Card game for 2 players. 
Simulation of the Dutch (Netherlands) Revolt 1568-1648. 

The game ends after 15 turns. 
If the Dutch have 7 Provinces, and the Spanish have 10 Provinces, it is a Historical Tie. 
If the Dutch player has 8+ Provinces it is a Dutch Victory. 
If the Spanish Player has 11+ Provinces it is a Spanish Victory. 

Use 17 Tokens to represent the 17 Provinces. 

The game has 3 stages: 
Stage I (early) Stage II (Middle) Stage III (Late)
Each stage has 5 Turns. 
Certain cards can only be played in specific Stages. 

Players share a common deck. 
All cards have a numeric value which according to the card can be used for 
Political Melds, Military Melds, or Either. 
Some cards can be used by only the Dutch or Spanish, or Both. 
Some cards can only be used in certain Stages. 
Some cards are described as Leaders. 
Some cards are described as Events. 
When an Event card is played in a Meld and it is able to contribute its 
Value to the Meld, it is considered to have “gone off” and is removed from play. 

The Dutch Player receives 7 Province Tokens (PT). 
The Spanish Player receives 10 PT. 
Remove the stage II and III cards from the deck. 
At the beginning of stage II shuffle the stage II cards into the deck. 
At the beginning of stage III shuffle the stage III cards into the deck. 

Each turn has 4 Phases: 
1. Logistics Phase
2. Strategy Phase
3. Action Phase
4. End Phase

The Dutch player fills his hand to 7 Cards. 
The Spanish player fills his hand to 8 Cards. 
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 
If you draw a card that cannot be used because it is the wrong Stage, you 
May immediately discard it face up and draw a replacement. 

Each player may discard up to 4 cards and draw replacements. 

Each player must make 2 Melds. 
There is a Military Meld and a Political Meld. 
All the cards in your hand must be used in the Melds. 
Each Meld must contain at least 1 card. 
The other player may not see the size of your Melds. 
Both players reveal their Melds simultaneously.
When revealing Melds, keep useable cards face up and 
Unusable cards face down. 
Players add up the total numeric value for each of their Melds. 
Some cards will be unusable (zero value) because they only 
Work for the other player. 
A Meld can only have 1 Leader. Additional Leaders are Unusable. 
You may only use 1 Event card per turn. Extra Events become Unusable. 
If both players are within 2 points on a Meld, it is a tie and no one wins. 
If one player is 3+ points higher than the other, he wins the Meld and 
Takes a Province Token away from his opponent. 
If one player is 15+ points higher than the other, he wins the Meld and 
Takes 2 Province Tokens away from his opponent. 

All Cards in play are discarded. 
Keep track of Stage and Turn. 

D = Dutch player only may use this card
S = Spanish player only may use this card
B = Both Dutch and Spanish players may use this card
M = Military Melds only
P = Political Melds only
E = Can be used for Either Political or Military Melds
I = Stage I only
II = Stage II only
III = Stage III only
I+ = Stage I or II only
II+ = Stage II or III only
A = Can be used in All Stages
V = Event
L = Leader

Card Name:			Use	Value	Meld	Stage	Notes
Great Merchant Cities		D	4	E	A	
Imperial Authority		S	4	E	A	
Calvinist Iconoclasm		D	4	P	I	
Reduction of Breda		S	7	M	III	V
William of Orange		D	8	P	I+	L
King Phillip II			S	9	E	I+	L
Duke of Alba			S	7	E	I	L
Brutal Oppression		B	4	P	A	
Council of Blood       		B	5	P	I	V
Sea Beggars			D	6	M	A	
Maritime Provinces		D	5	E	A	
Privateers			B	4	M	A	
Merchant Magnates		B	4	E	A	
Political Rivals       		B	3	P	A	
Factionalism			B	5	P	A	
Guerilla Campaign		D	3	M	A	
Spontaneous Revolt		D	7	E	A	
Flood Terrain			D	4	M	A	
Spanish Armies			S	4	M	A	
Siege Warfare			B	5	M	A	
Rebel Unity			D	6	P	A	
Sea Battle			D	7	M	A	
Starvation			B	4	M	A
Occupation			B	3	E	A
Southern Aristocracy		S	5	P	A
Bribery				S	5	P	A	
Don Juan of Austria		S	6	M	II	L
Duke of Parma			S	9	E	II	L
Able General			B	6	M	A	L
Diplomacy			B	4	P	A	
Maurice of Nassau		D	9	E	II+	L
Ambrogio Spinola       		S	9	M	III	L
Relieving Force			B	5	M	A	
Union of Utrecht       		D	8	P	II	V
Union of Arras			S	8	P	II	V
Spanish Armada Fiasco		D	7	E	II	V
Demoralized			B	3	E	A	
Assassination			B	4	P	A	
English Allies			D	4	E	A	
Twelve Years Truce		D	8	P	III	V
Rivers & Marshes       		D	5	M	A	
De Facto Independence		D	4	P	A	
Spanish Court Meddling		D	4	P	A	
French Intervention		D	5	E	A
Battle of the Downs		D	8	M	III	V
Ruinous Expense			D	4	E	A	
Spanish Empire			S	7	E	A	
Habsburg Dynasty       		S	7	E	A	
Devout Catholicism		S	4	P	A	
Foreign Rule			D	4	P	A
Spanish Inquisition		B	3	P	A
Heavy Taxation			B	4	P	A
Sack Captured Cities		B	3	P	A
Naval Blockade			B	3	E	A
Military Might			S	5	M	A
Standing Army			D	6	M	II+
Protracted Siege       		B	5	M	A
Frederick Henry			D	7	M	III	L
Colonial Trade Routes		B	3	E	II+
Heavy Handed Rule		S	3	E	A
Holy Roman Empire		S	6	E	A
Protestant German Aid		D	3	E	A
Pivotal Area 			S	7	M	A
Heresy				S	4	P	A
Stadtholder			B	3	E	A	L
Major Fortress			B	5	M	A	
Reformation			D	5	P	A
Counter Reformation		S	5	P	A
Nobility in Opposition		B	4	E	A	L
Treason				B	3	E	A	
French Huguenots       		D	3	M	A	
Rebel Army			D	3	M	A	
Refugees to the North		D	4	E	A	
Mercenaries			S	5	M	A
New World Bullion		S	5	E	A	
Mutinies       			D	5	E	A	
Bankruptcy			D	4	E	A	
Pacification of Ghent		D	5	E	II	V
Reconquest			S	7	M	II+
Treaty of Nonsuch		B	2	E	II	V
Act of Abjuration		B	2	E	II	V
Golden Age			D	8	P	II+	
States General Republic		D	4	E	A
Dutch East Indies Company	D	4	P	II+
Thirty Years War       		B	5	M	III
Inundations			B	4	M	A	
Italian Troops			S	4	M	A
Fanaticism			D	5	E	A	
Siege Batteries			B	3	M	A
Militia Garrisons		D	3	M	A	
Blockade Bridges       		S	5	M	A
Cavalry Sweeps			S	4	M	A	
Heavy Cannons			B	4	M	A
Strategic Redoubt		D	6	E	A	
Take Town by Surprise		B	6	M	A	
North Eastern Theatre		S	7	E	A
Raids and Incursions		B	3	M	A	
Strategic Diversions		B	8	E	A	
Mining and Sapping		B	4	M	A	
Water Communication		D	4	E	A

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