Two player card game simulating modern Jet Fighter Air Combat.

Kill all of your opponent’s planes.

Determine how many planes each player has.
In the standard game each side has 2 planes: A flight leader and his wingman.
For a quick game play one-on-one.
A dogfight involving many planes is referred to as a Furball.
Use coins or dice to keep track of planes.

Players share a common deck.
The deck contains six types of cards:
Maneuver, Attack, Defense, Kill, Initiative, Team, and Pilot card types.
All cards also have a point value.
The deck contains one copy of each card in the list.

Each turn has 5 phases:
Tactics Phase
Reflex Phase
Maneuver Phase
Attack Phase
Kill Phase

Each player is dealt 5 cards face up.
Each player draws an additional 5 cards (or 6 cards if you have more planes)
If the deck runs out shuffle the discard and draw from it.

Each player may discard up to 3 cards in his hand and draw replacements.

Players place their hands face up with their other face up cards.
The player with the most points worth of maneuver cards becomes the attacker.
The other player is the defender.
If it is a tie, the turn ends.
Initiative cards may be used as Maneuver cards in the first turn of a game.
After the first turn, Initiative cards are useless.
If a player has two or more planes remaining, he may use Team cards as Maneuver cards.

If the attacker has more Attack card points than the defender has Defense 
card points the attacker scores a hit.
Otherwise it is a miss.

If the attacker scored a hit and he played at least one Kill card, one enemy 
plane is destroyed.
If you win the game, add up the scores on all the Kill cards you used to 
kill enemy planes to get a final “Score”.

Pilot cards are wild cards:
If they are in the initial 5 dealt face up in tactics phase, they count as Maneuver cards.
If they are played from the hand, they are attack cards if you are the 
attacker or defense cards if you are the defender.

P = Pilot
I = Initiative
T = Tactics (Team)
M = Maneuver
A = Attack
D = Defense
K = Kill

Card Name:			Type	Points
Fast & Lethal			P	9
Pilot Instincts			P	8
Ace Pilot			P	7
Skill & Determination		P	6
Aggression			P	5
Self-Confidence			P	4
Bogeys Spotted			I	9
Avoid Radar			I	8
Identification Friend or Foe	I	7
Airborne Early Warning		I	6
Blip				I	5
Moving to Intercept		I	4
Jettison Bombs			I	3
Pulse Doppler Radar		I	2
Radar Intercept Officer		I	1
Break Rules of Engagement	I	9
Surprise			I	8
Mimic Bombing Attack		I	7
Approaching Visual		I	6
Fighter Tag			I	5
Standoff			I	4
Detect Active Radar		I	3
Radar Lights Up			I	2
Ambush				I	1
Scan Landscape			I	9
Radio Wingman			T	9
Combat Spread			T	8
Welded Wing Formation		T	7
Decoy				T	6
Drag Maneuver			T	5
Flight Integrity		T	4
Split Up			T	3
Bracket				T	2
Fox 1				T	1
Pincer Maneuver			T	9
Flight Leader			T	8
Pursue Bandit			M	9
Dogfight			M	8
Gain Offensive Advantage	M	7
Pitch & Roll			M	6
High Yo-Yo			M	5
Expend Energy			M	4
Matching Turn			M	3
Intercept			M	2
Target Overshoots		M	1
Peripheral Vision		M	9
Tight Turns			M	8
Air Tactics			M	7
Target Overcompensates		M	6
Know Enemy Tactics		M	5
Target Loses Visual		M	4
Second Pass			M	3	
Full Throttle			M	2
Tally Ho			M	1
Tumbleweed			M	9
Low Yo-Yo			M	8
Shock Wave			M	7
Fly by Wire			M	6
Knife Fight			M	5
Feint				M	4
Stick & Throttle		M	3
Maximum Lift			M	2
Air Superiority Fighter		M	1
Trade Energy for Position	M	9
G-Suit				M	8
Target Low on Fuel		M	7
Go into the Vertical		M	6
Target Stalls			M	5
Barrel Roll			M	4
Inverted Descent		M	3
Loop				M	2
Dive from Above			M	1
Rolling Scissors		M	9
Speed Brakes			M	8
Swing Wide Cut Back		M	7
Bluff				M	6
Mach Speed			M	5
Turning Fight			M	4
Situational Awareness		M	3
Track while Scan		M	2
Shallow Dive			M	1
Air Combat Maneuvers		M	9
Enemy Pilot Fatigued		M	8
Dead in your Sights		A	9
Select & Arm Missile		A	8
Fire Missile			A	7
Switch to Guns			A	6
Lay into Target			A	5
Infrared Homing			A	4
Close the Distance		A	3
Engage				A	2
Come into Range			A	1
Heat Seeking Missile		A	9
Heads Up Display		A	8
Padlock View			A	7
On his Six			A	6
Weapons Envelope		A	5
Missile Proximity Fuse		A	4
Control Zone			A	3
Arrive at the Elbow		A	2
Inside Turn Radius		A	1
Shoot ASAP			A	9
Medium Range Missiles		A	8
Long Range Missiles		A	7
Lock On				A	6
Cross Hairs			A	5
Missile Lock			A	4
Aiming Funnel			A	3
All Aspect Missile		A	2
Dive Attack			A	1
Fire & Forget			A	9
Heat Signature			A	8
Painted Target			A	7
Head on Pass			A	6
Firing Position			A	5
Radar Guided Missiles		A	4
Close From Behind		A	3
Launch Missile			A	2
One Pass Haul Ass		A	1
Aspect Angle			A	9
Fire Burst			A	8
Pulling Lead			A	7
Angle of Attack			A	6
First Pass			A	5
Threat Indicator		D	9
Break Off			D	8
Pull up into Roll		D	7
Know its Coming			D	6
Fast Dive			D	5
Avoid Missile			D	4
Pull up Hard			D	3
Stealth Technology		D	2
Lag Pursuit			D	1
Fail to Track			D	9
Malfunction			D	8
Dive Toward Missile		D	7
Hard Turn			D	6
Vertical Roll			D	5
Increase Airspeed		D	4
Pull Out			D	3
Twist Away			D	2
Miss				D	1
Dump Flares			D	9
Change Bearing			D	8
Threat Warning Panel		D	7
Outrun Enemy			D	6
Jinking				D	5
High-G Horizontal Maneuvers	D	4
Electric Countermeasures	D	3
Fight Separation		D	2
Afterburner			D	1
Chaff				D	9
Terrain Masking			D	8
Full Thrust			D	7
Under Minimum Range		D	6
Elude				D	5
Alter Flight Path		D	3
Near Blackout +9G		D	2
Near Redout –3G			D	1
Corner Velocity			D	9
Defensive Maneuvering		D	8
Radar Jamming			D	7
Brake Hard			D	6
Escape Window			D	5
Change Heading			D	4
Splash one Bogey		K	9
Ball of Flame			K	8
Engine Hit			K	7
Wounded Bird			K	6
Spiral Downward			K	5
Pilot Ejects			K	4
Plane Shatters			K	3
Bugs Out			K	2
Flames Erupt			K	1
Shot Up				K	9
Buy the Farm			K	8
Good Hit			K	7
Impact				K	6
Fuselage Breaks Up		K	5
Fuel Leak			K	4
Heads for Home			K	3
Confirmed Kill			K	2
Aborts Mission			K	1
Smoke Trails			K	9
Missile up the Tailpipe		K	8
Blown Up			K	7
Explosion			K	6

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