The Wario Bros. By mario101

Part 1

One rainy day, Wario dug a 6 foot hole in the ground. But then, a tall man jumped out of the hole.

"Who are you?" Wario said.

"I'm Waluigi,and I hate Luigi!" he said.

Wario took Waluigi inside and told him that he hates Mario, and Luigi is Mario's bro. Then Wario said, "We should be The Wario Bros!" They shook on it.

Part 2

At 1:00, The Wario Bros. went to the castle to defeat the Mario Bros.

"Whats going on?" Mario said, but Wario slammed Mario into a wall.

"I'll fight Mario, you take Luigi." Wario said.

Mario vs. Wario

Mario threw a doughnut out the window and Wario jumped out to eat it.

Luigi vs. Waluigi

See above.

Part 3

When The Wario Bros. ran away, they left a key to a door. Inside was Peach.

"Thank you." she said.

The End

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