Common Deck Card game for 2-4+ players. 
Fantasy Army-Building Conquest Theme.
You win if, at the beginning of your turn, your Cards in play have a combined strength of 40 or more. 

Players share a common deck. 

Damage Tokens (DT) are used to keep track of damage on units. 
If the DT on a unit exceeds its Strength it is destroyed and discarded. 
DT should be Red. 

Each Strength Token (ST) is worth Strength +1. 
ST should be Blue. 

There are 2 basic card types: Units and Spells. 
Units are further divided into Individuals and Groups. 

Shuffle the deck and place it face down in the center of the table. 
Flip over the top card of the deck to be the start of the discard pile. 
Determine turn order:
Roll high on 1D6. High roll goes first. 
Play proceeds clockwise. 
The first player to go is dealt 2 cards. 
The second player to go is dealt 3 cards. 
The third player to go is dealt 4 cards and so on. 

Players take turns. 
Each turn is divided into 4 Phases:
1. Conquest Phase
2. Scour Phase
3. Deploy Phase
4. Last Phase

You win if, at the beginning of your turn, your Cards in play have a combined Strength of 40 or more.
Important Note: Units with Damage Tokens have their Strength reduced by the number of Tokens.  

Draw 1 card from the deck and put it in your hand.  
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

Play 1 card from your hand face up to the table. 
Immediately resolve the card’s Special Ability. 
If the card has a strength of zero (most Spells) it is immediately discarded. 
Otherwise it stays in play as part of your army, its Strength contributing to your Armies total Strength. 
You may play a second card if the Strength of both cards played is 10 or less. 
This number is called the Deployment Limit. (Note that most spells have Strength = 0)
Note: The first player on his first turn of the game can play a max of 1 card. 

You may unflip a card in play by discarding a card from your hand.  
Max hand size is 5 Cards. 
Discard excess cards. 


All cards have a special ability (SA) that is activated and resolved as soon as the card is played. 

In the form of Ambush = X. 
The card does X damage to the very next enemy Unit that is put into play. 

In the form of Armor = X.
This Unit takes X less damage from every Attack or Ambush directed against it.  

As long as this unit is in play the target Unit gets the indicated bonus/benefit. 
If the target Unit is destroyed/discarded a new target may be chosen. 
This Unit cannot be targeted by Attacks or Ambushes while it is attached. 

In the form of Attack = X. 
The card does X damage to target enemy card in play. 
If there are no targets the attack is wasted. 
Place Damage Tokens (DT) to keep track of Damage. 
If a card has multiple attacks they must all be against different targets. 

This is an Unstated automatic property of all Units except Relics, Heroes, and Mages. 
For every unit over 1 with the same type in your army gets +1 Strength in Conquest Phase. 
For example: You have 4 Humanoids in play, so your total strength is +3 in Conquest Phase.

Next Unit you play gets 4 Strength Tokens. 

Target Friendly Unit gets 3 Strength Tokens.

Even if damaged, this unit is always worth its Strength +1 in Combat Phase. 

This SA only happens if a unit of type X is in play. 
Use these types of cards only in pre-constructed decks. 

This unit’s Strength counts as double for Victory Conditions. 

If there is a target Unit of the indicated type in play controlled by an opponent, it is 
Now under your control. If there are multiple targets, choose one. 

This unit gains 1 ST every time a unit is killed.  

The next Attack or Ambush against this unit is negated. 

When played opponent must discard random card from hand. 

Flip over cards of the deck until you find one of the indicated type, then put it in your hand. 
Reshuffle the deck. 

Flip target Unit card over so back is facing. 
This unit does not contribute it's Strength or Special Abilities while flipped. 
Units can be unflipped by other SA or actions. 

In Conquest Phase if you have more Flying Units than your opponent gain 5 Strength. 

At the beginning of your turn this Unit gains 1 Strength Token.  

Remove X Damage Tokens from one of your Units. 
This also unflips petrified units. 

This unit comes into play with 3 ST on it.

All your other Units except Relics or Locales get +1 Strength. 

Steal 1 Random card from opponent’s hand. 

The owner of this Unit may choose to have it be the target of a SA instead of 
The Target chosen by the Attacker. 

All enemy Units are worth -1 Strength in Conquest Phase. 

Slay target Unit that is smaller by 2 or more strength. 

Just like the flip SA however, petrified units can only be unflipped if they are 
the target of a Heal effect. 

Return to play the last Unit of yours that was destroyed. 

In Conquest Phase if you have more ranged Units than your opponent gain 5 Strength.  

This card is played on your opponent's turn from your hand as a reaction to a 
card play or action he takes as appropriate. 

Remove 1 Damage Token from this Unit in Last Phase. 

Return target Unit to their Controller's Hand. 

When played draw 1 card and look at opponent's hand. 

Draw 1 Card and Flip enemy Unit with higher Strength. 

If there is a target Unit of the indicated type in play controlled by an opponent, it is 
Automatically destroyed (discarded). If there are multiple targets, choose one. 

This Unit comes into play flipped. 
When played it does not cost anything against your Deployment Limit. 

Unit cannot be affected by spells. 

This unit gains 1 ST every time you cast a Spell. 

If possible another unit must be targeted by a SA instead of this one. 

Flip target Unit. That unit cannot be unflipped until this unit is destroyed. 

This unit’s Strength counts as double for how much Damage it can take before being Destroyed.

Unit gains a number of Damage Tokens to bring its Strength down to 
The indicated level. 


Name:			STR	Type		Special Ability:
Wizard			7	Mage		Find Spell
Druid			5	Mage		Also Nature. Find Nature
Necromancer		7	Mage		Also Undead. Find Undead
Magician		5	Mage		Draw 1 Card
Battle Mage		6	Mage		Attack = 4 and Attack = 2 Ranged
Elementalist		6	Mage		Also Elemental. Find Elemental
Priest			4	Mage		Also Holy. Heal = 4
Sorcerer		5	Mage		All of your Attack Spells get Attack +3
Demonologist		5	Mage		Also Demon. Find Demon
Warlock 		7	Mage		Slay Fey
Rune Master		7	Mage		Leader
Fortune Teller		3	Mage		Scry
Geomancer		6	Mage		Also Earth. Find Earth
Pyromancer		6	Mage		Also Fire. Find Fire
Enchantress		4	Mage		Return = 3 (Sleep)
Illusionist		4	Mage		Flip 1 Target Unit
Artificer		5	Mage		Also Relic. Find 1 Relic
Alchemist		4	Mage		Draw 3 Cards and Discard 2 Cards
Cleric			6	Mage		Also Holy. Slay Undead
Apprentice		3	Mage		Find Mage
Shaman  		5	Mage		Return = 1. Also Humanoid
Fireball		0	Spell		Attack = 4 to 3 Target Units. Also Fire
Lightning Bolt		0	Spell		Attack = 10 to 1 Random enemy Unit. Also Air
Cone of Cold		0	Spell		Attack = 2 to 5 Target Units. Also Cold
Ritual			0	Spell		Deployment Level +10 this Turn
Inferno			0	Spell		Do 3 Damage to all Units in Play. Also Fire
Blizzard		0	Spell		Do 2 Damage to all Units in Play. Also Cold
Tornado 		0	Spell		Attack = 4 and Attack = 2. Also Air
Vanish			0	Spell		Return = 2 (Thin Air)
Illusion		0	Spell		Flip 1 and Return = 1
Vision			0	Spell		Draw 1 and Look at Opponent’s Hand
Divination		0	Spell		Draw 1 and look at next 7 cards in Deck
Polymorph		0	Spell		Target Unit Weakened to 2 or gains 4 ST
Turn to Frog		0	Spell		Target Unit Weakened to 1
Strength Potion		0	Spell		Target Unit gets 6 Strength Tokens	
Curse			0	Spell		Target Unit Weakened to 2. 
Petrification		0	Spell		Petrify. Also Earth
Slow			0	Spell		Draw 1 and Target Unit Weakened to 3
Haste			0	Spell		Draw 1 and Target Unit gets 3 Strength Tokens
Magic Missile		0	Spell		Draw 1 and Attack = 3
Wish			0	Spell		Look at next 20 cards in deck and keep 1
Forget			0	Spell		Opponent discards 2 Random cards from hand
Bloodlust		0	Spell		All your Units get 2 Strength Tokens each
Charm			0	Spell		Control Target Unit Hero or Mage
Command 		0	Spell		Control Target Unit that is not a Hero or Mage
White Knight		6	Hero		Armor = 2
Black Knight		6	Hero		Ambush = 6
Ranger			6	Hero		Also Nature. Slay Humanoid. Ranged
Dwarf Lord		7	Hero		Also Earth. Slay Giant
Warlord 		8	Hero		Conqueror
Hunter			6	Hero		Slay Beast. Ranged
Bard			4	Hero		All Heroes gain Banding
Assassin		5	Hero		Slay Hero. Also Arab
Ninja			4	Hero		Slay Hero. Also East
General 		5	Hero		Leader
Dragon Master		7	Hero		Also Dragon. Find Dragon. Flying
Dragon Slayer		8	Hero		Slay Dragon
Witch Hunter		8	Hero		Slay Mage
Thief			4	Hero		Control Relic
Berserker		5	Hero		Attack = 8 (Wild Swings)
Beast Master		5	Hero		Also Beast. Find Beast
Bodyguard		6	Hero		Martyr
Sergeant		4	Hero		Boost
Highwayman		5	Hero		Outflank
Chevalier		6	Hero		Charge
Warrior			8	Hero		Slay Monster
Paladin			6	Hero		Also Holy. Slay Demon
Monk			5	Hero		Also East. Attack = 3 and Attack = 3 (Kung Fu)
Barbarian		7	Hero		Tough. Also Cold
Raid Leader		5	Hero		Your Unit Attacks are at +1. Also Humanoid 
Myrmidon		7	Hero		Also Greek. Attack = 6
Samurai 		6	Hero		Also East. Attack = 7 (Cut)
Squire			3	Hero		Find Hero
Catapult		3	Relic		Attack = 6 (Barrage) Ranged
Flying Machine		2	Relic		Attach: Hero gets Strength +4 and Flying
War Banner		2	Relic		Leader
Poisoned Dagger 	1	Relic		Attach to Hero. Slay Hero or Mage
Ring of Power		8	Relic		Control Target Mage. Attach to Target
Spellbook		3	Relic		Attach to Mage. Find 2 Spells
Eldritch Sword		4	Relic		Find 1 Spell. Attach: Hero gets Strength +3
Cloak of Invisibility	5	Relic		Attach: Hero gets Stealth
Magic Wand		3	Relic		Attack = 4. Attach: Mage gets Strength +3
Horn of Summoning	3	Relic		Attach to Hero. Draw 2 Cards
Enchanted Bow		5	Relic		Attach: Hero gets Ranged
Legendary Armor		4	Relic		Attach: Hero gets Armor = 4
Vorpal Blade		5	Relic		Attach to Hero. Slay Any Target
Aegis Shield		6	Relic		Also Greek. Attach: Hero gets Tough
Amulet of Protection	5	Relic		Attach: Mage gets Tough
Staff of the Magi	3	Relic		Attach: Mage gets Strength +7
Juggernaut		10	Relic		Overrun (Steamroll)
Ogre			6	Giant		Attack = 3 (Maul)
Ogre Magi		6	Giant		Find Spell. Also East
Hill Giant		7	Giant		Attack = 4 (Club)
Troll			7	Giant		Regenerate
Stone Giant		8	Giant		Attack = 5 (Boulders). Also Earth, Ranged
Fire Giant		8	Giant		Attack = 6 (Fire Arrows). Also Fire. Ranged
Frost Giant		9	Giant		Attack = 7 (Great Axe). Also Cold
Cloud Giant		9	Giant		Attack = 8 (Thunder Bolts). Also Air. Ranged
Titan			10	Giant		Leader
Kobolds 		2	Humanoid	Ambush = 3 (Sneak Attack)
Goblins			3	Humanoid	Skirmish
Orc Horde		5	Humanoid	Horde
Lizard Men		6	Humanoid	Tough
Wolf Riders		4	Humanoid	Charge. Also Beast
Troglodytes		4	Humanoid	Ambush = 4
Hobgoblins		5	Humanoid	Outflank (Cavalry)
Gnolls			6	Humanoid	Attack = 5 (Raid)
Bugbears		7	Humanoid	Ambush = 6 
Dragon Men		7	Humanoid	Conqueror. Also Dragon
Minotaurs		8	Humanoid	Also Greek. Stealth (Labyrinth)
Goblin King		6	Humanoid	Find Humanoid. Also Hero
Soldiers		5	Men		Conqueror
Phalanx 		5	Men		Tough. Also Greek
Men at Arms		6	Men		Attack = 6 (Lances)
Footmen 		3	Men		Martyr
Militia			4	Men		Slay Humanoid
Bandits			4	Men		Loot (Pillage)
Barbarians		6	Men		Horde. Also Cold
Skeletons		3	Undead		Regenerate
Zombies 		4	Undead		Horde. Regenerate
Ghoul			5	Undead		Death Eater
Vampire 		6	Undead		Control Hero. Flying
Werewolf		7	Undead		Tough. Also Nature
Wraith			8	Undead		Slay Men
Shade			5	Undead		Disrupt. Also Cold
Lich			9	Undead		Find Spell. Also Mage
Rat Swarm		2	Beast		Growth. Also Nature
Viper			1	Beast		Slay Hero (Poison) . Also Nature
Boars			2	Beast		Charge. Also Nature
Wolves			3	Beast		Draw 1 Card. Also Nature
Bears			5	Beast		Tough. Also Nature
Apes			4	Beast		Attack = 5 (Ferocious). Also Nature
Lions			6	Beast		Leader. Also Nature
Crocodiles		5	Beast		Stealth (Muddy River). Also Nature
Eagles			4	Beast		Attack = 6 Flying. Also Nature
Giant Spiders		4	Monster 	Growth. Also Nature
Hydra			9	Monster 	Also Greek. Regenerate (Heads Regrow)
Griffon			6	Monster 	Attack = 5 Flying
Abomination		8	Monster 	Tough. Also Undead
Gargoyle		5	Monster 	Stealth. Flying. Also Earth
Rust Monster		3	Monster 	Slay Relic
Naga			7	Monster 	Attack = 7 (Poison Arrows)
Sea Monster		8	Monster 	Attack = 8 (Jaws). Also Water
Doppelganger		X	Monster 	Strength is that of a Unit in Play
Medusa			7	Monster 	Also Greek. Petrify
Faerie Dragon		2	Dragon		Also Fey. Stealth. Flying
Wyvern			3	Dragon		Attack = 3 (Stinger). Also Air. Flying
White Dragon		4	Dragon		Attack = 4 (Cold Breath). Also Cold. Flying
Green Dragon		6	Dragon		Attack = 4 and Attack = 2 (Poison Gas) Flying
Black Dragon		7	Dragon		Attack = 7 (Acid Breath) Flying
Blue Dragon		8	Dragon		Attack = 5 and Attack = 3 (Lightning) Flying
Red Dragon		10	Dragon		Attack = 6 and Atk = 4. Also Fire. Flying
Slyphs			2	Fey		Stealth (Invisible). Also Air. Flying
Sprites			3	Fey		Skirmish. Also Fire. Flying
Gnomes  		3	Fey		Find Relic. Also Earth
Satyr			4	Fey		Flip Target Unit. Also Greek
Dryads			4	Fey		Stealth (Tree Walking). Also Nature
Dwarves 		5	Fey		Tough. Spell Immunity. Also Earth
Nymphs  		3	Fey		Control Hero or Men
Elves			6	Fey		Stealth. Also Nature. Ranged
Ents			8	Fey		Martyr. Tough. Also Nature
Unicorn 		7	Fey		Leader. Stealth. Also Nature
Faerie Queen		4	Fey		Find Fey. Also Mage. All your Fey get Str +1
Air Spirit		4	Elemental	Attack = 5 (Wind). Also Air. Flying
Water Weird		5	Elemental	Attack = 6 (Drown). Also Water
Earth Spirit		7	Elemental	Tough (Rock). Also Earth
Fire Spirit		6	Elemental	Attack = 7 (Flames). Also Fire
Golem			6	Elemental	Regenerate (Clay). Also Relic
Wall of Fire		4	Elemental	Tough. Also Fire
Wall of Ice		6	Elemental	Regenerate. Also Cold
Imps			2	Demon		Taunt. Flying
Quaist			3	Demon		Attach: Mage gets Strength +3. Also Fire
Lemures 		4	Demon		Growth. Regenerate
Succubus		5	Demon		Control Hero (Seduction) Flying
Ice Devil		6	Demon		All Enemy Units are Strength -1. Also Cold
Bone Devil		7	Demon		Attack = 7 (Scythe)
Pit Fiend		9	Demon		Attack = 6 and Attack = 3 (Sword & Whip)
Guardian Angel		7	Holy		Martyr. Flying
Avenging Angel		8	Holy		Slay Demon. Flying
Arch Angel		9	Holy		Tough. Flying
Amazons 		5	Greek		Attack = 5 (Arrows) Ranged

More cards to add to the pile, or for rotation: 

Buccaneers		4	Pirate		Charge. Also Water. Also Men
Corsairs		5	Pirate		Ambush = 5. Also Men
Swashbuckler		6	Pirate		Attack = 5 and Attack = 1. Also Hero
Captain			7	Pirate		Leader. Also Hero
First Mate		4	Pirate		Find Pirate. Also Hero
Sea Rover		6	Pirate		Tough. Also Water
Freebooters		5	Pirate		Loot. Also Men
Ghost Ship		7	Pirate		Also Undead. Also Water

Monolith		5	Relic		Also Earth. Also Locale. Deployment Limit +1
Ankh			3	Relic		Attach to Mage. Also Holy. Heal = 5
Vise			3	Relic		Opponent Hand Size -2
Crown of Command	5	Relic		Attach to Hero or Mage. Control Target Unit
Healing Salve		3	Relic		Attach to Hero or Mage. Heal = 4
Ring of Regeneration	3	Relic		Attach: Hero or Mage gets Regeneration
Sacred Cup		5	Relic		Also Holy. Heal = 2 All Friendly Units
Magic Helm		4	Relic		Attach: Hero gets Conqueror
Magic Talisman		3	Relic		Attach: Hero gets Spell Immunity
Coral Trident		6	Relic		Also Water. Find Water
Orb of Evil		4	Relic		Also Undead. All Undead get Strength +1
Gauntlets of Strength	4	Relic		Attach: Hero gets 4 ST and Armor = 1
Magic Robes		4	Relic		Attach to Mage. Deployment Limit +1
Disrupting Rod		5	Relic		Disrupt
Crystal Ball		3	Relic		Scry
Rune Sword		7	Relic		Attach: Hero gets Death Eater 
Ice Cage		4	Relic		Flip Target Unit. Also Cold
Dark Throne		5	Relic		Also Undead. Also Locale. Find Undead
Simulacrum		1	Relic		Martyr

Castle			8	Locale		All your Units get Armor +2
Fairy Circle Ring	4	Locale		Also Fey. Find Fey
Jungle			5	Locale		Also Beast. Find Beast
Forest			4	Locale		Also Nature. Find Nature
Mountain 		6	Locale		Also Earth. Find Earth
Graveyard		5	Locale		Also Undead. Find Undead
Island			5	Locale		Also Water. Find Water
Abyss			7	Locale		All Damaged Units are Discarded
Swamp			6	Locale		Also Water. Also Nature. Regenerate
Sanctuary		5	Locale		Also Holy. Target Hero or Mage gains Stealth
Holy Ground		5	Locale		Also Holy. Find Holy
Quick Sand 		4	Locale		Also Earth. Slay target non-flying Unit
Maze			6	Locale		Also Greek. Flip target non-flying Unit
Altar			5	Locale		Destroy Friendly Unit. Draw 2 Cards
Shrine			6	Locale		Also East. Find East
Fountain of Life	4	Locale		Heal = 2 All of your Units
Giant’s Playground	6	Locale		Also Giant. Find Giant
Wizard’s Tower		7	Locale		Hand Size +2
Trap			3	Locale		Also Relic. Ambush = 6
Ley Lines		5	Locale		All your Mages get Strength +2
Stream of Life		4	Locale		Also Nature. Heal = 2 all Friendly Units
Temple			5	Locale		Also Greek. Find Greek

Animate Dead		0	Spell		Draw 1 Card. Find Undead
Animate Relic		0	Spell		Draw 1 Card. Relic gets 5 Strength Tokens
Recall			0	Spell		Find 1 Card from Discard
Armageddon		0	Spell		Draw 1 Card. Slay all Locales
Divine Wrath		0	Spell		Slay all Units with 5 or more Strength
Blessing		0	Spell		Find Holy. Target Unit gains 3 ST
Flight			0	Spell		Draw 1 Card. Attach: Unit gets Flying
Elemental Blast		0	Spell		Attack = 5
Giant Growth		0	Spell		Discard 1 Card. Target Unit gains 8 ST
Ward			0	Spell		Reaction: Negate Attack
Counterspell		0	Spell		Reaction: Negate Spell
Crumble 		0	Spell		Slay Relic
Resurrection		0	Spell		Raise Dead
Immolate		0	Spell		Attack = 4 and 1 DT to all other enemy units
Instill 		0	Spell		Return = 1. Unflip Unit. Draw 1 card
Psionic Blast		0	Spell		Slay 1 Friendly and 1 Enemy Unit
Soul Exchange		0	Spell		Slay Target Unit. Opponent Draws 1 Card
Disintegrate		0	Spell		Discard 1 Card. Slay Target Unit
Circle of Protection	0	Spell		Attach: Unit gets Armor = 5
Fog			0	Spell		Negate next attack made by Opponent
Force of Nature		0	Spell		Find Nature. Target Unit gets 4 ST
Disenchant		0	Spell		Discard all Attachments and ST
Mass Crumble		0	Spell		Draw 1 card. Slay all Relics in Play
Deal With the Devil	0	Spell		Find Demon. Target Unit gets 4 ST
Fear			0	Spell		Negates the next Enemy Attack or Ambush
Time Stop		0	Spell		Take another Turn after this One
Force Field		0	Spell		Target Unit gets Defense
Binding 		0	Spell		Distribute 6 DT to Units. Do not Destroy any
Freeze			0	Spell		Flip Target Unit. Also Cold
Drain			0	Spell		Attack = 4. Target Unit gains 4 ST
Lure			0	Spell		Give Target Unit Ambush = 6
Pestilence		0	Spell		All non-elemental/undead/relic Units get 3 DT
Sleep			0	Spell		Flip 2 Random Enemy Units
Volcanic Eruption	0	Spell		Every Unit in play has a 50% of being Destroyed
Wanderlust		0	Spell		Flip one of your Heroes. Draw 3 Cards
Winter			0	Spell		Flip all non-relic/cold/undead Units in play
Earthquake		0	Spell		Do 3 Damage to all Non-Flying Units
Cyclone			0	Spell		Do 5 Damage to all Flying Units
Vortex			0	Spell		Slay target Flying Unit
Deflect			0	Spell		Reaction: Change target of target Spell
Chaos			0	Spell		Trade Hands with Target Player
Fortune 		0	Spell		All players Draw 2 cards
Equality 		0	Spell		All Units Weakened to 1 Strength
Flood			0	Spell		Flip all Non-Water, Non-Flying Units
Teleport 		3	Spell		Attach: Hero or Mage gets Outflank
Transmutation 		0	Spell		Replace target Unit with one in your hand

Jihad			5	Spell		Also Arab. Growth. All Arab units get Str +1
Leper			2	Arab		Also Men. All Units get 1 WT
Djinn			7	Jinn		Also Arab. Also Air. Tough. Flying
Efreeti			6	Jinn		Also Arab. Also Fire. Charge
Marid			5	Jinn		Also Arab. Also Water. Attack = 5 
Magic Lamp		3	Relic		Also Arab. Find Jinn
Flying Carpet		4	Relic		Also Arab. Attach: Hero gets Str +2 and Flying
Dervishes		4	Arab		Also Men. Attack = 6 (Whirling)
Caravan			4	Arab		Also Men. Draw 1 Card
Dancing Sword		5	Arab		Also Relic. Attack = 2 and Atk = 2 and Atk= 1
Desert			5	Locale		Also Arab. Find Arab 
Oasis			4	Locale		Also Arab. Heal = 4
Pharaoh 		7	Undead		Also Arab. Raise Dead 
Mummy Guards    	6	Undead		Also Arab. Attack = 3 and Attack = 2
Sphinx			8	Monster 	Also Arab. Draw 1 Card
Sandstorm		0	Spell		Also Air. All Units in play get 1 DT

Ronin			5	Hero		Also East. Attack = 5
Tengu			4	Air		Also East. Attack = 4. Flying
Holy Man		4	Mage		Also East. Also Holy. Boost
Jade Warrior		6	Earth		Also East. Tough
River Dragon		7	Dragon		Also East. Also Water. Stealth
Kappa			5	Water		Also East. Ambush = 5
Karma			0	Spell		Find East. Draw 1 Card 

Giant Moles		5	Earth		All Earth Units get +2 Strength
Crusader		6	Hero		Also Holy. Attack = 6
Kudzu			4	Nature		Growth. Slay Locale
Archers 		4	Men		Ranged
Guards  		4	Men		When played target Unit gets Defense
Dragon Egg		2	Dragon		If Destroyed, Becomes a Whelp of Strength = 5
Two-Headed Giant	6	Giant		Attack = 4 and Attack = 4
Will-o-Wisp		1	Undead		Flip Target Unit
Mammoth 		6	Nature		Also Cold. Overrun
Mad Bomber		3	Hero		Also Humanoid. Attack = 3 and Attack = 3
Old God 		10	Monster 	Find Monster
Sappers 		4	Humanoid	Also Men. Slay Locale
Spies 	 		3	Humanoid	Also Men. Scry
Fire Lord 		8	Elemental 	Also Fire. Attack = 8
Bog Monster		7	Nature		Also Monster. Stealth
Clockwork Cogs		4	Relic		Armor = 2
Toadstool Folk		4	Nature		Regenerate
Insect Swarm		5	Nature		Attack = 7
Jaguar			4	Beast		Ambush = 6
Sleeping Dragon 	9	Dragon		Sleeping 
Pooka   		4	Fey		Buff
Banshee			1	Undead		Give all Units in play 2 DT
Yeti 	 		5	Cold		Stealth
Blacksmith	 	3	Humanoid	Also Men. Boost
Halflings		4	Men		Stealth
Carrion Crawler		4	Nature		Death Eater
Sea King		8	Mage		Also Water. Find Water
Time Elemental		4	Elemental	Unflip target Unit and Draw 1 Card 
Ice Elemental		6	Elemental	Also Cold. Flip random Enemy Unit
Sleeping Giant  	8	Giant		Sleeping 
Dead King		7	Undead		Sleeping. Also Hero. Leadership
Elder Dragon		8	Dragon		Slay Unit of 5 or less Strength
Hellhounds		7	Demon		Attack = 6
War Machine		6	Relic		Charge
Witch 	 		5	Mage		Weaken target Unit to Strength = 1
Ice Queen 		7	Mage		Also Cold. Find Cold
Archmage 		7	Mage		Spell Power
Kraken			10	Water		Attack = 10
Leviathan		10	Water		Spell Immunity
Behemoth		10	Beast		Tough
Colossus		10	Relic		Armor = 3
Raiders			5	Humanoid	Also Men. Disrupt
Basilisk		4	Beast		Petrify
Buzzards		2	Beast		Death Eater. Flying
Jester 	 		2	Hero		Taunt
Puppet Master		4	Mage		Control Target Hero
Primordial Ooze		3	Nature		Grow
Fallen Angel		5	Demon		Slay Holy
Inventor 	 	4	Mage		Strength +2 for each attached Relic
Skeletal Dragon 	7	Dragon		Also Undead. Regenerate
Cultists 	 	4	Men		Find Monster
Familiar 	 	2	Beast		Attach: Mage gets Strength +3
Centaur 	 	5	Greek		Outflank
Vodoo Priest	 	4	Mage		Raise Dead
Gypsies 	 	3	Men		Loot
Scorpion		1	Beast		Ambush = 5
Homunculus		2	Relic		Spell Power

Players can make their own Decks. 
40 Card minimum. 
Max 1 copy of each card. 

Convert 		0	Spell		Conditional-Holy: Control Target Unit
Web 			0	Spell		Conditional-Nature: Flip 2 Target Units
Cocoon			0	Spell		Conditional-Nature: Flip Unit. It gets 7 ST
Blight 			0	Spell		Conditional-Undead: Destroy all Nature Units
Tsunami 		0	Spell		Cond-Water: All non-flying Enemy Units get 3 DT
Hurricane 		0	Spell		Conditional-Air: All Enemy Units get 3 DT
Hellfire 		0	Spell		Conditional-Demon: All Enemy Units get 3 DT
Avalanche 		0	Spell		Conditional-Cold: All Enemy Units get 3 DT
Rock Slide		0	Spell		Conditional-Earth: All Enemy Units get 3 DT


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