Board game for 2-4+ players. 
Theme: The ongoing social and political revolutions in the Middle East and 
North African Countries circa 2010+. 

The player with the most Reform Tokens at the end of the game wins. 
The game ends when 4 Countries have been Overthrown. 

The board is a circular track of 50 spaces. 
Each space should be large enough to hold 1 card. 
There are 2 types of Spaces: Revolution and Country. 
Eleven Countries are Represented: 

#	Title:		
1.	Revolution	
2.	Tunisia	
3. 	Tunisia	
4. 	Tunisia	
5. 	Revolution	
6. 	Libya		
7.	Libya	
8. 	Libya	
9.	Libya	
10. 	Revolution	
11.	Egypt	
12. 	Egypt		
13. 	Egypt		
14. 	Revolution		
15. 	Algeria		
16. 	Algeria
17. 	Algeria	
18. 	Algeria	
19. 	Revolution		
20. 	Oman			
21. 	Oman		
22. 	Oman	
23. 	Revolution	
24. 	Yemen
25. 	Yemen
26. 	Yemen
27. 	Revolution	
28.	Syria	
29. 	Syria	
30.	Syria	
31. 	Syria
32. 	Revolution
33. 	Jordan
34. 	Jordan
35. 	Jordan
36.  	Jordan	
37. 	Revolution
38. 	Bahrain
39. 	Bahrain
40.  	Bahrain
41. 	Revolution	
42.	Iraq	
43. 	Iraq	
44.	Iraq	
45. 	Revolution
46. 	Iran
47. 	Iran
48. 	Iran
49. 	Iran
50. 	Iran

Players share a Common Deck.    
The deck has one copy of each card in the card list. 
There are 3 main types of cards: 
1. Revolution Cards
2. Resistance Cards
3. Motivation Cards

Players share a common set of Victory Tokens. 

Each player has a set of counters of a unique color. 

Each player has a single Pawn. 
This pawn should be the same color as the players counters. 
More than 1 Pawn may occupy 1 space on the board at a time. 

Six sided dice are needed. 

Shuffle the deck. 
Each player picks a color and takes the corresponding Pawn and Counters. 
All players draw 2 cards from the deck. 
Players roll high on the dice to see who goes first. 
All players place their pawns on the number 1 Revolution space 
on the board before the Tunisia Country spaces.  

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 5 Phases: 
Draw Phase
Move Phase
Action Phase
Overthrow Phase
End Phase

Draw 1 Card and place it in your hand. 
You may discard a Motivation card to draw 2 cards. 
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

Roll 1 die and move forward that many spaces OR discard a 
card from your hand and move forward a number of spaces equal 
to its Force Value. 
If you land on a Revolution Space you may do one of three actions: 
1. Roll the Die and move again
2. Move to any other Revolution Space on the Board
3. Draw 1 Card and place it in your hand
4. Play a Counter onto any Country Space you have Radicalized. 

--- If you land on a Country Space that has no card on it, you may play a Revolution
card to that space. Tuck it partially under the Board directly next to the space. 
Place 1 of your Counters on the Space if you placed a card there. 
If you have a card under a space you are said to have Radicalized it. 
You may chose not to play a Revolution card if you don’t want to or cannot. 
If a Country already has 1 card of the same type, you cannot play a second. For 
example: Tunisia can only have 1 Intervention card tucked under its spaces.   
--- If you land on a Country Space that you have already Radicalized (You have a 
card and one or more counters there already) you may do one of the following: 
1. Place an additional counter on the Space.
2. Exchange the tucked card with one from your hand.
2. Draw 1 card and discard 1 card (It may be the same card). 
--- If you land on a Country space radicalized by another player, you can either do nothing 
or play 1 or more Resistance cards with a combined Force value equal to or greater than the 
number of Counters your opponent has on the space. If you do so, discard all the counters 
on the space and the card tucked under it. Remove the Resistance cards from the game. 
--- If you land on a Country Space that is Overthrown skip over it and go to the next space 
and resume your move. 

If you played a Revolution card under a Country space this turn and all the other spaces for 
that country have already been Radicalized (by you or others) the Country is now said to have 
been Overthrown. Immediately score Victory Tokens (VT) for the country. 
--- You gain 2 Victory Tokens for playing the final card to Overthrow the country. 
--- The player with the highest combined total of Counters and Card Force values gets 5 VT. 
--- The player with the second highest total of Counters and Card Force values gets 3 VT. 
--- All other players with at least 1 card and counter in the Country get 1 VT each. 
If tied for first, tied players get 4 VT each. If tied for second, tied players get 2 VT each. 
Overthrown Countries are out of play.  Pawns cannot land on them, they simply move past 
them without counting them. 

Max hand size is 5 cards. 
Discard excess cards. 

Each player gets 1 extra VP for each Space they have a Counter in. 

C = Civil Revolt
M = Military Revolt
I = Foreign Intervention
R = Regime Resistance
V = Victories
O = Organization
T = Motivation
X = Can be used as R or M
Z = Can be used as R or V

Name				Type	Force	
Demonstrations			C	3
Protests       			C	4
Civil War			X	5
Uprising       			C	6
Rebels				M	6
No-Fly Zone			I	7
Military Junta			X	5
Dictatorship			T	-
Hard Liners			R	2
Regime				R	1
Marches				C	3
Rallies				C	4
Strikes				C	4
Absolute Monarchy		T	-
Social Media			O	7
Twitter				O	4
Food Price Inflation		T	-
YouTube				O	2
Facebook       			O	3
Communications			O	5
Cell Phones			O	6
Raise Awareness			O	2
Human Rights Violations		T	-
Repression			R	2
Censorship			R	1
Slogans				O	3
World Opinion			I	5
Armed Mobs			X	2
Police State			R	2
Government Corruption		T	-
Wave of Unrest			C	6
Day of Rage			C	7
Resignations			V	6		
Violence       			X	3
Dissolution			V	5
Release Political Prisoners	V	4
Elections			V	6
Ouster				V	4
Riots				M	3
Roadblocks			X	1
Presidential Supporters		R	1
Occupation			C	2
Clashes				M	3
Concessions			V	2
Dismissals			V	3
Promises       			Z	2
Lies				R	1
Step Down			V	5
Attacks				X	1
Mass Arrests			R	1
Expulsions			Z	1
Opposition Leaders		C	5
Lift Ban			V	4
Crackdown			R	3
Youthquake			T	-
Labor Movement			C	3
Activists			C	4
Security Forces			R	2 
Ethnic Minorities		C	3
Students & Professors		C	3
Interim Government		Z	2
Islamic Militants		M	3
Stalemate			R	1
State of Emergency		R	1
Solidarity			C	3
NATO Airstrikes			I	6
Unemployment			T	-
Martyrs				C	4
UN Sanctions			I	6
Defections			V	4
Journalists			C	4
Tanks & Soldiers       		R	1
American Interests		I	4
Helicopters			R	1
Snipers				R	1
Mercenaries			R	1
Self Immolation			O	4
Suppression			R	1
Muslim Brotherhood		C	3
Widespread Detentions		R	1

 Arab Spring     Wikipedia

As things progress I plan to make adjustments. 

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