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some basic 100,200 mt tips Q: How do I go about running the 100m? A: The 100m is a VERY fast race. There are no room for errors. Everything has to be perfect or else it could mean a defeat. There really isn't a specific way to run the 100m. You just have to give it all you've got. Q: Is there a running form that I should use? A: Yes! If you look at sprinters when they race, they are in one of two forms; back slightly arched and back straight. Both of these techniques work equally well. It just depends on which on is more comfortable for you. Q: What should I look like when I'm sprinting the 100? A: You should sort of look like you're in a sitting position when you're moving your legs up. You're stride should be about medium and quick. You should also be on the tip of your toes 1 sec after the gun goes off. This is to gain maximum speed. Q: I messed up my start, what do I do? A: You, can't really do anything but finish the race and run the best that you can. The start is very important in this race. If you get a good start, you will get a good lead. Q: I can't really improve my time and speed even though I've done lots of training. Why? A: It could be one of two reasons. One, you're training and pushing yourself too hard. Stop and give yourself a rest. Pushing yourself over the limits and getting bad results is a recipe for disaster. Two, you're not cut out to run a 100m straight away (like me). If you can't run the straight away, try running the curves. You might be faster there. It took me a couple of years to figure out that the straight away was not for me. So I turned to the curves and have never looked back after that. I can't explain to you why some people are faster running a 100m curve than running a 100m straight away. I'm guessing that it's the way that people run or something. There isn't much advice I can give on this topic but here's what I have. I would suggest you read my sections on curves and 100m if you are a beginner to the 200. The start is one of the most improtant part of the race. Since you are starting out on a curve, you want to place your starting blocks on an angle (towards the inside of the curve). That way, you won't have to waste time moving to the inside. The 200 meters is a very fast race. You need to be fast and have good endurance. My advice is that if you are strong on the curves, you run your best there and try to hang on on the home stretch. The same goes for people who are weak on the corners and strong on the straight aways. This is not a race where you can save some of your energy for the end. If you want to run it, you'd better give it all you've got. The 200 meters is more forgiving than the 100 meters because it allows you to correct some mistakes that you might have made in the beginning. .
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