Well, I originally had a nifty little e-mail form that I got from Bravenet set up here, but those little bastards took it away. It started simply enough, I was happy with their service until I started receiving fifty useless junkmails a day (bravenet being the only company or individual that knew that particular address, and the junkmails even said they were from bravenet). When I asked the webmaster to please stop flodding my inbox, he/she told me I was wrong about getting junkmail, so I forwarded one of the e-mails. My account was then deleted. So, if anyone wants to vote, you have to manually send it to Tell me your name, return e-mail and story you're voting for. Only one vote per day per person. AND NEVER SIGN UP FOR BRAVENET'S SERVICES!!! They're a bunch of assholes who make money by selling your e-mail address! Caveat Emptor!

My Favorite Things About Bravenet

Sign up fro Bravenet and get a free fifty thousand junkmails per day (and then if you complain, get your account deleted!

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