Two player Card game of the American Revolution.
One player is the Americans, the other is the British.

Players share a common deck.
The card list has 120+ cards.
The deck has 1 of each card on the list.

The game is played in 7 Strategic turns corresponding to the 7 years of the war:
1775, 1776, 1777, 1778, 1779, 1780, 1781.

The winner is the first player to win 3 turns in a row, or if this does not 
occur, the player to win turn 1781.
(Its not how many battles you won, its who won the last battle)

The Americans are dealt 1/3 of the deck.
The British are dealt 1/3 of the deck.
The remaining 1/3 is set aside (and not used).

Pronounce which year this turn corresponds to.
Both players go through their deck and take out which 
cards they want to play this turn. 
Both players play these cards face to the table simultaneously. 
Cards that specify a year must be the same as the current Strategic turn.
Note: Cards of Year = X can be used in any turn.
Only the American player can use American cards.
Only the British player can use British cards.
Both players can use cards of the "Either" type.
Add up the force of all cards played.
Compare the Force totals of both players.
The higher Force total wins the turn.
Americans win ties.
All played cards are discarded face up.
Keep track of which player won which years.

Side = American (A), British (B), or Either (E)
Type = Leader (L), Troops (T), Event (EV), Battle (BT)

Card Name:			Side	Type	Force	Year
General George Washington	A	L	5	X
General Nathaniel Greene	A	L	3	X
General Benedict Arnold		A	L	3	1775-9
General Lincoln Benjamin	A	L	3	X
General Horatio Gates		A	L	3	X
General Charles Lee		A	L	3	X	
General Daniel Morgan		A	L	3	X	
General William Moultrie	A	L	3	X	
Baron Von Stuben		A	L	3	1777+		
Captain John Paul Jones		A	L	3	X
Thomas Jefferson		A	L	3	X		
Francis Marion the Swamp Fox	A	L	3	X	
Sam Adams			A	L	3	X		
Marquis de Lafayette		A	L	3	1778+		
Comte de Rochambeau		A	L	3	1778+		
George Rogers Clarke		A	L	3	X	
Don Bernardo Galvez		A	L	3	1779+		
Benjamin Franklin		A	L	3	X
Continental Congress		A	L	3	X		
General Carleton		B	L	3	X		
General Sir William Howe	B	L	3	X			
General John Burgoyne		B	L	3	X		
General Sir Henry Clinton	B	L	3	X		
General Lord Charles Cornwallis	B	L	3	X			
General Augustine Prevost	B	L	3	X		
General Gage			B	L	3	X	
Banastre Tarleton		B	L	3	X
French Fleet			A	T	2	1778+	
Continentals			A	T	2	X	
Minute Men			A	T	2	X	
Militia				A	T	2	X	
French Troops			A	T	2	1778+	
Patriot Irregulars		A	T	2	X	
Colonial Army			A	T	2	X	
British Fleet			B	T	2	X	
British Regulars		B	T	2	X	
British Redcoats		B	T	2	X	
Tories				B	T	2	X	
Iroquois Indian Allies		B	T	2	X	
Royalists			B	T	2	X	
Mohawk Indian Allies		B	T	2	X	
Hessian Mercenaries		B	T	2	X	
Garrison			E	T	1	X	
Siege				E	T	1	X
Bayonet Attack			E	T	1	X	
Bombardment			E	T	1	X		
Expeditionary Force		E	T	1	X	
Wheel About			E	T	1	X	
Outflank			E	T	1	X		
Encircle			E	T	1	X	
Counterattack			E	T	1	X	
Rearguard Action		E	T	1	X	
Lines of Communication Cut	E	T	1	X		
Night March			E	T	1	X
Surprise			E	T	1	X
Enlistments			E	EV	1	X	
A Shot Rang Out			A	EV	2	X	
Spirit of Rebellion		A	EV	2	X	
French Supplies			A	EV	2	X	
Tory Uprising			B	EV	2	X	
Indian Raids			B	EV	2	X	
Lexington			B	BT	4	1775
Concord				A	BT	4	1775
Bunker Hill			A	BT	4	1775
Falmouth Maine Burned		B	BT	4	1775
Montgomery captures Montreal	A	BT	4	1775
Quebec				B	BT	4	1775
Fort Ticonderoga Captured	A	BT	4	1775
Saint Johns			A 	BT	4	1775
Great Bridge			A 	BT	4	1775
Moores Creek Bridge		A	BT	4	1776
Charleston (Fort Moultrie)	A	BT	4	1776
Long Island			B	BT	4	1776
Valcour Island			B	BT	4	1776
Trenton				A	BT	4	1776
Crossing the Delaware		A	EV	4	1776
Siege of Boston 		A	BT	4	1776
Fort Washington			B	BT	4	1776
White Plains			A	BT	4	1776
Nathan Hale			A	EV	4	1776
Common Sense by Thomas Paine	A	EV	5	1776
Declaration of Independence	A	EV	7	1776
Princeton			A	BT	4	1777
Danbury				A 	BT	4	1777
Fort Ticonderoga Captured	B 	BT	4	1777
Fort Stanwix			A 	BT	4	1777
Bennington			A 	BT	4	1777
Brandywine Creek		B 	BT	4	1777
Freemans Farm			A 	BT	4	1777
Paoli, Pennsylvania		B 	BT	4	1777
Germantown			B 	BT	4	1777
Fort Montgomery Captured	B 	BT	4	1777
Fort Mercer & Fort Mifflin	B 	BT	4	1777
Bemis Heights			A 	BT	4	1777
Saratoga			A 	BT	7	1777
Valley Forge Winter Retreat	B 	EV	3	1777
France Declares War		A	BT	4	1778
Monmouth, New Jersey		A 	BT	4	1778	
Newport, Rhode Island		B 	BT	4	1778
Savannah Captured		B 	BT	4	1778
Vincennes			A 	BT	4	1778
Stony Point			A 	BT	4	1779
Spain Declares War		A	BT	4	1779
Paulus Hook			A 	BT	4	1779
Kettle Creek			A 	BT	4	1779
Newtown				A 	BT	4	1779
Briar Creek			B 	BT	4	1779
Spring Hill			B 	BT	4	1779
Port Royal Island		A 	BT	4	1779
Stono Ferry			B 	BT	4	1779
Charleston Captured		B 	BT	6	1780
Benedict Arnold Traitor		B 	EV	4	1780
Waxhaw Creek Massacre		B 	BT	4	1780
Camden				B 	BT	6	1780
Kings Mountain			A 	BT	4	1780
Morristown Winter Quarters	B 	EV	3	1780
Chesapeake Capes		A	BT	4	1781
Holland Declares War		A	BT	4	1781
Cowpens				A	BT	4	1781
Guilford Court House		B 	BT	4	1781
Mutinies			B 	EV	4	1781
Hobkirks Hill			B 	BT	4	1781
Ninety Six South Carolina	A 	BT	4	1781
Eutaw Springs			A 	BT	4	1781
Yorktown			A 	BT	7	1781

by goyatlay.
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