Board game based on the Talislanta RPG.

Talislanta is a licensed, copyrighted property.
This is merely a fan site.

The board is a 11 x 11 grid of spaces.
In each space place one card (randomly) from the Map Deck.

10 sided dice are needed.
Use pawns or figures to represent characters.

There are 4 decks:
The Character Deck
The Spell Deck
The Encounter (Fate) Deck
The Map Deck

There are 5 types of cards in the Encounter Deck:
Foe Cards
Adventure Cards
Item Cards
Companion Cards
Event Cards

The first character to accumulate 5 Adventure cards is the winner.

Each character has 2 attributes:
- Life
- Strength
All Characters start with 4 Life points.
Each Character will also have one or more Special Abilities.
Some Characters can cast Spells.

Every player picks one character card at random.
Roll high on 1D10 to see who goes first.
Players start with no cards.

Players take turns.
Each turn has 5 phases:
1. Fate Phase
2. Spell Phase
3. Move Phase
4. Encounter Phase
5. Adventure Phase

Draw one card from the Encounter Deck and put it in your hand.
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it.
Max (Fate) hand size is 7 cards. Discard excess cards.
You may place a Foe card from your hand into any empty space.
The Foe card must match the type of space you entered.
For example: A water type Foe may defend a water type space.

If you are able to cast spells, draw 1 card from the spell deck.
Keep a separate (from your encounter cards) hand for your spell deck.
You can have a maximum number of spells equal to your 
Magic score divided by two rounded down. Discard excess cards.
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it.

You may move your character to an adjacent space on the map.
If you have a steed card in play, you may move an additional space. 
You may choose to not move and rest instead.
If you rest, roll 1D10 (Heal Roll). On a roll of 7-10 you gain one life.
You cannot gain lives in excess of your starting life score.

Every time you enter a new space an opponent may play a Foe card to stop you.
The player to your right gets first chance to play a Foe card and so on.
The Foe card must match the type of space you entered.
For example: An Ice type Foe may defend an Ice type space.
A Character can only be attacked by one Foe (or Character) during his encounter Phase.

The Foe rolls 1D10 and adds its Strength. (Foe Battle Roll)
The Character rolls 1D10 and adds his Strength. (Character Battle Roll)
Reroll ties. The higher score wins.
If the Character was defeated he loses one life point.
Specific Foes may cause the loss of items, treasures or other attributes.
Instead of losing a life, you may discard a Companion card.
If the Foe is defeated the Foe card is discarded.
If the Foe card wins, it remains in play in that space.
Any character that enters the space must battle the Foe in his Encounter Phase.

If you are in the {appropriate space} and no Foes or opposing characters occupy 
the Space, you may play an Adventure card.
Each Adventure card presents a Strength contest that must be overcome.
If you win the Strength contest you ‘complete’ the Adventure.
Make a separate pile for all of your completed Adventure cards.
If you fail discard the Adventure card and lose one life.
If you moved at least one space and did not play an Adventure card this turn, you 
may attach one Item or Companion card to your Character. 
(The card is placed next to your Character card)

A Character reduced to zero life points is killed.
Discard the character card and all his items, companions, and spells.
Draw a new character and play with it.

When you use a spell card it goes to the discard pile.

For every 10 points worth of Foes you defeat, gain one point of Strength or Life. 
Use colored tokens placed on the character to indicate the added points.
Blue for Life, Red for Strength.

If you land on an opposing character, and there are no Foes present, you may 
Fight him on a roll of 7-10 on 1D10 (The Tracking Roll- to find opponent)
The winner of the contest takes one Item card from the loser or causes 
the loser to lose one life point.

You can only use one Weapon at a time.
You can only have one Steed in play at a time.
If you travel on a steed or fly you must leave behind companions that 
could not concievably keep up.

Aamanian Archimage: Strength = 1. Archmage. Home = Aaman
Aamanian Inquisitor: Strength = 2. Adept. Torture. Home = Aaman
Aamanian Warrior Priest: Strength = 1. Equis. Mage. Home = Aaman
Ahazu Warrior: Strength = 3. Four-Arms. Battle-Madness. Home = Ahazu Lands
Araq Warrior: Strength = 3. Equis. Tough. Nomad. Home = Kharakhan Wastes
Ariane Seeker: Strength = 2. Equis. Adept. Ranged. Home = Ariane
Ariane Mystic: Strength = 1. Mage. Healer. Seer. Lore. Home = Ariane
Arimite Knife-Fighter: Strength = 3. Equis. Ranged. Mountaineer. Home = Arim
Arimite Revenant: Strength = 3. Assassin. Home = Arim
Batrean Concubine: Strength = 2. Adept. Seduction. Home = Isle of Batrea
Batrean Warrior: Strength = 4. Torture. Home = Isle of Batrea
Beastman Plains Hunter: Strength = 3. Equis. Tracker. Home = Plains of Golarin
Blue Ardua River Warrior: Strength = 3. Sailor. Ranged. Home = Axis River
Chana Warrior: Strength = 3. Ranger. Ranged. Poison. Home = Chana
Chana Witchwoman: Strength = 2. Adept. Seer. Ranged. Poison. Home = Chana
Cymrilian Magician: Strength = 1. Mage. Draw 1 extra Spell/turn. Home = Cymrilis
Danuvian Swordsman: Strength = 3. Equis. Skilled. Home = Danuvia
Darkling Warrior: Strength = 2. Hide. Thief. Home = Darklands
Dhuna Witchwoman: Strength = 2. Adept. Seduction. Healer. Home = Dhuna
Djaffir Bandit: Strength = 2. Equis. Wit. Trader. Home = Djaffa
Djaffir Wizard: Strength = 2. Equis. Adept. Healer. Home = Djaffa
Dracartan Desert Scout: Strength = 3. Equis. Nomad. Scout. Home = Dracarta
Dracartan Thaumaturge: Strength = 1. Mage. Artificer. Home = Dracarta
Drukh Hillman: Strength = 2. Equis. Wit. Mountaineer. Scout. Torture. Home = Any Mountain
Farad Procurer: Strength = 2. Wit. Sailor. Trader. Home = Farad City of Tarun
Farad Wizard: Strength = 2. Adept. Trader. Home = Farad City of Tarun
Ferran Thief: Strength = 2. Wit. Thief. Tracker. Smell. Home = Any City
Gao Sea Rogue: Strength = 2. Wit. Thief. Sailor. Home = Rogue City of Gao
Gnomekin Warrior: Strength = 2. Wit. Mountaineer. Healer. Ranged. Home = Durne
Gnorl Rhabdomancer: Strength = 1. Adept. Lore. Seer. Healer. Home = Any Desert
Green Ardua Botanomancer: Strength = 1. Flight. Mage. Ranger x2. Home = Silvanus
Green Ardua Horticulturist: Strength = 1. Flight. Mage. Healer. Home = Silvanus
Gryph Warrior: Strength = 3. Flight. Scout. Ranged. Home = Tamaranth 
Harakin Warrior: Strength = 3. Equis. Mountaineer. Ranger. Ranged. Home = Harak
Jaka Beastmaster: Strength = 2. Equis. Wit. Tracker. Scout. Ranged. Home = Werewood
Jaka Manhunter: Strength = 3. Equis. Tracker. Assassin. Ranged. Home = Werewood
Jhangaran Mercenary: Strength = 2. Equis. Wit. Ranger. Hide. Home = Jhangara
Kang Tracker: Strength = 2. Equis. Wit. Tracker. Ranged. Home = Karang
Kang Warrior: Strength = 3. Equis. Skilled. Home = Karang
Mandalan Savant: Strength = 2. Adept. Seer. Home = Quan Empire
Mangar Corsair: Strength = 2. Wit. Sailor. Torture. Home = Any Water
Manra Shape-Changer: Strength = 2. Wit. Tracker. Hide. Home = Any Mountain
Mirin Alchemist: Strength = 2. Adept. Artificer. Cold. Home = L’Haan
Mirin Tundra Scout: Strength = 3. Mountaineer. Cold. Home = L’Haan
Mondre Khan Warrior: Strength = 2. Assassin. Scout. Hide. Wit. Home = The Variegated Forest
Mud People Swamp Warrior: Strength = 4. Tough. Home = Dark Coast
Muse Esthesian: Strength = 1. Mage. Flight. Home = Astar 
Nagra Hunter: Strength = 2. Wit. Tracking. Ranged. Poison. Scout. Home = Any Forest
Nefaratan Black Savant: Strength = 1. Mage. Sailor. Scout. Home = Nefaratus
Orgovian Trader: Strength = 2. Equis. Trader. Wit. Home = Wilderlands of Zaran
Parthenian Sea Trader: Strength = 2. Sailor. Trader. Wit. Home = Any Water
Phantasian Guardian: Strength = 2. Adept. Home = Isle of Phantas
Rahastran Wizard: Strength = 2. Mage. Home = Anywhere
Rajan Desert Warrior: Strength = 3. Equis. Ranged. Scout. Home = Rajanistan
Rajan Assassin: Strength = 3. Assassin. Home = Rajanistan
Rajan Necromancer: Strength = 1. Mage. Artificer. Seer. Poison. Home = Rajanistan
Raknid Warrior: Strength = 3. Poison. Skilled. Tough. Home = Any Forest
Rasmirin Warlock: Strength = 2. Adept. Cold. Home = Outcast Isles
Sarista Rogue: Strength = 2. Adept. Thief. Home = Any City
Sauran Dragon Rider: Strength = 3. Equis. Dragon. Tough. Home = Volcanic Hills
Saurud Warrior: Strength = 4. Tough x2. Home = Volcanic Hills
Sawila White Witch: Strength = 2. Adept. Seduction. Home = Isle of Fahn
Sindarian Collector: Strength = 1. Wit. Lore. Artificer. Home = Mesalands of Sindar
Stryx Necromancer: Strength = 2. Adept. Flight. Home = Urag
Stryx Warrior: Strength = 3. Flight. Scout. Torture. Home = Urag
Sunra Mariner: Strength = 2. Wit. Sailor x2. Home = Coral City of Isalis
Thaecian Enchanter: Strength = 1. Mage. Artificer. Home = Thaecia
Thrall Warrior: Strength = 3. Equis. Skilled. Home = Taz
Ur Warlord: Strength = 4. Equis. Tough. Home = Urag
Vajra Engineer: Strength = 2. Wit. Tough. Home = Quan Empire
Xambrian Wizard Hunter: Strength = 2. Adept. Tracker. Assassin. Home = Temple ofthe 7 Moons
Xanadasian Savant: Strength = 1. Mage. Flight. Seer x2. Home = Mount Mandu
Yassan Technomancer: Strength = 2. Adept. Artificer. Home = Any City
Yitek Tomb-Robber: Strength = 2. Equis. Wit. Thief. Trader. Home = Any Desert
Yrmanian Wildman: Strength = 2. Wit. Mountaineer. Home = Yrmania
Za Bandit: Strength = 3. Equis. Tracker. Scout. Ranged. Home = Any Desert
Zandir Charlatan: Strength = 2. Adept. Thief. Home = Zandu
Zandir Swordsman: Strength = 3. Equis. Skilled. Home = Zandu

Adept: Character can cast Spells. Spell Hand size = 2
Mage: Character can cast Spells. Spell Hand size = 4
Archmage: Character can cast Spells. Spell Hand size = 6
Wit: When making a Battleroll make a Witroll. Battleroll +2 if Witroll = 6-10.
Battle-Madness: When making a Battleroll make a Madroll. Battleroll +5 if Madroll = 9-10.
Lore: When drawing a Fate card draw 2 cards and discard one. 
Four Arms: Character can use 2 weapons at the same time.
Equis: Battlerolls +1 if Character has Steed.
Ranger: Tracking Roll +2. Battlerolls +1 in Forest spaces
Mountaineer: Tracking Roll +2 and Battlerolls +1 in Mountain spaces
Assassin: Automatically win Duel if your Battleroll = 8-10. Opponent must lose life. 
Torture: If you win a Duel take 2 random cards from opponents hand
Tracker: Tracking Roll +2.
Poison: Automatically win Battles if your Battleroll = 9-10. Opponent must lose life. 
Seduction: Battleroll +2 in Duel vs men.
Seer: On your turn look at top 2 cards of any deck.
Sailor: Tracking Roll +2 and Battlerolls +1 in Water spaces
Ranged: Battleroll +1 vs opponents that do not have Ranged Ability
Cold: Tracking Roll +2 and Battlerolls +1 in Ice spaces
Healer: Heal rolls +2
Skilled: When making a Battleroll make 2 rolls and pick the higher roll.
Thief: Battleroll +2 in a Duel but you must take Item if you win. 
Nomad: Tracking Roll +2 and Battlerolls +1 in Desert spaces.
Scout: Once on your turn look at hand of character in same or adjacent space
Artificer: Once on your turn draw an extra Fate card. Keep it if it is an Item card.
Trader: Once on your turn draw 1 card and discard one card
Smell: If you lose a Battle you avoid losing a life or treasure on a roll of 7-10 on 1D10.
Flight: Character can skip over a space when he moves. (Discard Companions)
Hide: Opponent gets –2 to Tracking Roll.
Tough: Starting Life +1
Dragon: Start game with Companion Dragon Steed: Strength +2 & Flight

F = Forest (Jungles, Marshes, Swamps)
M = Mountain (Hills, Caves)
I = Ice (Tundra)
W = Water (Seas, Rivers, Coasts, Islands)
D = Desert (Plains, Wastelands)
C = City (Civilization)

Name				Type	Notes
Aberrant Forest			F	Infested Land 
Acid Plains			D	Harsh Land
Ahazu Lands			F	
Amethyst Mountains		M	You may move to the Tamaranth Valley from here
Amman				C	
Ariane				D	
Arim				C	
Astar				F	
Axis River			W	You may move to the Azure Ocean from here
The Azure Ocean			W	Storm Demons get +1 Strength
The Barrens			D	Enim, Earth Demons get +1 Strength
The Black Pit			I	Harsh Land
Blue Atolls			W	Kra get +1 Strength
Buried City of Necron		M	
Carantheum			C
Castlerock			C	
Caves of Erendor		M	
The Cerulean Forest		F	
Cinnabar Mountains		M	
Citadel of Akbar		C	
City State of Maruk		C	
Coral City of Isalis		C	
Cymrilis			C	Magical Land
Danuvia				C	
Dark Coast			W	
Darklands			M
Devil's Swamp			F	Bog Devils get +1
Dhuna				F	
Djaffa				D	
Crimson Citadel of Dracarta	C & D	
Dragonrock (Volcano)		M	Earth & Pyro Demons get +1 Strength
Durne				M	
Eastern Borderlands		F	
Emerald Mountain		M	You may move to the Sea of Glass from here
Enchanted Grove 		F	Infested Land
Fangs of Golarin		M	
Farad City of Tarun		C	
The Far Reaches			I	Infested Land
Floating City of Oceanus	C & W	
Firefalls			D	Harsh Land
Forbidden City of Ahrazad	C	
Ghostlands      		D	Shadow Wights, necrophages get +1 Strength
Gorge at Akbar			M	Harsh Land
The Great Barrier Wall		C	
The Great Morass		F	Harsh Land
Green Lagoon			F & W	Infested Land
Greylands			F	
Hadjin				C			
Harak				M	
Ice Castles of L’Haan		I	
The Inland Sea			W	
The Iron Citadel		C	Shadow Wizards get +1 Strength
Isle of Batre			W	Healing Land
Island of Fahn			W	
Isle of Garganta		W & M	Monoliths, Wind Demons Strength +1
Isle of Lost Souls		W	Night Demons get +1 Strength
Isle of Nefaratus		W	
Island of Pana-Ku		W	
Isle of Phantas			W	
Jade Mountains			M	Infested Land
Jhangara			F	
Jungle of Chana			F	
Karang				M	
Kharakhan Wastes		D	
Khazad				C	
Labyrinths of Sharna		C	Harsh Land
Lands of the Green Men		F	Healing Land
Lost Sea			I & W	
Maze City of Altan		C	
Mesalands of Sindar		D	
The Midnight Sea		W	
Obsidian Mountains		M	
Onyx Mountains			M	
Opal Mountains			M	
Plains of Golarin		D	
Quan Empire			C	
Rajanistan			D	
Red Desert			D	
Rogue City of Gao		C & W	
Sapphire Mountains		M	
Sascasm River			W	
Sea of Glass			W	
The Sea of Madness		W	
The Sea of Sorrow		W	
Serpentine Mountains		M	
The Seven Kingdoms		C	
The Shadow Realm		I	
Silvanus			F	
Sinking Land			D	
Straits of Tian			W	
Swamps of Mog			F	
Tamaranth Valley		F	
Taz				C	
Temple of the Seven Moons	C	
Thaecia				C	
The Trackless Wastes		I	
Urag				M	
Valley of Mist			M	Vorls get +1 Strength
The Variegated Forest		F	
Volcanic Hills			M	
Wastes of Narandu		I	
The Watchstone			D	
Well of Saints			C	Healing Land
The Western Glaciers		I	Ice Giants & Tundra Beasts get +1 Strength 
Werewood			F	
Wilderlands of Zaran		F	
The Yellow Marshes		F	
Yrmania				F	
Zandu				C	
Harsh Land: When entering lose 1 life on a roll of 1-3 on 1D10. 
Healing Land: Heal Rolls +3
Infested Land: Foes get +1 Strength
Magical Land: Magic users who enter this Space may draw one Spell card

{Name of Adventure: Strength. Location}
Witch Hunt: Strength = 3. Werewood
Protect Noble: Strength = 4. Arim
Patrol Territories: Strength = 2. Citadel of Akbar
Steal Batrean Concubines: Strength = 4. Isle of Batre
Unearth Ancient Sarcophagus: Strength = 3. Red Desert
Accompany Orthodox Pilgrimage: Strength = 2. Amman
Desert Scouting: Strength = 2. Carantheum
Forays against the Black Mystics: Strength = 3. Rajanistan
Sail the Far Seas: Strength = 3. Far Seas
Search Jungles for Buried Treasure: Strength = 3. Dark Coast
Accompany Djaffir Caravan: Strength = 2. Djaffir
Mine Green Crystals: Strength = 1. Sea of Glass
Sell Contraband: Strength = 2. Farad City of Tarun
Seek the Favor of the Shaitan: Strength = 5. Emerald Mountain
Find Safe Haven: Strength = 2. Rogue City of Gao
Search for Blue Diamonds: Strength = 4. Opal Mountains
Hunt for Marsh Scintilla: Strength = 4. Jhangara
Search for Magical Herbs: Strength = 2. Jungle of Chana
Free Witchman Captive: Strength = 3. Dark Coast
Fight Age Old Foes: Strength = 5. Ice Castles of L’Haan
Hunt the Elusive Gold Beetle: Strength = 2. Swamps of Mog
Trade with Sea Nomads: Strength = 2. Floating City of Oceanus
Deal with Phantasian Dream Merchants: Strength = 2. Isle of Phantas
Find the Gilded Tomb of Irkhan: Strength = 2. Labyrinths of Sharna
Uncover the Nine Books of Knowledge: Strength = 2. The Iron Citadel
Recover the Elixirs of Immortality: Strength = 2. Buried City of Necron
Raid the Quan Empire: Strength = 4. Quan Empire
Visit the Great Magical Fair: Strength =1. Cymrilis
Sell Artifacts to Sindarians: Strength = 1. Mesalands of Sindar
Engage in Wizard Duel: Strength = 4. Bridge at Nankar. (Mages only)
Seek the Wisdom of the Monolith: Strength = 1. Garganta 
Explore Underground Lakes: Strength = 2. Durne
Patrol the Seven Kingdoms: Strength = 3. Eastern Borderlands
Attend the Festival of the Bizarre: Strength = 1. Thaecia
Hunt the Fabulous Smokk Bird: Strength = 2. Obsidian Mountains
Find Tomb of Ancient Wizard: Strength = 3. Caves of Erendor
Locate Lair of a Wierdling: Strength = 2. Sascasm River
Salvage Sunken Treasure Ships: Strength = 3. Lost Sea
Search for Mad Wizards Manse: Strength = 3. Aberrant Forest
Explore Obelisk Mausoleums: Strength = 3. Hadjin
Avenge Age Old Crime: Strength = 4. The Far Reaches
Learn the Secrets of Past Ages: Strength = 1. Temple of the Seven Moons
Partake in the “Night of Fools”: Strength = 1. Zandu
Enter the Battle of Champions: Strength = 4. The Great Barrier Wall
Remove Ancient Curse: Strength = 3. City State of Maruk
Rid Village of Ogront. Strength = 3. The Cerulean Forest
Find Crashed Phantasian Windships. Strength = 3. Cinnabar Mountains

Name			STR	Notes
Armite Knife Fighters	+2	Play only when in Desert
Dracartan Desert Scouts	+1	Scout. Play only when in Desert
Mirin Allies		+2	Cold. Play only when in Ice
Company of Thralls	+2	Skilled. Play only when in Seven Kingdoms
Jaka Guide		+2	Tracker
Monad Servitor		+2	Play only when in City
Sardonicus Bottle Imp	+1	Wit. Lore. Play only when in Kharakhan Wastes
Juju Zombies		+2	Companion to Mage only
Automaton		+2	Companion to Mage only
Equs (Reptilian Horse)	+0	Steed
Darkmane		+0	Steed
Silvermane		+0	Steed
Greymane		+0	Steed
Snowmane		+0	Steed
Aht-Ra Hybrid		+0	Steed
One Humped Ontra	+0	Steed
Two Humped Batra	+0	Steed
Three Humped Tatra	+0	Steed
Loper   		+0	Steed
Duadir			+3 	Steed
Avatar Familiar		+3	Companion to Mage only
Homunculus		+2	Companion to Mage only
Draconid Fire Lizard	+1	Tracker
Dractyl			+2	Steed. Flight
Land Dragon		+2	Steed
Land Lizard		+1	Steed
Mangonel Lizard		+2	Steed
Nighthawk		+1	Scout
Ogriphant		+1	Steed
Strider			+1	Steed
Tarkus			+2	Tracker
Heroic Companion	X	Draw card from Character Deck

Name					STR	Location 
Armite Revenants			5	City
Ice Giants				7	Ice
Darkling Horde				3	Mountain
Warlike Ur Clan				6	Mountain
Batrean Males				3	Water
Mangar Corsairs				2	Water
Nefaratan Black Hulls			4	Water
Na-Ku Cannibals				2	Water
Unfriendly Ahazu Tribe			5	Forest
Za Bandits				4	Desert
Beastman Tribe				3	Forest
Mud People Ambush			5	Forest
Sorcerous Abomination			4	Anywhere
Azoryl (Winged Reptile)			5	Mountain
Bog Devils      			4	Forest
Crested Dragon (Spellcaster)		9	Mountain
Multi-Headed Kaliya			8	Mountain
Sea Dragon				7	Water
Vampiric Bane				5	Forest
Bat Manta				4	Desert
Black Savant Diabolist (Spellcaster)	4	Water	
Cave Bats				2	Mountain
Crag Spider				4	Mountain
Death’s Head Viper			2	Forest
Earth Demon				7	Mountain
Frost Demon				6	Ice
Night Demon				4	Any
Pyro Demon				7	Desert
Sand Demon				5	Desert
Sea Demon				5	Water
Swamp Demon				6	Forest
Wind Demon				7	Mountain
Enim (Giant Devil)			6	Mountain
Exomorph				5	Forest
Fantasm Demon				3	Any
Ferran Pack				2	Any. Steal
Flit Swarm				1	Forest
Ikshada Parasite			1	Any
Imirian Slavers				3	Water
Juju Zombies				3	Any
Kra (Giant Eels)			2	Water
Mandragore (Killer Plants)		2	Forest
Megalodont Stampede			4	Forest
Enraged Mogroth				3	Forest
Nag-Birds				1	Forest. Steal
Necrophage				3	Forest, City
Astral Night Stalker			4	Any
Nocturnal Strangler			4	Any
Raknid Hive				5	Forest
Sauran War Party			4	Desert
Saurud					5	Desert
Sawila Spell Weavers			4	Water
Shadow Wight				5	Any
Shadow Wizard (Spellcaster)		6	Any
Shaitan Devil				7	Mountain
Shape Changer				4	Any
Shriekers				3	Forest
Tundra Beasts				2	Ice
Void Monster				6	Any
Vorl (Mist Monster)			4	Any
Werebeast				4	Forest
Water Whisps				1	Water
Wildmen Tribe				3	Mountain
Carnivorous Winged Apes			3	Forest
Winged Viper				2	Forest
Yaksha (Savage Furred Giants)		6	Mountain

Name				Notes 
Thystram’s Collectanea (Book)	Strength +1 vs Foes
Dart Thrower (1-H Crossbow) 	Strength +1. Ranged
Crescent Knife			Strength +1
Da-Khar (Clawed Gauntlets)	Strength +1
Oc (Barbed Bolas)		Strength +1. Ranged
Deadman Mushroom		Strength +2. One use only
Fermented Stench Root		Strength +2. One use only
Mung Berries			Heal 1 Life. One use only
Sindaran Liquor			Heal 1 Life. One use only
Mushroom Ale			Heal 1 Life. One use only
Vinesap				Heal 1 Life. One use only
Skoryx (Distilled Rainbow)	Heal 1 Life. One use only
Tantalus (Aphrodisiac)		Gain Seduction Attribute. One Turn only
Snow Lily			Gain Cold Attribute. One Turn only
Grog (Strong Liquor)		Heal 1 Life. One use only
Boiled Kesh Root		Look at opponents Hand. One use only
Morphius Blossom		Strength +4. One use only
Matsu (2-handed Warclub)	Strength +1
Devil Root Powder		Poison. One use only
Dream Essence			Look at next 5 cards in Fate Deck
Gold Funerary Mask of Khazad	Spell caster gets Strength +1
Chana Shrunken Wizard Head	Spell caster gets Strength +1
Hurlant (Elemental Essences)	Strength +3. Ranged. Three Uses.
Jang (Edged Boomerang)		Strength +1. Ranged
Potion of Flying		Flight. One turn only
Firegems			Spell caster gets Strength +3. One use only
Black Lotus Powder		Look at next 7 cards in any deck.
Flange Bow (12 Quill Salvo)	Strength +1. Ranged
Quintessence			Artificer. 5 uses. Mage only
Quicksilver			Artificer. 5 uses. Mage only
R’Ruh (Stone Disk w/Strap)	Strength +1
Tarak (4 Bladed 2-H Axe)	Strength +1
Shrinking Potion		Negate Battle. One use.
Thaecian Nectar			Heal 1 Life. One use only
Thaecian Orb (of Illusions)	Negate Battle. One use.
Venomwood Sap			Poison. One use only
Cymrillian Windship		Steed. Flight (Do not discard Companions)
Winged Apes Horn Potion		Strength +2. One use only
Duar (2-Pronged Spear)		Strength +1
Gwanga (3-Blade Throwing Knife)	Strength +1. Ranged
Black Iron Warwhip		Strength +1
Kasmir Spring Knife		Strength +1. Ranged
Incendiary Powder		Strength +2. One use only
Medicinal Purge			Heal 2 Lives or negate Disease. One use only
Healing Elixir			Heal 3 Lives. One use only
Rejuvenating Potion		Heal 1 Life. One use only
Blowgun				Ranged. Poison
Paralytic Powder		Strength +2. One use only
Wrist Viper			Strength +1. Poison
Battle Armor			Strength +1
Dragon Hide Armor		Strength +1
Alchahest Acid			Strength +3. One use only
Vitriol Glue			Strength +3. One use only
Cadeucus (Red Iron Wand)	Strength +1. Mage only
Essence Accumulator		Artificer. Mage only
Soulstone			Spell Hand size +1. Spellcasters only
Fetish				Spell Hand size +1. Spellcasters only
Magical Fumes			Draw 2 cards. Three uses.
Scarlet Leech Powder		Strength +2. One use only
Poison Antidote			Negate a Poison effect
Caltrops			Negate Battle. One Use
Blade-stars			Strength +1. Ranged
Rasp (Serrated Blade)		Strength +1
Kharakhan Battle Maul		Strength +1
Star Thrower(Spiked Iron Balls)	Strength +1. Ranged
Wind Rigger			Steed. Flight
Elemental Actuator		Strength +2. Ranged. Artificers only

Name: Notes
Green Man Symbionts: Will heal Character back to starting Life. Forest Spaces
Mochan (Hot Beverage): Heal one life. Desert Spaces	
Fortune Teller: Look at next 5 cards in Fate Deck.
Shan’ya Battle Madness: Strength +3
Archon Intervention (Divine Entity): Battleroll +20
Neurovore Parasite: Target player must discard 3 cards
Friendly Snipes: Discard in Forest to draw 3 cards.
Wanderers of Ashan: Battleroll +7 in a Desert Space.
Dune Ship: Gain an extra turn if you are in a Desert Space.
Ice Schooner:  Gain an extra turn if you are in an Ice Space.
Play Pentadrille: (Cymrilian Chess) Target Character in City misses next turn
Play Ska-Wae: (Corsair Dagger & Dice Game) Target Character in Water misses next turn
Friendly Zaratan (Armored Sea Creature): Battleroll +10 in Water territory
Bodor Musicians: Opponent in City must miss his next turn
Aided by Mentor: Battleroll +5 or heal one life
Ambush: If attacked in a Duel gain Battleroll +7
Escape: Negate Battle.
Swamp Fever: (Disease) Target Character in Forest misses next 2 turns.
Spinning Sickness: (Disease) Target Character in Mountains misses next 2 turns.
The Red Death: (Disease) Target Character in City loses 1 life or Companion
Yatuk: (Disease) Target Character in Forest loses 1 life or Companion
Thasian Dancers: Target Character in City misses next turn
Quan Pleasure Barge: Target Character in Water misses next turn
The Emperors Road: Get an extra turn.  
Notes: Unless noted the effects of Event cards last only one turn.

{Name: Effect}
Spell of Summoning: Play a Foe card. Add its Strength to yours.
Seal: Negate a Steal attempt
Sigil: Negate a Steal attempt
Ward: Negate Battle.
Symbol of Power: Strength +4
Mystic Bolt: Ranged. Strength +4
Mystic Shield: Strength +4
Magic Resistance: Strength +5 vs Spellcaster
Bolt of Elemental Power: Ranged. Strength +5
Shield of Elemental Power: Strength +3
Bolt of Eldritch Power: Ranged. Strength +3
Shield of Eldritch Power: Strength +5
Reveal Magical Emanations: Look at opponents Spell Hand
Reveal Unseen Presences: Strength +3
Radiance: Negate Battle or Strength +2
Metamorphosis: Play a Foe card. Add its Strength to yours.
Levitation: Flight 
Beguile: Strength +3
Command Strength +5
Illusion: Negate a Battle
Divination: Seer
Conjuration: Play a Foe card. Add its Strength to yours. 
Weird: Gain Strength +3 companion for Battle
Bewitch: Target must miss one turn
Jinx: Target gets Strength –1 for 7 turns
Malediction: Target loses one Life
Obsession: Target must discard 3 Fate cards
Cantrip: Strength +1
Spellbind: Strength +4
Rejuvenesence: Gain one Life
Charm: Strength +4
Enchantment: Put a +1 Strength Token on Target Item with a Strength Bonus.
Counter Spell: Negate a Spell just cast.
Banish: Destroy Foe
Blessing: Strength +1 for 3 turns
Faith Healing: Gain one Life
Miracle Working: Search any deck for one card & put it in your hand
Concoct Potion: Use as any potion in the Item list. 
Concoct Powder: Use as any powder in the Item list.
Concoct Poison: Poison
Concoct Medicinals: Gain one Life
Notes: Unless noted the effects of Spell cards last only one turn.

1) You draw spell card(s) in the Spell Card Phase.  When can you cast?
--You can cast them whenever it seems appropriate.
2) You can only be attacked by 1 Foe or Character in your 
Encounter Phase. Understand this to mean there is only 1 Foe 
card allowed on a space at a time.  But, you won't get attacked 
by another Character until the latter's phase so couldn't you 
always encounter a foe, finish your turn, then get attacked in 
the next player's turn? 
--Yes thats how it works (but I'm open to suggestions).
3) An Adventure can be played after defeating a Foe?
5) Last instruction about Adventures is that "If moved and did not play an Adventure 
card this turn. . ." Is this the only way/time you can acquire an item or companion 
from out of your own hand to put next to your character card?
--Yes. (This is a rule that could easily be changed)


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