Card game for 2-4+ players. 
Each player controls a country during the 
First Industrial Revolution. 
Players try to develop their economies as quickly as possible. 

The first player to have a combined score of 100+ in 
Guns and Luxury Goods wins. 
If more than 1 person gets 100+ on the same turn, the 
Player with the higher score wins. 
If it is still tied, use transportation, and then Population, as tie-breakers. 

There are 7 types of Resources: 
1. Food (Agriculture: Crops, Grains, Livestock, Fisheries) 
2. Population (Skilled and Unskilled Labor)
3. Fossil Fuels (Coal, Oil, Gas)
4. Steel (Production Capacity) 
5. Transportation (Trains, Shipping, Roads)
6. Guns (Military Weapons, Ammunition, and Vehicles)
7. Luxury Goods (Peacetime Consumption)
Each player has a score in each of the seven resources. 
As the game progresses, these scores will go up and down. 
Use paper and pencil (or a scoring track) to record your scores. 

There are 2 common decks: 
1. The Industry Deck
2. The Event Deck

The industry deck contains 10 cards for each of the 7 resources. 
These cards are used in Development phase to increase your scores. 
The deck has 2 copies of each card. 

Each player has the following starting scores. 
20 Food
10 Population
5 Fossil Fuels
5 Steel
5 Transportation
5 Guns
5 Luxury Goods
One random player is given the Initiative marker. 
The Initiative marker determines who  goes first in each phase during the turn. 

Each turn has 8 phases: 
1. Resource Phase
2. Transport Phase
3. Trade Phase
4. Event Phase
5. Development Phase
6. War Phase
7. Peace Phase
8. Initiative Phase

Each player draws 7 cards from the Industry deck. 
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

Each player may discard up to 3 cards to the Industry deck and 
Draw replacement cards. 
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

Players may freely trade Industry cards, resources, and promises. 
Promises are non-binding. 

Each player draws one card from the Event deck.
Resolve and discard the Events as they are drawn.  
If any player draws a War card, there will be a War in War phase. 
Note that event cards target the player who draws them. 
If unstated, Events only last the current turn. 
Event cards may cause Resources to be increased past their regular limits. 

Each player may play (discard) up to 3 Industry cards. 
A played card increases a players score in the indicated Resource by 
The indicated amount. 
Note that most Resources are limited in score to the score of one or more 
Of your other Resources. If a card would bring your score above this limit, the 
Card may not be played. 

Resource:	Limit:
Food		There is no Limit to your Food score
Population	Your Population score can be no higher than your Food score
Fossil Fuels	There is no Limit to your Fossil Fuel score
Steel		Steel cannot be higher than your Fuel score
Transportation	Transport cannot exceed your Steel or your Fuel scores
Guns		Gun score cannot be greater than Steel or Population scores
Luxury Goods	You cannot have more Luxury goods than Population
Note: If a score goes down for some reason, it does not cause scores that 
Depend on it to also go down. 

If one or more War Event cards were revealed in War phase, there is a War. 
The player with the highest Gun score wins the war. 
(Players may take turns discarding gun cards from their hands to temporarily 
increase their Gun scores for the purpose of this contest.) 
If tied, use Transport, and then Population scores as tie-breakers. 
The winner steals 2 random cards next turn from any other player in Resource Phase. 
The losers immediately lose 2 points from their scores in all their Resources. 

If there was no War this turn, the player with the highest Luxury Goods score 
Draws an extra 2 cards next turn in Resource Phase. 
If tied use Transport, and then Food as Tie-breakers.  

The player with the Initiative marker passes it to the player to his left. 
Max hand size is 3 cards. Players discard excess cards. 

The player with the highest Transport Score gets several advantages: 
1. He draws 8 cards in Resource phase. 
2. He may discard and re-draw up to 4 cards in Transport Phase
3. His max hand size is 4 cards in Initiative Phase

Card:		Score Increase:
Food		1
Food		2
Food		3
Food		4
Food		5
Population	1
Population	2
Population	3
Population	4
Population	5
Fuel		1
Fuel		2
Fuel		3
Fuel		4
Fuel		5
Steel		1
Steel		2
Steel		3
Steel		4
Steel		5
Transport	1
Transport	2
Transport	3
Transport	4
Transport	5
Guns		1
Guns		2
Guns		3
Guns		4
Guns		5
Luxuries       	1
Luxuries       	2
Luxuries       	3
Luxuries       	4
Luxuries       	5

Card:				Effect:
Territorial Dispute		War
Great War			War
World War			War
Imperial Ambitions		War
Old Rivalries			War
The Great Game			War
Balance of Power       		No Wars this or Next Turn
League of Nations		No Wars this or Next Turn
Declare Neutrality		You are not affected by the next War
Natural Disaster       		-3 Population
Invention			Draw 2 Industry cards
Nationalism			+2 Guns and draw 1 Industry card
Import Surplus			Steal 1 random card from target players hand
Export Surplus			Cards you play in Development phase are +1
Assassination			Discard hand at end of turn
Civil War			Lose 2 points in each Resource
Great Depression       		Discard 2 random Industry cards
Guns & Butter			+2 Guns and +2 Food
Revolution			Play 2 max cards in development phase
Colonial Rebellion		-3 Population
Gunboat Diplomacy		+1 Population +1 Food +1 Guns
Expansionism			+2 Population +2 Guns
Dust Bowl			-3 Food
Enterprise			You may play a 4th card in development Phase
5 Year Plan			You may play a 4th card in development Phase
Baby Boom			+3 Population
Peasant Uprising       		-2 Population and -2 Food
Chicken in every Pot		+3 Food
New Deal			You may play a 4th card in development Phase
Stock Market Crash		Discard 2 random Industry cards
Immigration			Steal 3 Population from target opponent
Dam Building			+3 Fuel
Shipping Magnate       		+3 Transport
Bourgeois			+3 Luxuries
Arms Race			+3 Guns
Science & Industry		Draw 2 Industry cards
Oil Barons			+3 Fuel
Ocean Liners			+1 Transport +1 Population +1 Luxuries
Railroad Tycoons       		+3 Transport
Industrial Giant       		Draw 2 Industry cards
Monopoly       			Steal 1 random card from target players hand
Gilded Age			Draw 2 Industry cards
Mass Production			Draw 2 Industry cards
Corruption			Discard 2 random Industry cards
Militarism			+3 Guns
Aristocracy			+3 Luxuries

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