INTRODUCTION 2 player Card Game simulation of the Seven Years War. This was a Global Conflict from 1756 to 1763. One player represents the coalition of Britain and Prussia. The other player represents the coalition of France and its Allies. CAMPAIGN GRID This a Chart divided into 4 Campaign Areas. The Areas are: 1. Europe 2. North America 3. India 4. West Indies Areas 2-4 are collectively referred to as Colonial Areas. GAME LENGTH The game lasts 7 turns. Each turn represents one year. MEDALS Each player gets a unique set of 28 Medals. Medals can be in the form of counters, tokens, coins, etc. VICTORY There are 3 ways of achieving Victory: 1. If you win the European Campaign you automatically win the game. 2. If you have won more colonial campaigns than your opponent at The end of the game, you win the game. 3. If campaign wins are tied, the player with the most medals on the Grid at the end of the game wins. THE DECK Players share a common deck. Some cards will have multiple copies in the deck. Each card has a Force value ranging from 0 to 7. Some cards can only be used by one of the coalitions. Some cards can only apply their force to certain Campaign Areas. Some cards produce special effects in addition to their Force value. TURN SEQUENCE Each turn is divided into 7 Phases: Plan Phase Execute Phase Turmoil Phase Conflict Phase Difficulty Phase Resolve Phase Aftermath Phase PLAN PHASE Each player fills his hand to 9 cards. If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard & draw from it. EXECUTE PHASE Players may discard up to 5 cards and draw replacements. TURMOIL PHASE Some cards allow you to draw additional cards. Some cards force your opponent to discard random cards. Players take turns using these types of cards. Flip a coin to see who goes first. CONFLICT PHASE Flip a coin. The loser goes first. Players take turns laying one card at a time, face up, onto any 1 of the 4 Campaign Areas. Players continue until they run out of cards or do not want to lay any more. DIFFICULTY PHASE Some cards cause an opposing card in the same Area to be discarded. These discards occur in this phase. RESOLVE PHASE For each area, for each player, add up the total Force of all their Cards played into that Area this turn. The Player with the highest total force in an area wins that Area and gets to place 1 of his Medals in it. In case of a tie, no one gets a Medal. AFTERMATH PHASE Medals remain in place. Discard all cards in the Campaign areas. The player with the most total medals in play is known as the “Winning” player. (Certain cards designate winning and losing players) If you ever have 3 medals in excess of your opponents in an Area, you Automatically “Win” that Campaign. If a Campaign is won, no further cards can be played to it for the rest of the game. CARD LIST NOTATION N = North America E = Europe W = West Indies I = India C = Colonies B = Only the British player may use this card F = Only the French player may use this card A = Any player may use this card or Any Campaign Area X = Opponent must discard 2 random cards from his hand Z = Draw 3 cards from the deck and add them to your hand L = Only the Losing player may use this card V = Only the Winning player may use this card # = Copies of that card in the deck * = Opponent must discard a card from the same area in Difficulty phase CARD LIST Name: # Force Use Loc Clive of India 1 7 B I Native Troops 4 3 A C Frederic the Great 1 7 B E Prussian Armies 2 6 B E William Pitt 1 Z B - Empress Maria 1 Z F - French Armies 2 5 F E European Allies 2 4 A E Austrian Armies 1 5 F E Forts 4 4 A A Sieges 4 5 A A Corruption 1 X A - Incompetence 1 X A - Louis XV 1 X B - King George 1 X F - General Wolfe 1 5 B N General Montcalm 1 4 F N Fleet 2 5 A C Ships of the Line 2 5 A C Naval Superiority 2 6 B C Intrigue 2 3* A A Russian Armies 1 4 F E Hanover 1 4 B E Expedition 4 4 A C Disease 4 1* A C Isolated 1 1* B C Privateers 2 4 A C East India Company 1 5 B I The Dutch 1 3 F I Mercenary Troops 2 3 A A Nawabs 2 4 A I Low Level Conflict 2 X A - Atrocity 2 Z A - Garrison 4 1 A C Surrender 2 1* A A General Barrington 1 5 B W Exploit Opportunity 2 Z A - Spain 1 3 F W Minorca 1 X F - West Africa 1 X B - New France 1 4 F N American Colonies 1 5 B N European Armies 2 4 A A Diplomacy 2 1* A A Balance of Power 2 Z L - Trade Route Profits 2 Z V - Attack Ally 2 X A - Deception 2 4 A A Countermarches 2 4 A E
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