The Video Game Adoption Center by Mike

One day, Mario felt sad. He was bored to death. He wished he had a pet.

He flicked on the TV. "We want you to adopt some of our pets!" It happened that the person saying this was none other than Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory.

"Oh, my God, how convenient." thought Mario.

"Kirby here is a cute pet. He'll eat anything, so you don't have to find certain foods. He likes to work and play, and if he eats your friend, just discipline him lightly. If you discipline him too hard, he'll be sad, and might ignore you.

Moving along, we have Tails. This rare breed of orange foxes has two tails! He uses them as a propeller, and can fly away and you can fly with him. He is a very interesting pet. He loves chili dogs.

Next up, is our Pokémon section. First, the cute ones." He pointed to a door. "I can't tell you all of them, but I'll detail you as you adopt one. Next, we have the Tough Pokémon. These can help beat your enemies, but can be disobedient. You can discipline them all you can, and they'll take it. Then again, you can pick the Koopa Kids!"

"We aren't pets."

"They were put up for adoption by their mean dad."


"Be sure to give them lots of food, and cater to their needs. Also, we have quite a selection of Digimon. Also, the robot dog Rush is here! He can turn into vehicles, and likes nuts and bolts. Also, we have enemies of Mario's. Just as well..."

"Oh, my god! How many are there?" exclaimed Mario.

"We have some of Dr. Wily's robots. These are made more for serving you than a pet, but it's good as well. Finally, we have the Other Pokémon section. If it's not cute, but not tough, it goes here. Well, to adopt one, call 555-500-1005.. (Note: This isn't a real phone number. So don't call it saying you want to adopt a Goomba.) or, come to the place personally, at Video Game Lane. Please come! These pets and robots need a home."

"FOR THE LAST TIME, WE AREN'T PETS!" screamed the Koopa Kids.

Mario flicked off the TV. "Just what I need." He went to the place. Dexter greeted him. "Hello, kind sir! Would you like to adopt a pet?"

"Yes, thank you."

Dexter said, "What type would you like?"

"Umm… I'd like to have a Digimon please."

"Excellent choice sir!" He walked to the Digimon room. They were bombarded with screams and things. They instantly quieted down when they saw Mario.

"Hmmm…" Wondered Mario. "What's this?" He picked up a pink bird.

"That's Biyomon. She can fly away, and she can digivolve a few times. Her attack is Spiral Twister."

"Hmmm…maybe some other time."

"Awww…" moaned Biyomon.

He picked up an orange lizard. "This?"

"Agumon. His attack is Pepper Breath and can digivolve quite a few times."

"This one! I want this one!"

"Yay! Yay!" Agumon squealed. All the others groaned and continued talking. They walked out, and Dexter wrote on some paper. First Mario signed, then Agumon, and Dexter stamped it APPROVED.

Dexter also sold him some books, all about caring for an Agumon, and other stuff.

"Take care!"

"I will!"

At home, Mario watched Agumon play with his little biting toy thing.

"This tastes like rubber."

"It IS rubber."

"Oh." Agumon put it down and walked to Mario's kart. "What's this?" _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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