Takes place sometime after the disappearance of King Oberon.
The Nine Princes fight to control Amber.
Card game for 2-5 players.

Control Amber and kill or capture all Princes controlled by 
Opposing players. Or control Amber for 5 consecutive turns.

This deck has 9 cards, one for each prince.
Prince:		Hits	Fight	Wit	Will	Leadership	
Corwin		12	9	10	11	8	
Eric		8	8	9	9	9	
Benedict	9	11	7	7	11	
Bleys		8	10	7	7	10	
Julian		9	7	7	8	7	
Gerard		10	12	6	7	7	
Random		7	7	8	7	6	
Caine		7	7	7	7	8	
Brand		7	7	11	10	7	

Each player begins with 9 influence tokens of a unique color.
Non-player Princes without a token are Neutral Princes.
Place one of your tokens on Non-player Princes you 
control. These are your Ally Princes. 
Influence tokens are also used to show ownership of stacks of Armies.

Use white blank tokens to represent armies. 

Each player is dealt a hand of 5 cards.

Setup: Each player begins with control of one Prince of Amber.
Each player draws one random card from the Prince Deck.
These are known as Player Princes.
A Player may have only one Player Prince.
Each Player Prince starts in exile in Shadow.
If a Player Prince is killed, another Prince controlled by the 
Player becomes his new Player Prince.  If he has 
None, a neutral Prince becomes his new Player Prince. If there 
Are no neutral Princes left, he is out of the game. 

Setup: After all players have selected their Player Princes, Draw 
another Prince card.
This Prince currently controls Amber and is referred to as the King.
Draw 3 more Princes who have regency. 
The 3 Regencies are:
1. Guardian of Arden
2. Admiral of the North Sea Fleet
3. Admiral of the South Sea Fleet
The King and regents are referred to as Lords. 
All other Princes not controlled by Players start in Exile in Shadow.
Exile princes start out neutral.
You can never gain control of a Lord, but you can make regents neutral.
If Amber is attacked the Lords will defend it.

A player can gain control of Amber by conquering it or causing the current 
King to be killed, captured, or driven into Shadow exile.
When a player takes control of Amber his Player Prince becomes King.
Any other Princes he controls become regents.
He may offer Regent posts to other neutral Princes or other Players.

Each Prince has 5 Attributes or Skills:
Toughness: Endurance, Hit points
Fighting: Ability in hand-to-hand combat
Leadership: Skill in strategy and tactics
Will: Mental Strength in contests of Wills
Wit: Measure of Intelligence

Use given stats or roll 2D6 separately for each attribute.
Determine Attributes for each Prince before Play begins.

Prince: There are 9 Princes of Amber. 
Player Prince: Each player controls one Prince that is his Player Prince.
Non-Player Princes: All Princes that are not Player Princes. 
Ally Prince: All other Princes a player controls, but not his Player Prince. 
Neutral Prince: A Prince not controlled by any player. 
King: The Prince that controls Amber. 
Regents: These 3 Princes control the Armies/Navies of Amber. 
Lords: The King and Regents. 
Exile Princes: All Princes that are not Lords. 

Players take turns.
Each turn has 2 phases:
1. Fate Phase
2. Action Phase

Draw 1 card from the Fate deck.
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it.
Max hand size = Wit Attribute of your Player Prince.
Discard excess cards.

Each Prince you control may perform one action per turn.
An action includes playing any Action or Contest card or
performing a Non-card action.

These do not require a card to do:
* Bide your time: Draw one card.
* Recuperate: Regain 1D6 lost Hit points.
* Fortune telling with Trump Deck: Look at next 1D6 cards in deck.
* Intrigue: Roll 1D6: on a roll of 5-6 cause a target Non-Player prince 
to become neutral or take control of a neutral Prince. 
* Raise Army: Gain 1D6 army tokens.
* Escape Imprisonment. The only action you may attempt if you 
have been captured. Roll 1D6. On a roll of 5-6 you escape.

Some cards indicate that a Contest will occur between two players. 
The opposing princes roll 2D6 and add their levels in the indicated attribute.
The player with the highest score is the winner. (Reroll ties)

This a physical attack of one Prince against another.
Use the Fight attribute. 
The loser of a Fight takes 1D6 Hits. 

This is when an Exile group with Armies attacks Amber. 
Use the Leadership attribute.
The winner of the contest gains control of Amber. 
Princes you control (and those freely offered by other players) may work 
together and combine their attribute levels in Leadership contests.
The Loser of Leadership Contest loses 1D6 of his Armies.
Leadership contests are repeated until one side has no Armies left. 

This a psychic attack of one Prince against another. 
Use the Willpower attribute.
Only if the attacker wins does the effect listed on the card take place.

Only Lords can play Block cards in response to Exiles who are 
starting a Leadership Contest. 

F = Fight Contest (Attack)
L = Leadership Contest (You must have at least 1 Army to play)
W = Willpower Contest
X = Special
B = Block 
C = Capture
N = Negate
A = Action (Play this as an Action)
LC = Leadership Contest

Card Name:		Type:	Effect:
Assassination		F	Attack Target Prince
Duel			F	Attack Target Prince
Swordfight		F	Attack Target Prince
Grapple			F	Attack Target Prince
Capture			C	Capture Prince that just took damage
Imprison		C	Capture Prince that just took damage
Call the Guards		C	Capture Exile Prince that just attacked
Exile			X	Exiled Player Prince must discard 3 cards
Distractions of Court	X	Player with King must discard 3 cards
Get Away		N	Negate a Fight Contest  
Hide in Shadow		N	Negate a Fight Contest if you are an Exile 
Lords in Amber		N	Negate a Fight Contest if you are a Lord
Secret Passages		N	Negate a Capture card 
Invade Amber		L	Conquer Amber
Attack by Sea		L	Conquer Amber
Scale Mount Kolvir	L	Conquer Amber
Storm Castle Amber	L	Conquer Amber
Battle Wounds		X	Target Prince who just lost a LC takes 1D6 damage
Prisoner of War		C	Capture Target Prince who just lost a LC
Shadow Armies		X	Exile Prince gets Leadership +1D6 this contest
Walls of Amber		B	Lord gets Leadership +1D6 this contest
Monsters & Storms	B	Target Exile Prince loses 1D6 Armies
Raiding Parties		B	Target Exile Prince loses 1D6 Armies
Jewel of Justice	B	Target Exile Prince loses 1D6 Armies
Ambush			B	Target Exile Prince loses 1D6 Armies
Shadow Obstacles	B	Target Exile Prince loses 1D6 Armies
Block the Way		N	Negate a Leadership Contest
Trump Travel		X	Escape Capture
Shadow Mastery		N	Negate a Block card
Shadow Assassins	A	Target Prince takes 1D6 Hits
Influence		A	Gain control of target neutral Prince
Promises		A	Gain control of target neutral Prince
Go with the Winner	A	Gain control of target neutral Prince
Mutual Hatred		A	Gain control of target neutral Prince
Betrayal		A	Target Ally Prince becomes neutral
Mistrust		A	Target Ally Prince becomes neutral
Manipulation		A	Target Ally Prince becomes neutral
Keep Options Open	A	Target Ally Prince becomes neutral
Psychic Hold 		W	Target Prince gets -7 to his next Contest
Contest of Wills	W	Opponent must discard 3 cards
Mental Domination	W	Gain Control of target Prince
Psychic Attack		W	Target Prince takes 1D6 damage
Mind Probe		W	Look at opponents Hand
Break Contact		N	Negate a Will Contest
Emotional Fury		X	Gain Will +5 for this contest 
Show Mercy		X	Target Prince you just damaged becomes neutral
Amnesia			X	Exile Prince can make no actions for 1D6 turns
Walk the Pattern	A	Draw 3 cards and discard 2
Plan Ahead		A	Look at next 7 cards in deck
Guile and Cunning	A	Look at next 7 cards in deck
Family Gossip		A	Look at opponents Hand
Speak to Sister		A	Look at opponents Hand
Blessing of Oberon	X	Gain an extra turn
Dworkin			A	Escape Capture
Rescued			A	Escape Capture
Narrow Escape		N	Negate a Capture
Not really Dead		X	Killed Prince returns to play as a Neutral Prince

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