by Frederic Moll

Here is another way to use the cards described in the ARABIA 
game.... It will be  "ARABIA : the story-telling game"...

   The original idea came when i first played "Once upon a time" 
game... Thus it use the OUAT system with arabian twists...

  Material required :

    - Cards from the ARABIA game
    - Endings cards (similar to the OUAT ending cards but with 
arabian flavor) 
    - More cards (locations, characters, etc....)

  Goal of the game :

      Being about to tell and finish stories... The longer the story, the 
more victory points will be earned...

  Game setup :

     Give to each player 4 ending cards. Shuffle the remaining 
ending cards with the ARABIA cards and then deal 7 cards to each 
     One of the player will begin to tell a story and put down a card 
when the card/word is said... 

   Game system (borrowed from OUAT game):

      Every time a word on a card is said, the card will be put down 
on the right of the last card. If during his play, the teller says a 
word that is on a card of another player hand, it will be an 
interruption. The interruption put his card down and must continue 
the story.

   Beginning a sub-story :

     As most arabian stories have sub-stories, when a 
character/human/intelligent being is placed down, it is possible to 
begin a sub-story...

   Example : when Alex played the  "Old man on the sea", he 
decides to start a sub story that will be told by this old man... The 
sub story cards will be placed in a row under the originating card... 
To conclude the sub-story , and thus continue the original 
storyline, at least 4 cards must be placed before being able to put 
an ending card...

    As in arabian tales, it is possible to  have a sub-story told during 
a sub-story...
    When the sub story is ended, the "ending" player take all the 
cards composing the sub story in front of him in his victory pile.

   Picking additional cards :

     When a player is interrupted, he must pick a card from the 
deck of unused card.
     If a player try to place an ending card that is not viewed as a 
good ending to the story by the other players, he must pick 3 
additional cards.

   Finishing the game :

       The game is finished when a player has laid down all his story 
cards and place the final ending to the main storyline.

    Determining the winner :

      Being the finishing player of the main story : 2 points

       For each sub-story/story finished : 1 point + (number of story 
cards played in the story minus 3)...

   Example : Alex was able to finished 2 sub stories (8 cards long 
and 6 cards long)... Thus alex will earn :
      1 point + 5 points (8 - 3) for the 8 cards long story
      1 point + 3 points (6 - 3) for the 6 cards long story

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