INTRODUCTION Card Game. Greek Heroes undertake adventures of Mythic proportions. Players accumulate Heroes, City States, Relics, and great Victories over legendary monsters with the aid of the Gods. THE CARDS To play you will have to make your own cards. There are 129 cards in the deck. Use unlined colored index cards. One side should be blank or have the name Agea written on it. The other side should include: Name of the card. For example: Sphinx Card Type. For example: Event; or Non-Monster Foe; or Non-Foe Challenge All information in the card description. For example: Wit (Riddle) Sample Card: _______________________ |Sphinx | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |Monster Challenge | | | | Wit | | (Riddle) | | | | | | | |_______________________| CARDSET AVAILABLE!!!!!!!! Mythicagea SETUP Flip coins or roll dice to determine turn order. Turn order remains the same for the rest of the game. Shuffle the deck. Players cut the deck until each has one hero. Players put their hero face up on the table "in play". Players start the game with no cards in their hands. TURN SEQUENCE Players take turns. There are 3 phases in a turn: 1. Recovery Phase 2. Draw Phase 3. Adventure Phases RECOVERY PHASE Remove 1 Delay Token from all of your Heroes that have them. Use coins, dice, or whatever for Delay Tokens. Maximum hand size = 7 Cards. Discard down to maximum hand size. DRAW PHASE Draw 1 Card. Whenever a card is drawn show it to all players. If it is a Challenge card discard it into the discard pile. If it is a City State or Hero place it face up in front of you. You now control the Card, but it is not part of your hand. If you draw a Relic or Companion, either attach it to a Hero or keep it in your hand to be attached at any later time. Attached cards are placed partially under the Hero card with their names showing. If it is an Event Card play it or keep it, unless the card instructs you to play it immediately. Event cards are discarded as soon as their effect is resolved. Play Event cards whenever it is appropriate. ADVENTURE PHASE Each of your heroes that does not have delay counter(s) may, in any order, draw a card (Go adventuring). All Heroes adventure separately. Play City States, Heroes, and Events as in Draw Phase. Any Relics or Companions found must be attached to that Hero only. If a Hero draws a Challenge card the hero is tested: If the Hero has the trait listed on the Challenge card the Hero is victorious and the Challenge card is placed in that players Victory Pile. Relics & Companions lend their traits to their Hero owner. Event cards, like Blessings, can also give Heroes extra traits. If the Hero does not have the trait, then the Hero is defeated. Put 1D6 (1 die roll) Delay tokens on the Defeated Hero and discard the Challenge. If you roll a 6 the hero and all his posessions are discarded. (A Greek Tragedy) If the Challenge card contained the word 'destroyer' in its description then that player must also discard a City State. Sample Challenges: 1. Hercules encounters the Hydra. Hercules has the trait 'Strength' and the Hydra is a test of strength or wit, so Hercules is victorious. 2. Argo meets the Hydra. Argo has neither strength nor wit, so he is defeated and gets 1D6 delay tokens. 3. Ajax has the relic 'Blade of Hephaestus' which gives him the trait of 'War'. He encounters the Centaurs and defeats them. 4. Theseus draws 'Lost at Sea'. He plays the event 'Blessing of Poseidon' giving him the navigation trait. He overcomes the challenge. Note: a hero with the Demigod trait will automatically overcome any challenge on a roll of 1-2 on 1D6. WARS There are 4 Event cards that start wars. All players add up the number of Heroes and City states they control, plus all of the War and Army traits they can muster. Do not count delayed Heroes. Each player adds 1D6 to their sum. The sum is called the Battle Total. The player with the highest Battle Total is the winner. The winner may take a City State away from one of the losers. The winner puts the War event card in his Victory pile. ENDING THE GAME The game ends when the last card is drawn from the deck. VICTORY The player with the most accumulated victory points (VP) at the end of the game is the winner. Gain VP in the following manner: Accomplishment VP Awarded Per Hero you control 1 Per City State you control 1 Per Relic owned 1 Per War won 4 Per Blessing in your final Hand 1 Per Challenge in your Victory Pile 1 Some cards will contribute more VP according to their card description. MONSTER FOE CHALLENGES TESTS (NOTES) Centaurs Music, Wine, War, Army Chimaera Mirror, Flying (Petrification) Cyclops Wit, Archer, Wine (Blind him) Dragon Archer (Locate the soft spot)Destroyer Gorgon Wit, Mirror (Medusa) Harpy War, Archer (Screeching) Hydra Strength, Wit (Regenerating heads) Lion Music, Strength, Healing (Thorn in paw) Minotaur Wit, Music (In Maze) Sphinx Wit (Riddle) Griffon Music, War, Blessing of Prometheus Sirens Wit, Navigation, Flying (Song) Sea Serpent Navigation, Strength, Flying Kraken Flying, Navigation (Giant Sea Monster)Destroyer Hecatoncheire Any Blessing (100 Handed Giant) Antaeus the Giant Strength (He is weak if not touching ground) Cerebus Strength, Wit (3-Headed dog Guards underworld) Erymanthian Boar Strength, Swift, Wit Stymphalian Birds Archer, Wit Cretan Bull Wit, Strength, Knossos Ceynean hind Swift , Wit Diomedes wild mares Wit, Swift or sacrifice companion (flesh eaters) NOTES: Any Hero that defeats (distracts) Cerebus gains the Army trait (Dead released from Hades) or takes a Hero from Discard pile. Any Hero that defeats the sphinx gets to adventure again this turn. NON-MONSTER FOE CHALLENGES TESTS (NOTES) King Midas Wit (His touch turns all to gold) Satyr Wit, Gold, Wine, Music (Half man, half goat) Nymph Strength, Woman (Seduces men) Circe Wit, Woman (Sorceress, turns men into pigs) Pirates War, Gold, Wine, Wit, Navigation, Army Lepers Healing, Music (Spread their disease) Philosophers Wit (Argue with the Sophists) Lotus Eaters Wit, Healing, Music (Powerful Drug) Amazons Woman, Wit (Seduce their Queen) Aphrodite Woman (Goddess of Love) Hypnus Companions (God of Sleep) Oceanus Navigation (Titan of the Sea) NON-FOE CHALLENGES TESTS (NOTES) Deliver Message Navigation, Chariot, Swift, Flying Long Journey Navigation, Chariot, Swift, Flying Labyrinth Wit, Swift Whirlpool Navigation, Flying Shipwreck Navigation, Flying Lost at Sea Navigation, Flying Augean Stables Wit NOTES: Non-Foe challenges do not go into victory piles. They are discarded win or lose. RELICS TRAIT Golden Fleece Healing; Reduce Delays by 1 turn Gold of Midas Gold (Discard after 3 uses) Wine of Dionysus Wine (Discard after 3 uses) Nectar of the Gods Wine (Discard after 3 uses) Blade of Hephaestus War Lyre of Apollo Music Owl of Athena Wit; or Discard immediately for 2 VP Aegis Shield Defeats all Foes (Return to Zeus in 5 Turns) Arm-band of Zeus Strength Winged Sandals Flying (Gift of Hermes) Helm of Invisibility Defeats all Foes (Return to Hades in 5 Turns) The Argos Navigation (Legendary Ship) Lightning Javelins Archer Wings of Icarus Flying Cornucopia of Demeter Army (Ambrosia) Hyppolita's golden girdle Gold, Healing (Gift from the queen of the Amazons) Pan's Flute Music Apples from Hesperides garden Healing (Discard after 3 uses) COMPANIONS TRAIT Ancient Mariner Navigation Scholar Wit Pegasus Flying Poseidon's Gift Horse Swift Temple Maiden Woman, Healing White Eagle of Zeus Flying, 2 VP (A gift) Phoenician Mercenaries Army Argonauts Army Promethean Clay Any one (Pick a trait at time of attachment) Idmon (seer of Argos) Wit, Magic Helena Woman(+1 to Battle total during Trojan War) Andromeda Woman EVENTS NOTES Persian War Play Immediately. See war rules Amazon War Play Immediately. See war rules Trojan War Play Immediately. See war rules Peloponesian War Play Immediately. See war rules Olympic Games All Swift & Strong Heroes in play gain 1 VP Pandoras Box Play Immediately. Shuffle discards into deck. discard this card Visit Oracle at Delphi Look at next 7 cards in Deck Made King Target Hero gains trait of Gold Blessing of Kronos Player takes another turn after this one Blessing of Poseidon Gain Navigation Trait for 1 Turn Blessing of Atlas Gain Strength Trait for 1 Turn Blessing of Hermes Gain Swift Trait for 1 Turn Blessing of Nike Gain Army Trait for 1 Turn Blessing of Prometheus Gain Wit Trait for 1 Turn Blessing of Hera Opponent must discard 2 cards Blessing of Pan Gain Music Trait for 1 Turn Blessing of Apollo Gain Music Trait for 1 Turn Blessing of Ares Gain War Trait for 1 Turn Blessing of Athena Defeat any Monster Blessing of Artemis Gain Archer Trait for 1 Turn Blessing of Asclepius Gain Healing Trait for 1 Turn Blessing of Tyche Draw 3 cards and discard 2 (Goddess of good fortune) Oration Gain control of target City state Betrayal Gain control of target Hero Steal Gain control of target Relic Volcano Destroy Target City State Lightning Bolt Kill target hero unless its owner discards any blessing card Cursed by a God Target hero delayed until its owner discards any blessing card Visit Olympus Target Hero with 5 or more traits becomes a God. Hero removed from play & keep this card in Victory pile for 7 VP Duel Delay one of your heroes for 3 turns to kill (discard) target hero Divine Intervention Discard to negate the effect of any Event card Homer the Historian Hold this card. Worth 3 VP if in final hand Trojan Horse Discard during War. Worth 2 Armies Child of Zeus Target Hero gains Demigod trait Hermes, God of Thieves Target Relic discarded Eris, Goddess of Strife Target Companion discarded Martyr Discard 1 of your heroes to add 3 to Battle total during a War Inspired by the Muses Target Hero may adventure twice more this turn Wrath of the Furies Target hero is delayed until its owner discards any blessing card HEROES TRAIT Achilles War, Chariot Theseus Wit, War Perseus War, Mirror Hippolyta War, Army Atalanta War, Swift, Archer, Woman Ajax Strength Achilles Strength, War Hercules Strength, Demigod Orion Archer, Demigod Odysseus Wit, Strength, Archer Aeneas Wit Memnon Wit Hector Wit, Chariot Jason Strength, Navigation Zetes Navigation, Demigod Argus Navigation Orpheus Music Bellerophon Archer, Flying (Pegasus) Icarus Flying Cadmus Army Abaris Archer, Flying, Healing (Priest of Appolo) CITY STATES NOTES Delphi Illyria Macedonia Rhodes Thessaly Thrace Xanthus Athens 2 VP Corinth Knossos Your Heroes defeat the Minotaur, Cretan Bull & Labyrinth Sparta +1 to Battle Total Thebes Byzantium Miletus Troy Mycenae Phrygia Midas kingdom Colchide Notes: You cannot control both Sparta and Athens. Discard one. CARD SET AVAILABLE Click here: Ludi Popina

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