Card game for 2 players.
Simulation of the Korean War.
One player is the UN.
The other player is the Communists.

Players share a common deck.

Any player that wins 3 hands in a row wins the game.
If no player wins after 10 turns, the game is a tie.

Each turn is divided into 3 phases:
Logistics Phase
Deployment Phase
Attack Phase

Each player draws 8 cards.
Maximum handsize is 8 cards.
Discard excess cards.
If the deck ever runs out, shuffle the discard & draw from it.

Players may discard up to 4 cards & draw replacements.

Players reveal cards from their hands they can score with.
Some cards can be used by either player.
Some cards can only be used by one player.
A player may use either Defensive cards or Offensive cards but not both.
Each card played has a score.
The player with the highest total score of all his cards revealed wins the hand.
All revealed cards are discarded.
A player may discard any cards from his hand he doesn’t want.

If the American player plays the Atomic Bomb card, the game immediately ends.
Draw a card:
If it is 8+ the UN wins.
If it is a 7 the War ends in a Draw.
If it is a 6 or less, the war escalates into WWIII and everybody loses. 
The Communist player may play the Limited War card to negate the Atomic Bomb card.

User = Who may use the card.
B = Both players 
U = UN Player
C = Communist Player
O = Offensive
D = Defensive

Card Name			Score	User	Type
Military Advisors		3	B	-
Reinforcements			4	B	-
Fierce Fighting			6	B	-
Military Assistance		5	B	-
Counterattack 			7	B	D
Inflict Heavy Losses		7	B	-
Escalated Attacks		5	B	O
Major Attack			6	B	O
Probing Attack			4	B	O
Static Fortifications		6	B	D
Heavy Fighting			5	B	-
Strong Defensive Lines		9	B	D
Stalemate			3	B	-
War of Attrition		4	B	-
Outflank			8	B	-
Breakthrough			9	B	-
Surprise Attack			6	B	O
(Re)Capture Seoul		7	B	O
Negotiations			2	B	-
Monsoon				3	B	-
Repulse Attack			8	B	D
Determined Resistance		5	B	D
Cruel Winter			3	B	-
Fighting Retreat		4	B	D
Invasion			9	B	O
Mobile Warfare			8	B	-
Major Offensive			8	B	O
Break Out			6	B	D
PLA Forces			8	C	-
KPA Forces			4	C	-
North Korean Army		5	C	-
Chinese Army			9	C	-
Soviet MiGs			6	C	-
Manchurian Border		7	C	D
Spring Offensive		9	C	O
Bunker Complexes		8	C	D
Concealment & Camouflage	7	C	-
Infiltration 			6	C	O
Human Wave Tactics		6	C	-
Guerrilla Warfare		8	C	-
Chinese Manpower		9	C	-
Superior Infantry Tactics	9	C	-	
Marshall Peng			10	C	-
Soviet Hardware			5	C	-
Limited War			2	C	-
American Forces			9	U	-
UN Contingents			6	U	-
ROK Forces			5	U	-
South Korean Units		4	U	-
Commonwealth Forces		8	U	-
General Douglas Macarthur	10	U	-
Tank Battalions			6	U	-
Pusan Perimeter			9	U	D
Decisive Artillery Support	7	U	-
Naval Bombardment		5	U	-
Airstrikes & Bombing		8	U	-
Airpower			9	U	-
Outposts			6	U	D
UN Firepower			9	U	-
US Amphibious Landings 		7	U	O
Invade North Korea		8	U	O
Atomic Bomb			-	U	-

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Korean War

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