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Character Profiles

Here are the seven playable characters:

Name: Crono

Origin: 1000 AD (Present)

Weapon: Sword

Magic Type: Lightning

Only one young lad has the ability to gain the knowledge and skill needed to alter the future and change the destiny of his planet. Crono may be young and inexperienced at the start of his adventure, but he's a skilled swordsman who will soon learn to harness the power of Lightning Magic spells.

Name: Marle (Princess Nadia)

Origin: 1000 AD (Present)

Weapon: Crossbow

Magic Type: Ice

Marle, who Crono meets early in his adventure, is really Princess Nadia of the Guardia Kingdom. Since being a Princess isn't all that cracked up to be, Marle decides to join Crono on his quest. Armed with a crossbow from the start, Marle eventually learns how to use the power of Water Magic. With her newfound magical powers, Marle becomes a deadly adversary and on the excellant addition to Crono's team.

Name: Lucca

Origin: 1000 AD (Present)

Weapon: Gun

Magic Type: Fire

Every should have a best friend, and Crono is proud to call Lucca his best pal in the whole world. She's incrediby smart. She's always using her creativity and knowledge to build new and unusual inventions, not to mention some useful weapons. In addition, Lucca is very clever. She is also a wise and fierce fighter, especially after she learns the awesome power of Fire Magic.

Name: Frog (Glenn)

Origin: 600 AD (Middle Ages)

Weapon: Sword

Magic Type: Water

Once a Guardia Knight, Frig was transformed by evil and mysterious magic. He knows how to handle a sword and eventually learns the power of Water Magic.

Name: Robo

Origin: 2300 AD (Future)

Weapon: Arms

Magic Type: His Technology is consider Shadow

As Crono and his friends trek through time, they'll meet up with Robo. He can be found within a collapsed dome in 2300 AD. After a bit of repair, Lucca gets Robo running and the group gains a new ally. With his laser weaponds, Robo is extremely powerful.

Name: Ayla

Origin: 65,000,000 (Prehistoric)

Weapon: Fist

Magic Type: None

When Crono befriends Ayla, he quickly dicovers that she is incredibly strong. In fact she can break stones using her mighty punches and kicks. Ayla is trying to save her primitive tribe from huge reptiles that threaten from the mountains. Crono and his cohorts lend a hand.

Name: Magus (Janus)

Origin: 12,000 BC (Dark Ages)

Weapon: Scythe

Magic Type: Shadow

When you land in 1000 AD, near Medina Village, you'll discover that Magus is linked to Lavos, the force responsible for the destruction of the planet. Armed with this information, Crono and his friends travel to 600 AD to battle Magus. Before facing this evil wizard, be sure that Crono's team is equipped with both Lightning and Water Magic. Frog's Masamune Sword decreases Magus's defense.