Educational spelling kids board dice and card game.
For 2-4+ players. Pirate Theme.

The first player to get 17 Ducats (Coins) is the winner.
Coins are earned by making words with letter cards.

There are 3 Shared decks:
1. Vowel Deck (letter cards)
2. Consonant Deck (letter cards)
3. Fortune Deck
The decks are kept separate and have their own discard piles.
Players will have a hand of letter cards from both the Vowel & Consonant decks.
Maximum hand size is 7 card. Discard excess cards.

This deck has 5 cards:
A, E, I, O, U
There are 5 copies of each card.
Total 25 cards.

Common Cards:
B, C, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, P, R, S, T
Rare Cards:
Q, V, W, X, Y, Z
There are 2 copies of each common card.
There is only one copy of each rare card.
Total 36 cards.

The card list is at the end of the rules.
Fortune cards are always played immediately and then discarded.
They never go into your hand.

The board is a square track. 
Each side has 9 spaces.
Total of 32 spaces
1. Pirates Cove (Starting Space: Right Bottom Corner)
2. Sargasso sea
3. Town
4. Caribbean Sea 
5. Skull & Crossbones
6. Atlantic Ocean
7. Merchant Ship
8. North Sea
9. Man O’ War (Left Bottom Corner)
10. Mediterranean Sea
11. Town
12. Black Sea
13. Skull & Crossbones
14. Red Sea
15. Merchant Ship
16. Arabian Sea
17. Buried Treasure (Left Top Corner)
18. Indian Ocean
19. Town
20. South China Sea
21. Skull & Crossbones
22. Sea of Japan
23. Merchant Ship
24. Bering Sea
25. Treasure Ship (Right Top Corner)
26. Arctic Ocean
27. Town
28. Pacific Ocean
29. Skull & Crossbones
30. Southern Ocean
31. Merchant ship
32. The Equator

If you land on a Town, draw the top card from the 
Consonant deck and put it in your hand.
If you land on a Merchant Ship, draw the top card from the 
Vowel deck and put it in your hand.
If you land on a Skull & Crossbones draw the top card from the Fortune deck.
If you land on the Treasure Ship, draw the top card from both the consonant and 
The Vowel deck and put them in your hand.
If you land on the Man O’ War bury one card from your hand.
If you land on the Buried Treasure space, put all Buried cards into your hand.
Sea, Oceans, and the Equator are “Safe” spaces where nothing happens.
Every time you pass the Pirates cove, draw the top card from either the consonant or 
The Vowel deck and put it in your hand.

When a Fortune card tells you to bury a card or you land on the 
Man O’ War, you must take one Vowel or Consonant card from your hand, and 
put it the Buried Treasure space.

Six sided dice are needed.
Use coins to represent “Ducats”. 
Each player has a “Ship”. Use tokens or pawns to represent ships.

Shuffle each of the 3 decks.
Each player’s Ship starts on the Start space.
Each player draws 1 consonant and 1 vowel.
Roll high to see who goes first. (Players take turns) 
Start with 1 consonant and 1 vowel on the Buried Treasure space.

On your turn roll 1 die and move your ship clockwise the indicated number of spaces. 
If you land on an opponent, you may steal 1 card from his hand.

Use the letter cards to make words & gain Ducats (coins).
A 3 letter word is worth 1 Ducat.
A 4 letter word is worth 2 Ducats.
A 5 letter word is worth 3 Ducats and so on.
Discard the used letter cards and keep the Ducats.

Card Name:		Effect:
Storm			Skip next turn
Trade Winds		Move Again
Doldrums		Skip next turn
Off Course		Skip next turn
English Warship		Bury 1 Card
Pirates Map		Go to Buried Treasure
Pillage & Plunder	Gain 2 Consonant cards
Monty Haul		Go to Treasure Ship
Sea Robbers		Steal 1 card from Opponent
Buccaneers		Steal 1 card from Opponent
Typhoon			Skip next turn
Hideout			Go to Pirates Cove
Run Aground		Skip next turn
Shipwreck		Skip next turn
Scurvy			Discard 1 card
Albatross		Move Again
Spanish Armada		Bury 1 Card
French Fleet		Bury 1 Card
A Pirates Life for Me	Everyone Sings
Rum, Wine, & Grog	Everyone Drinks
Sail the 7 Seas		Go to any Sea Space
Hurricane		Skip next turn
Sextant & Compass 	Move Again
Latitude & Longitude	Move Again

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