Card game for 2-4 players. 
Theme Greek Mythology. 
The Adventures of the Demi-God Hercules 
(Hercules is Romanized. It is Heracles in Greek) 
Each player tries to complete the most Labors and Adventures. 

The game ends when all 12 Labors have been completed.
Once one player has completed a Labor it is finished and 
is no longer available to other players to complete.  
The player with the most Labor Points at the 
end of the game wins. 

The Board is a circular track divided into 12 spaces. 
# 	Space:		Instructions: 
1. 	Greece		Draw 1 Card or take top card of Discard
2. 	Mycenae		Next turn move to any empty Space
3. 	Delphi		Look at top 7 cards of the Hero Deck
4. 	Mount Olympus	Draw 2 Cards
5. 	Thrace		Draw 1 Card or go to Anatolia next turn
6. 	Black Sea	Discard 1 Card and Draw 2
7. 	Anatolia       	Draw 1 Card or Go to Greece next turn
8. 	Mediterranean	You may Complete Top Adventure Card
9. 	Italy		Evander: Draw 3 Cards and Keep 1
10. 	Spain		Draw 1 Card or go to Africa next turn
11. 	Crete		Next turn roll 2 Dice to move and pick 1	
12. 	Africa		Draw 1 Card or go to Mediterranean next turn

There are 3 Decks:
1. The Labors Deck
2. The Hero Deck
3. The Adventure Deck

This deck has 12 Cards: The 12 Labors. 
Each has 3 to 6 requirements to complete. 

Each card provides 1 or 2 Requirements needed to 
complete Labors & Adventures. 

Like Labors but easier. 
Each has 1 to 2 requirements to complete. 
The Adventure Deck is kept Face-up. 

Each player has a pile where he keeps his completed Labor and 
Adventure Cards. 

Each player gets a pawn of a unique color to 
represent his version of Hercules. 

Dice are used for movement. 

Players place their pawns on the Mycenae space. 
Each player draws 2 Hero Cards. 
Shuffle the 3-4 Requirement Labors together. 
Shuffle the 5-6 Requirement Labors together. 
Place the 3-4 Labors on top of the 5-6 Labors. 
Flip over the top 4 cards of the Labor Deck. 
These are called Revealed Labors. 
Every time a Labor is completed flip over the 
next card in the deck as a replacement. 
The Strongest Player goes first. 

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 4 Phases:
1. Move Phase
2. Action Phase
3. Labor Phase
4. End Phase

Roll 1D6 and move that many spaces in either direction. 
If you land on an opposing player steal 1 random Hero card from 
his hand and skip Action & Labor Phase. 
(If you land on 2 or more players steal from just one of your choice.)

If you did not land on another player, follow the instructions on the 
Board Space you entered. 
If you land on the Mediterranean you may complete the top face up 
Adventure card by discarding Hero cards with the necessary requirements. 
If completed place the Adventure card in your Victory Pile. 

You may complete a revealed Labor by discarding Hero cards with the 
necessary requirements. 
When completed place the Labor card in your Victory Pile. 
Each Labor can only be completed if your pawn is in a specific Space: 
Labor:					Location:
Lion of Nemea				Greece
Hydra of Lerna				Greece
Golden Hind of Ceryneia			Greece
Wild Boar of Erymanthus			Greece
Augean Stables				Greece
Birds of the Stymphalian Marsh		Greece
White Bull of Crete			Crete
Wild Mares of Diomedes			Thrace
Hippolyte’s Golden Belt			Anatolia
King Greyon’s Cattle			Spain
Golden Apples of Hesperides		Africa
Cerebus the Hound of Hades		Greece

Max hand size is 7 cards. 
Discard excess cards. 

LP = Labor Points earned by completing this Labor or Adventure
#  = Copies of this card in the Deck

Labor:				LP	Requirements:
Lion of Nemea			4	Net, Wrestle, Club, Bow
Hydra of Lerna			4	Sword, Bow, Fire, Companion
Golden Hind of Ceryneia		3	Bow, Track, Agreement
Wild Boar of Erymanthus		4	Track, Club, Wit, Bow
Augean Stables			3	Water, Wit, Strength
Birds of the Stymphalian Marsh	3	Wit, Bow, Gift of the Gods
White Bull of Crete		5	Wrestle, Reflexes, Rope, Agreement, Journey
Wild Mares of Diomedes		6	Companion, Stealth, Sword, Water, Rope, Journey	
Hippolyte’s Golden Belt		5	Agreement, Companions, Sword, Wits, Journey	
King Greyon’s Cattle		5	Gift of the Gods, Strength, Bow, Wits, Journey	
Golden Apples of Hesperides	6	Wrestle, Agreement, Poison, Bow, Wits, Journey
Cerebus the Hound of Hades	6	Adventure, Agreement, Wrestle, Net, Strength, Reflexes

#	Requirements:
4	Net or Rope
4	Club
8	Adventure or Journey
4	Poison or Fire
8	Bow
8	Sword
4	Reflexes or Stealth
8	Companion or Companions
8	Wits
4	Track
4	Gift of the Gods or Divine Intervention
8	Wrestle
4	Strength
6	Agreement
4	Water

Adventure:			LP	Requirements: 
Battle Centaurs			1	Bow
Argonauts & Golden Fleece	2	Journey & Companions	
Fight Giants			1	Strength
Battle Sons of Poseidon		2	Strength & Gift of the Gods	
Archery Contest			1	Bow	
Rescue Prometheus		2	Bow & Strength		
Sack Troy			2	Sword & Companions
Wood Spirits Steal Weapon	1	Club
Abduct Princess			1	Strength
Tasks of Eurystheus		1	Agreement
Madness of Hera			1	Companions
Accept Servitude       		1	Agreement
Slay King Amyntor		1	Sword		
Learn Music from Linus		1	Wit
Rescue Heroine			1	Stealth
Battle Son of Ares		2	Sword & Divine Intervention
Revenge Killings       		1	Sword
Slay Sea Monster       		1	Poison
Marriage       			1	Agreement
Atonement			1	Agreement
Children of Hercules		1	Companions
Scalding Hot Sea       		1	Gift of the Gods
Slay Robber Giant		1	Track
Harvest Contest			1	Strength
Boxing Match			1	Wrestle
Nymphs	Steal Lover		1	Companion
Found City of Tarentum		1	Agreement
Found Scythia			2	Track & Agreement
Kill Thief			1	Wrestle
Ambush Generals			1	Companions
Fight Death			1	Wrestle
Travel to the Underworld       	2	Journey & Wit
Shield of Hercules		1	Gift of the Gods
Pillars of Hercules		2	Strength & Water
Crush Huge Crabs		1	Strength
Old Man of the Sea		2	Wrestle & Strength
Nereids				1	Agreement
Hundred Headed Dragon		2	Poison & Bow
Fates				1	Journey
Furies				1	Journey
Charon & the River Styx		1	Wit 
Visit Hades			1	Agreement

12 Labors

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