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This page contains the first few battle's all the others can be found in the archives, fan battles will be on the fan battles page, and there will also be a free for all tournament.. An archives link has been added although empty as of the moment they will soon become full as more battles are written.

16/12/00:STRAWBERRY RETURNS. Yep it's back the long lost strawberry version, we know you missed it. We? Missed? Oh, well it's back anyway.

icq# 100203347

These are the record for everyone who has fought in
strawberry version, they are in the format [ win draw loss]
Those in italics are dead and the numbers next to them indicate
the battle number's red for normal yellow for fan battle blue for icq
and finally green for those that eliminated an enemy in the tournament
pikachu[0 1 0] 1
mascadus[0 1 0]
dream[1 0 0]
nightmare[1 0 0]
pipe[1 0 0]
mario[0 0 1]
king flon [1 0 0]
virus [0 0 1]