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Queering Sims

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How to make your first edition Sims Queer

Original - same House Original - Diff Houses Expansion Packs
My Queer Screenshots Story: The Cheat Story: Strange Hot Date

With The Sims only and no expansion packs:

Same Household:

Alternate your Sims with talking, joking and entertaining with as many hugs and gift giving as you can to drive their score up. Usually don't touch until you've got a score of 20 or more - and backrubs after 40 - the receiving Sims tend to prefer to like someone better before physical contact and the bad reaction with result in rejections and decreases in relationship scores.

Complimenting is also risky at lower scores, so wait until a 20 before you start touching and sucking up. Gift giving really drives the relationship score up.

Rotate the options, alternating back and forth between your Sims until the FLIRT option appears for BOTH Sims.

Make the second Sim that had Flirt as an option be the first to flirt, otherwise, their relationship score will be damaged, and it will take longer.

For opposite sex couples, the flirt option occurs around a score of 50 - but for same sex couples, you have to wait until 80. They have to really be liking each other.

Different Households:

Invite a Sim over, and with the Sim that you currently control, rotate through the talk / joke / entertain / hug / backrub / dance / give gift until your current Sim really likes the Visiting Sim.

Switch households, and repeat the process, until they both like each other around 65 or 70.

Switch back to the first household, and drive the relationship score for the active Sim over 80.

Switch back to the second household, and have this Sim initiate the flirting and move in option.


With The Sims  and expansion packs:

It's easier to queer your Sims at House Party - the flirt option appears at 50 for both same and opposite sex (potential) couples.

Plus, at Hot Date, you have a whole range of additional actions to rotate through, including degrees of hugging, kissing and dancing - as well as a variety of actual gifts to impress and woo your prospective mate.

My Queer Sims

Kai and Xena kiss with an audience Who's Your Cuddle Daddy?
Mayla and Bleu find intergalactic love is true Marge fails with her puppet entertainment strategy. But manages to recover and get the girl in the sauna!
Del gives Kelly a vase of flowers, later, on a date, they start to like each other, but the long stemmed roses do the trick, and we're in full blown passionate lesbian love!
Kyle's Cheating Lover
Mike gives Ted a gift - with Daria observes with some surprise, since she's good pals with Kyle - Mike's live in lover.
Ted's always had a crush on Mike - and thanks Mike for the present - unaware that Kyle has arrived!
qur_smack2.jpg (53058 bytes)

another angle - click to enlarge

Kyle lets Ted know what he thinks of Mike and Ted's kiss
Mike loves alpha males and makes up with Kyle.

While they kiss, Ted tells best pal Carol that her partner, Daria, is not welcome in his home anymore.


The Strange (Hot) Date
It started normally enough, with a hot dog at the park.
Renting some boats to impress with my manual dexterity...
Finally, a real meal deal was getting all cuddley, when some cowboy joker decided to get kinky!
Luckily, the Prude chased him away and we were able to get down to some more semi-privet business!

Last updated: January 28, 2007.