cyclops         BRM: +8, Giant, Evil
5       Medusa          BRM: +6, Monster, Paralyze(Battle), Evil, Female
10      Minotaur        BRM: +6, Humanoid , Evil
5       Manticore       BRM: +4, Monster, Archer+1, Flying, Swift, Evil
5       Doppleganger    BRM: +4, Suprise+4, Monster
        TORS UNITS
5       Frost Giant     BRM: +9, Giant, Evil, Cold
5       Blue Dragon     BRM: +10, Dragon, Fly, Very Swift, Cold
5       Sylphs          BRM: +1, Fey, Flying, Scout, Air, Vanish, Skirmish, Female, Spellcaster      
5       White Wyvern    BRM: +5, Dragon, Fly, Poison+2, Very Swift, Cold
5       Cloud Giant     BRM: +6, Giant, Flying, Swift
5       Barbarian         BRM: +5, Hero, Chaos, Warrior
5       Barbarian Horde   BRM: +8, Swarm, Chaos, Slay site +4
10      Dire Wolves       BRM: +5, Animals, Evil, Swift
10      Gnolls            BRM: +5, Humanoid, Scout, Skirmish
5       Yeti              BRM: +6, Monster, Suprise+4   

10      Hobgoblins      BRM: +5, Archers+1, Evil, Humanoids
5       Bounty Hunter   BRM: +5, Hero, Warrior, Scout, Skirmish, Archer+2, Slay Heros+3
10      Harpies         BRM: +5, Monsters, Flying, Swift, Evil, Female
5       Pegasus         BRM: +3, Animal, Flying, Very Swift, Carry=1
5       Chaos Lord      BRM: +7, Hero, Warrior, General, Chaos
10      Wolfriders      BRM: +3, Humanoids, Cavalry+2, Suprise+1, Archers+2, Very Swift 

5       Red Drake       BRM: +11, Dragon, Fly, Chaos, Swift
5       Fire Giant      BRM: +8, Giant, Archer+2, Chaos, Evil, Fire
10      Hell Hounds     BRM: +5, Animals, Demons, Swift, Guard, Fire
5       Demon Horde     BRM: +12, Swarm, Demons, Fire
5       Balrog          BRM: +10, Demon, Fire
5       Succubus        BRM: +5, Hero, Warrior, Demon, Flying, Female, Very Swift
5       Phoenix         BRM: +6, Animal, Flying, Very Swift, Fire, Regenerate, Nonliving, Monster
        CITY UNITS
15      Militia         BRM: +3, Guard
10      City Guard      BRM: +5, Archers+2, Guard
5       Master Thief    BRM: +3, Hero, Rogue, Steal, Skirmish, Ambush+1
5       Warrior         BRM: +8, Hero, Warrior, Guard
10      Rat Swarm       BRM: +3, Animals, Swarm, Regenerates, Poison+1
5       City Walls      BRM: +4, Site, Guard
10      Magician        BRM: +2, Hero, Spellcaster
        HEATH UNITS     
15      Bandits           BRM: +3, Ambush+1, Steal, Rogue, Archer+1, Chaos  
5       Werewolves        BRM: +7, Animal, Swift, Monster, Regenerate
5       Halfling          BRM: +3, Hero, Rogue, Steal, Skirmish, Archer+1
5       Bard              BRM: +2, Hero, Rogue, General
20      Peasant Rabble    BRM: +2
5       Juggernaught       BRM: +14, Construct, Wood
5       Crystal Ship       BRM: +4, Construct, Ship, Flying, Very Swift, Transport=2
15      Clay Golem         BRM: +4, Construct, Earth, Regenerate, Martyr, Guard
5       Colossus           BRM: +10, Construct, Giant
5       Myrmidon           BRM: +6, Hero, Warrior, Construct, Guard
10      Giant Catapult     BRM: +0, Archer+6, Negates bonus from Site 
        REEF UNITS
10      Merfolk         BRM: +3, Sea, Suprise+2, Scout, Demihumans 
5       Hippocampus     BRM: +2, Sea, Animal, Carry=1, Swift, Monster
5       Brain Coral     BRM: +5, Site, Spellcaster
10      Crabmen         BRM: +5, Sea, Guard
5       Sea Serpent       BRM: +6, Sea, Dragon, Swift
5       Kraken            BRM: +9, Sea, Monster
5       Giant Sea Turtle  BRM: +8, Sea, Animal, Transport=3, Monster
5       Titan             BRM: +10, Swimmer, Giant, Spellcaster
10      Pirate Fleet    BRM: +3, Ships, Transport=1
5       War Galley      BRM: +3, Ships, Transport=1, Slay Ships+4, Archer+2
10      Longboats       BRM: +4, Ships, Transport=1, Swift 
5       War Barge       BRM: +2, Ships, Transport=3 
10      Trireme         BRM: +2, Ships, Transport=2 
10      Dromond         BRM: +1, Ships, Transport=1, Archer+4

        ARCHMAGI        NOTES
1       Wizard          BRM: +6, Hero, ArchMagus, Law
                        Knowledge- Draw 4 Spells/Turn, Spell Reserve=9
1       Enchantress     BRM: +5, Hero, ArchMagus, Fey, Female
                        Charm- Control Male Human Warrior met in Battle, 1/battle
                        Call Fey- Recruit Fey Units into same Hex in Recruit Phase
                        Vanish- Once per turn
1       Necromancer     BRM: +6, Hero, ArchMagus, Undead, Evil
                        Control Undead- Control Undead Unit met in Battle, 1/battle.
                        Animate Dead- Recruit Undead Units into same Hex in Recruit Phase
1       Sorcerer        BRM: +6, Hero, ArchMagus, Chaos 
                        Transformation- Discard Unit from Reserve to Draw another in Recruit Phase
1       Warlock         BRM: +6, Hero, ArchMagus, Flying, Very Swift 
1       Priestess       BRM: +6, Hero, ArchMagus, Slay Undead+4, Good, Female, Priest
                        Ressurrection- Regenerate a creature once per turn 
1       Artificer       BRM: +6, Hero, ArchMagus
                        Forge- In Recruit Phase discard one Unit for one Artifact
                        Construction- Recruit Construct Units into same Hex in Recruit Phase
1       Druid           BRM: +6, Hero, ArchMagus, Priest
                        Call Animals- Recruit Animal Units into same Hex in Recruit Phase
                        Control Animals- Control Animal Unit met in Battle
1       Mentalist       BRM: +6, Hero, ArchMagus, General
                        Command- Unit Reserve=8
                        Mind Control- Discard all spells to control any living unit met in battle
1       Illusionist     BRM: +6, Hero, ArchMagus
                        Illusionary Forces- Add Unit from reserve to any stack, Discard at end of battle
1       Seer            BRM: +6, Hero, ArchMagus, Scout
                        Visions- Look at any one stack or recruit pile in Scout Phase
                        Fortune- Draw an extra spell or unit and 
                        discard a spell or unit in Spell Recruit Phase
Archmagi are immune to Control & Paralyzation spells & effects

        ARTIFACTS                  NOTES
        Vorpal Blade               Warrior: +4BRM, Slay Monsters+2
        Eldritch Sword             Warrior: +2BRM, Spellcaster
        Rune Blade                 Warrior: +5BRM
        Dragon Lance               Cavalry or Mounted Warrior: +3BRM, Slay Dragons+6
        Thunder Hammer             Warrior: +4BRM(+6 if used by a Dwarf), Slay Giants+3
        Orc Bane                   Warrior: +2BRM, Slay Humanoids+5
        Gauntlets of Might         Hero: +4BRM
        Mithril Armor              Warrior: +4BRM, Demihumans in Stack: +1BRM
        Chaos Armor                Warrior: +3BRM, Chaos units in Stack: +1BRM
        Figurines of Wonder        Hero: Scout
        Spell Shield               Warrior: +2BRM, Immune to enemy spell on roll of 1-2 on D6
        Treasure                   Discard to draw 3 cards from the unit recruit pile
        Flaming Sword              Warrior: +2BRM, Slay cold/swarm/plant+3
        Frost Brand                Warrior: +2BRM, Slay Fire+5
        Missle Shield              Warrior: +2BRM, Negate Archer bonuses
        Displacement Cloak         Hero Rogue: +6BRM
        Bearskin                   Hero Scout: +2BRM, Priest
        Amulet of Spellturning     Hero: Immune to enemy spell on roll of 1-3 on D6
        Boots of Speed             Hero: +2BRM & Swift
        Coral Helm                 Hero: Swimmer & +2BRM
        Crown of Command           Hero: Unit Reserve+1
        Arrows of Slaying          Archer unit+7, One use
        Entwood Bow                Hero Warrior/Archer/Rogue: Archer+4
        Ring of Invisibility       Hero: Suprise+5 & Vanish(Once per turn)
        Flying Carpet              Hero: Flying, Very Swift, Carry=2, +2BRM
        Ring of Regeneration       Hero: Regenerate
        Staff of Power             Hero Mage: Archer+5
        Potion of Giant Strength   Hero: +7BRM this battle, One Use
        Potions of War             Humanoid units in Stack: +4BRM this battle, One Use
        Ebon Skull                 Hero: Undead units in stack: +1BRM
        Dragon Harness             Dragon: Carry=1
        Obsidian Club              Giant: +4BRM
        Horn of Blasting           Hero: +4BRM, Slay Site+2
        Bag of Holding             Hero: +2BRM
        Orb of Farseeing           Hero Mage: Scout any hex
        Holy Mace                  Warrior or Priest: +2BRM, Slay Evil+3, Slay Undead+3 (yes, it DOES stack)
        Blessed Ankh               Hero: +2BRM, Slay Evil+2
        Holy Water                 Hero: Slay Undead+5, Slay Demon+5, One use
        Potion of Healing          Hero: Regenerate, One use
        Pixie Dust                 Hero: Suprise+5 or Vanish, One use 
        Grimore of Forbidden Lore  Hero Mage: Draw +1 Spell/Turn
        Amulet of Planeswalking    Hero: Move = 4, Move through enemy banners
        Tome of Knowledge          Hero Mage: Spell Reserve+1
        Mirror of Life Trapping    Hero Mage: +6BRM vs Living units
        Wand of Illusions          Hero Mage: Add Monster from reserve to stack, Discard at end of battle
        Staff of Healing           Hero Mage: Target Unit gets Regenerate. Use once per battle
        Ancient Scrolls            Contain 3 spells. Discard spells when cast by mage holding the scrolls. 
                                   The spells do not count against the players spell reserve
        Banner of Valor            Hero: All Living units in Stack: +1BRM
        Old Mariners Sextant       Ship: Move +1
        Sandmans Pouch             Hero: Target unit Paralyzed for one Battle Roll, One use
        Brooch of Fire Resistance  Hero: Units with the Fire descriptor are BRM: +0 against this Hero
        Luck Talisman              Hero: Sacrifice to cause any one dieroll to be rerolled
Heros can only use one artifact per battle.
Heros in the same hex may exchange artifacts in Scout or Move Phase.
Artifacts belonging to killed heros are lost on a roll of 1-3 on D6 as soon as the hero is killed.
If not lost a friendly human, hero, demihero, or humanoid unit may take posession of it.
If no friendly units are left, an enemy unit of these types may claim it.
If none of these types remain the Artifacts are lost


Disenchant      Battle  Destroy Target Artifact 
Antimagic       Battle  No more spells may be cast this battle
Counterspell    Any     Target spell just cast has no 
                        effect; Play before any rolls are made
Fireball        Battle  Attack: +6BRM, Slay Cold&Wood+5
Lightning Bolt  Battle  Attack: +7BRM
Hurricane       Scout   Adjacent stack in water Hex, 
                        each unit attacked by: BRM:+3
Tidal Wave      Scout   Adjacent stack in water Hex, 
                        each nonflying unit attacked by: BRM:+5  
Plague          Scout   Adjacent stack each living unit 
                        attacked by: BRM:+3 
Pestilence      Scout   Adjacent stack each living unit attacked 
                        by: BRM:+2 
Fire Elemental  Battle  Create Unit: BRM: +6, Fire, Elemental
Air Elemental   Battle  Create Unit: BRM: +5, Air, Flying, Elemental
Earth Elemental Battle  Create Unit: BRM: +6, Earth, Elemental
Water Elemental Battle  Create Unit: BRM: +5, Water, Swim, Elemental
Ice Elemental   Battle  Create Unit: BRM: +6, Cold, Elemental
Confusion       Battle  Opponent must pick a random combatant from 
                        stack during battle
Charm           Battle  Use random unit from opponents stack as 
                        combatant this turn
Invisible Stalker Battle  Create Unit: BRM: +0, Suprise+6, Slay Heros+3, 
                          Lasts 1D6 Rounds
Chasm           Scout   Prevents all movement between casters 
                        hex & one adjacent hex
Earthquake      Scout   Adjacent stack on Land hex, each nonflying 
                        unit attacked by: Quake+3 
Inferno         Battle  Land Hex; All units in this battle attacked 
                        by: BRM:+7
Winds           Battle  No modifiers for archers this battle
Lightning Strike Scout  Random unit in adjacent stack attacked by: 
Steal           Scout   Gain control of artifact
Flaming Chariot Scout   Hero: Flying, Very swift, Carry=1, +4BRM
Call Dragon     Recruit   Deploy Dragon from your reserve into casters hex
Call Hero       Recruit   Deploy Hero from your reserve into casters hex
Call Animals    Recruit   Deploy Animal from your reserve into casters hex
Smite           Battle  Warrior: +6BRM
Blessings       Battle  All your units get +2BRM this battle
Control Animals Battle  Control Animal Unit permanently
Control Dragon  Battle  Control Dragon Unit permanently
Control Undead  Battle  Control Undead Unit permanently 
Animate Dead    Recruit   Deploy Undead from your reserve into casters hex
Transmutation   Recruit   Discard target unit & replace with unit 
                        from your reserve
Polymorph       Scout   Unit in hex replaced with unit from your 
                        reserve for one round 
                        Discard replacement form at end of turn 
Bannish         Battle  Enemy Unit goes back to controlers reserve
Darkness        Battle  End battle immediately
Teleport        Move    Move target unit to any empty hex as its move 
                        for this turn
Dimmension Door Battle  Self & any number of Heros Vanish
Scry            Scout   Look at any 3 Adjacent stacks
Read Minds      Scout   Look at all opponents spell reserves
Foretell        Scout   Look at all opponents unit reserves
Ressurection    Battle  At End of Battle deploy unit killed in this 
                        battle in casters hex
Reincarnation   Battle  At End of Battle deploy unit from reserve to 
                        replace unit killed in this battle. 
                        Deploy unit in casters hex
Vortex          Scout   All players discard 1D6 spells
Cyclone         Scout   Adjacent stack each flying unit attacked by: 
Forge           Recruit   Draw an artifact
Whirlpool       Scout   Adjacent stack on Water hex, each nonflying, 
                        nontransported unit attacked by: Whirlpool+5
Cold Blast      Battle  Attack: BRM+4, Slay Fire+7
Illusion        Battle  Add Monster from reserve to stack, 
                        Discard at end of battle
Blizzard        Scout   Adjacent hex, each nonflying unit attacked 
                        by: +2BRM, Slay Fire+3
Forget          Battle  Target Mage or Spellcaster unit cannot cast 
                        spells this battle
Curse           Battle  All attacks against Target unit are at +4BRM 
                        for the rest of game
Blight          Scout   Cast on Empty hex. No unit may enter this hex 
                        for 1D6 rounds
Meteor Shower   Scout   Adjacent stack each unit attacked by: BRM:+7
Growth          Battle  Unit: +5BRM for one round
Healing Magic   Battle  All units get regeneration this battle                  
Probability shift Any   Cause target dieroll to be rerolled
Water Torrent   Battle  Attack: +2BRM, Slay Fire+4
Flood           Scout   Adjacent Stack in Land Hex. Nonflyers 
                        & Nonswimmers cannot move into or out of hex for one round
Fog             Scout   No battle may take place in target hex 
                        for one round
Water walk      Scout   Unit: Swimming until unit enters a Land Hex
Breathe Water   Scout   Self: All units in stack get Swimming until 
                        Caster enters a Land Hex
Haste           Scout   Self: All units in stack get Swift & +1BRM 
                        this turn
Poisonous Mists Scout   Adjacent hex, each living unit attacked 
                        by: +4BRM
Neutralize Poison Any   Cancels target poison attack or bonus
Cloud Walk      Scout   Self: All units in stack get Swift & Flying 
                        this turn
Mirror Image    Battle  Create Unit: Identical to opposing combatant. 
                        Destroyed if original destroyed. 
                        Both destroyed on tie battle roll. Does not come 
                        with Artifacts
Familiar        Recruit   Permanent unit attached to mage caster. 
                          Destroyed if caster Destroyed. Scout, Swift, 
                          Choose Animal or Demon; 
                          Choose Fly, swim, or poison+1
Detection       Battle  Negate opponents suprise & ambush bonuses 
                        this battle
Shield          Battle  Unit: +4BRM for rest of battle
Spell Turn      Any     Choose new target for spell
Spell Steal     Any     Target spell is countered. Put spell in your 
                        spell reserve
Touch of Death  Battle  Mage: +8BRM
Sleep           Battle  Target Paralyzed for 1 Battle Roll
Holy Light      Battle  All attacks vs Undead or Evil units are at +4 
                        this battle
Turn Undead     Battle  Target Undead unit Destroyed
Web             Battle  Target Paralyzed for 1D6 Battle Rolls
Turn to Stone   Battle  Attack: Paralyze(6); Elemental units 
                        are immune
Levitate        Battle  All units in stack: Flying
Disintegrate    Battle  Attack: +7BRM
Defender        Battle  Unit: Guard & Martyr
Wall of Fire    Battle  Create Unit: BRM: +5; Defending side only
Sanctuary       Scout   Caster: Stack cannot attack or be 
                        attacked for one round
Fear            Battle  Target unit must Vanish or be destroyed
Hide            Battle  All units in stack: Ambush+3
Heros Feast     Scout   All Heros in stack: +4BRM for rest of turn
Farcast         Any     Cast next spell at any range
Spell Shield    Recruit   Hero: Immune to all spells for one round 
Call Defender   Battle  Move unit you control from any stack to 
                        this stack
Call to Arms    Recruit   Draw an extra unit    
Weakness        Battle  Target unit gets no bonuses from strength or 
                        bravery this battle     
Mind Blast      Battle  Attack: +5BRM
Deflect Missles Battle  Unit: Archer Bonuses=0 against this Unit; 1 Round
Elemental Shield Battle   Unit: Attack Bonuses for elemental types (Air,Earth, Fire, Water)
                          =0 against this Unit; 1 Round

All Battle Spells are cast at targets in the same hex as the caster in Battle Phase
Battle spells affect the result of only one battle roll unless otherwise stated
Created units remain until slain or the end of the battle. The spell chit is treated as a unit chit
Attacks are treated as units that last for one battle roll. The spell chit is treated as a combatant
All Scout spells are cast at targets in the same hex, or an adjacent hex to the caster in Scout Phase
All Recruit Spells are cast in the same hex as the caster in Recruit Phase
All Move Spells are cast at targets in the same hex as the caster in Movement Phase
Paralyzed: Target combatant must be replaced by another unit, or target is destroyed
Any revealed unit in a stack may be targeted by a spellcaster

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