Card game for two players.
Simulation of the North Africa campaign of WWII.
One player is the Germans (& Italians), 
the other player is the Commonwealth (British & Allies).

Control all 6 Terrain Tokens to win.

Players share a common deck.

G = Only the German (Axis) player can use these cards
C = Only the Commonwealth (Allied) player can use these cards
B = Both players can use this card
A = This card can only be used by the attacker
D = This card can only be used by the defender
E = This card can be used in either attack or defense
S = Supply card: can be used by either player

Each player starts the game with 3 Terrain Tokens.
Every time you win a hand, you take a Token from your opponent.

The Germans start the game as the Attackers.
The Commonwealth starts the game as the Defenders.
After the first turn, the Attacker is always the player who won the previous hand.
Only the Attacking player can use Attack cards.
Only the Defending player can use Defense cards.

Each turn has 3 phases:
Logistics Phase
Strategy Phase
Battle Phase

Each player draws a number of cards depending on what turn it is:
Turn		Germans		Commonwealth		Historical Commentary:
1-3		8		6			Rommel Arrives
4-6		7		7			Montgomery Arrives
7+		6		8			Operation Torch
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it.

Players may discard up to 3 cards and draw replacements.

Players reveal their hands.
Every card has a Force value.
Players add up the Force value of all the cards in their hand.
If a player cannot use a card, it has a Force of zero.
(Nationality & Attacker/Defender limitations)
If one player has a Supply card and the other does not, the 
Player with the supply card gets a Force bonus of +5.
The player with highest total Force wins the hand.
The Winner takes a Terrain Token from his opponent.

Card Name			Force	User	Type	Notes
Field Marshall Erwin Rommel	9	G	E	
The Desert Fox			8	G	E
Sturm, Swung, Wucht		7	G	A	
Luftwaffe			7	G	E	
88mm Guns			7	G	E	
Panzer Division			7	G	E	
Afrika Korps			7	G	E	
Panzer Tanks			7	G	E	
Stuka Dive Bombers		7	G	E	
Blitzkrieg			7	G	E	
Balanced Force Mix		7	G	E	
Panzer IV Tanks			7	G	E	
Panzer III Tanks		6	G	E
Junkers 88 Medium Bombers	6	G	E
Fragmentary British Forces	6	G	E	
Allied Tanks Outgunned		6	G	E	
PAK 38 5cm Guns			5	G	E	
General Cruewell		5	G	E	
Italian Aerete Division		4	G	E	
Italian Trieste Division	3	G	E	
Italian Infantry Division	2	G	E	
Vichy French 			1	G	S	
General Montgomery		7	C	E	
Australians			7	C	E	
British Troops			7	C	E	
New Zealand Division		7	C	E	
British Desert Air Force	7	C	E	
Enigma Decoded			7	C	E	
Desert Rats			7	C	E	
25pr Guns			7	C	E
Sherman Tanks			7	C	E	
Indian Division			6	C	E	
South African Division		6	C	E	
Polish Troops			6	C	E	
Grant Tanks			5	C	E	
Free French Forces		5	C	E	
Valentine Tanks			4	C	E	
Stuart Light Tanks		4	C	E	
General Auchinleck		4	C	E	
General Wavell			4	C	E	
Matilda Tanks			3	C	E	
Cruiser Tanks			3	C	E	
Crusader Tanks			3	C	E	
Royal Navy			2	C	S			
American Divisions		7	C	E	Turn 7+
General Patton			7	C	E	Turn 7+
Desert Hook Encirclement	5	B	A
Coastal Road			5	B	A
Pincer				5	B	A
Pursuit				5	B	A
Surround			5	B	A	
Mobile Operation		5	B	A	
Block Retreat			5	B	A	
Dash				5	B	A	
Offensive Action		5	B	A	
Siege				5	B	A	
Advance Guard			5	B	A	
Capture Objectives		5	B	A	
Weakly Defended Positions	5	B	A	
Breakthrough			5	B	A
Advantage of Maneuver		5	B	A	
Mechanized Transport		5	B	A	
Diversionary Thrust		5	B	A	
Corridors			5	B	A
Attack Rear			5	B	A	
Capture HQ			5	B	A	
Outflank			5	B	A	
Breaching Assault		5	B	A	
Drive into the Desert		5	B	A	
Grand Maneuver			5	B	A
Cross the Frontier		5	B	A
Armored Sweep			5	B	A	
Push Forward			5	B	A
Diversionary Gambit		5	B	A	
Launch Attack			5	B	A	
Seize Airfield			5	B	A
Tank Charge			5	B	A
Exploit Success			5	B	A
Exploratory Attack		5	B	A
Spearhead			5	B	A
Engineers Prepare Route		5	B	A
Take the Ridge			5	B	A
Systematic Destruction		5	B	A
Cause Rout			5	B	A
Panic the Defenders		5	B	A 
Relentless Pressure		5	B	A
Scatter Supply Train		5	B	A
Flush out Defenders		5	B	A
Probe Enemy			5	B	A
Overrun				5	B	A
Bypass Defenders		5	B	A
Concentrate Force		5	B	A
Storm the Pass			5	B	A
Conceal Troop Movements		5	B	A
Shock Effect			5	B	A
Mine Clearing			5	B	A
Artillery Barrage		5	B	A
Counter Attack			5	B	D	
Mine Fields			5	B	D	
Repel Assaults			5	B	D	
Rearguards			5	B	D	
Garrison			5	B	D	
Failed Operation		5	B	D	
Antitank Screen			5	B	D	
Careful Positions		5	B	D	
Fortifications			5	B	D	
Enemy Overreached 		5	B	D	
Gallant Resistance		5	B	D	
Fortress			5	B	D	
Impassable Terrain		5	B	D	
Spoiling Attacks		5	B	D	
Defensive Terrain		5	B	D	
Coastal Position		5	B	D	
Counter Thrust			5	B	D	
No Retreat			5	B	D	
Ambush				5	B	D	
Concealed Emplacements		5	B	D	
Anti-tank Guns			5	B	D	
Trap				5	B	D	
Enemy Supply Shortages  	5	B	D	
Static Defenses			5	B	D	
Defensive Line			5	B	D	
Enemy Out of Fuel		5	B	D	
Dug in Positions		5	B	D	
Cauldron Battle			5	B	D
Enemy Disengages		5	B	D
Tank Traps			5	B	D
Armor Piercing Shells		5	B	D
Repulse Attack			5	B	D
Block Advance			5	B	D
Attacker Pinned Down		5	B	D
AT Gunfire			5	B	D
Strongpoint			5	B	D
Outpost				5	B	D
Hull Down Positions		5	B	D
Earthworks			5	B	D
Fall Back Position		5	B	D
Seize the Initiative		5	B	D
Stalled Advance			5	B	D
Sandstorm			5	B	D
Induce Caution			5	B	D
Uncoordinated Attack		5	B	D
Wire Entanglements 		5	B	D
Concrete Dugouts		5	B	D
Anti-Tank Ditches		5	B	D
Tenacious Defense		5	B	D
Delaying Actions		5	B	D
Tanks en Masse			3	B	E	
Heavy Losses			3	B	E	
Secure Flanks & Rear		3	B	E	
Armored Force			3	B	E	
Ground Support Aircraft		3	B	E	
Surprise			3	B	E	
Desert Warfare			3	B	E	
Self Propelled Guns		3	B	E	
Set Piece Battle		3	B	E	
Demoralize Foe			3	B	E	
Dispirited Foe			3	B	E	
Bitter Fighting			3	B	E	
Artillery Bombardment		3	B	E	
Keep Enemy Off Balance		3	B	E	
Threaten Flank			3	B	E	
Mechanical Breakdown		3	B	E	
Slaughter			3	B	E	
Send in Reserve			3	B	E	
Air Reconnaissance 		3	B	E	
Armored Cars			3	B	E	
Artillery Support		3	B	E	
Field Howitzers			3	B	E	
Dust & Smoke			3	B	E	
Tank Melee			3	B	E	
Combined Force			3	B	E	
Radio Intercept			3	B	E
Rendezvous			3	B	E
Deception			3	B	E
Desperate Effort		3	B	E
Dummy Tanks			3	B	E
Ruse				3	B	E
Confusion			3	B	E
Air Superiority			3	B	E
Caught off Guard		3	B	E
Enemy in Disarray		3	B	E
Unpredictable Movements		3	B	E
Divide Forces			3	B	E
Smokescreen			3	B	E
Armored Division		3	B	E
Veteran Troops			3	B	E
False Intelligence		3	B	E
Blunder				3	B	E
Enemy Withdraws			3	B	E
High Ranking Officer Lost	3	B	E
Wireless Sets			3	B	E
Supply Column			1	B	S	
Recovery & Repairs		1	B	S	
Train & Drill Troops		1	B	S	
Build up Strength		1	B	S	
Salvage Equipment		1	B	S	
Airlift				1	B	S	
Supply Route			1	B	S	
Water				1	B	S	
Fuel				1	B	S	
Ammunition			1	B	S	
Food				1	B	S	
Reinforcements			1	B	S	
Line of Supply			1	B	S	
Maritime Resupply		1	B	S	
Sustain Advance			1	B	S	
Preparations			1	B	S	
Convoys				1	B	S	
Recuperate			1	B	S	
Supply Dumps			1	B	S
Field Maintenance Areas		1	B	S
Respite				1	B	S
Reorganize & Refit		1	B	S
Lines of Communication		1	B	S
Captured Equipment		1	B	S

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