Valentina Returns by Dinobot

Part 1

"Ohhhhhh.... That battle took so much energy out of me! I swear I will get my revenge on those 5 AND Nimbus Land!" Valentina says madly. "Hey you know it WOULD help if you got off my head, Dodo!" yells Valentina.

"But I can't fly!" Dodo says.

"That's because you're too FAT!" Valentina snaps. "Ohhh..I feel so dizzy, I...m... getting weaker..." Valentina's voice dwidles. Valentina then faints while flying and starts to fall.

"Hey...What are you doing!?!? Fly! Fly!" Dodo panicks.

But it was no use, Valentina is too weak and has lost her psychic abilty to fly.

"Hmmmmmm...I wonder when my next bride will fall from the sky?" Booster says, looking up at the sky. Booster and his 3 Snifits are all outside on the top of the tower. Suddenly, this woman falls onto him.

"Yeoch!" Booster yells.

"Booster! Sir! Are you alright?" Snifit 1 asks.

Dodo hops off Valentina and falls on the ground, shaking the tower.

"That's gotta be the FATEST Bluejay EVER!" says Snifit 3.

"It's a blackbird, idiot!" Snifit 1 and 2 say in unison.

"Oh...." Snift 3 answers.

"Ohhhhhh....What happend?" Valentina says groggily.

"Wow! Your even more beautiful then my 1st bride...Who Mario took away...." Booster says, looking at Valentina.

Valentina begins thinking.... "Hmmm...This ugly totem poll knows Mario...hmmm This could be my chance to get even with those 5 AND takeover Nimbus Land!"

"Well aren't you the most handsom man I've EVER seen!" Valentina says in a sickening voice.

"Well thank you!" Booster says happily.

"Are you the one who saved me?" Valentina asks.

"Uh well you kinda FELL on him. So did the fat Bluejay." Snifit 3 says.

"BLACKBIRD!!!!!!" Snifits 1&2 yell in unison.

"SHUTUP NUMBER 3! I did save you my dear!" Booster quickly responds. "I jumped up in the air....Risking my life to save yours!" Booster quickly adds, doing a weird pose.

"Oh brother!" Valentina says to herself.

" we fell on you." Dodo says.

"SHUDAP TUBBY!" Valentina yells."I know this is kind of straight forward, but I'm very tired, by any chance could me and my bird stay with you and your Snifits for awhile....Besides I can't take my eyes of you!" says Valentina. "Ugh. I think I'm going to puke if I have to keep this up!" Valentina says to herself in disgust.

"Of course, my dear!" Booster answers. "Let us go inside now." Booster finishes.

"Were's the kitchen?" Dodo says as they go inside.

"Yes, me and my pet bird are a little hungry...Could we please have some food?" Valentina adds.

"Of COURSE! How rude of me not to offer you some! Please, follow me." Booster says.

30 minutes later.....

"Here we are!" Booster says as his Snifits follow. Valentina and Dodo are practically crawing down the stairs... "Haven't you ever heared of an ELEVATOR???" Valentina says, as she finally reaches the bottom step. She collapses on the orange tiled floor, then Dodo falls and plops on her head.

Dodo got up and walked into the kitchen, barely fitting through door. Valentina, followed slowly.

"My God!" she says to herself. "This has got to be the weirdist place I've ever seen!"

Booster's Tower did look kinda strange...thank god its not purple! The lobby music was getting on Valentina's nerves. " Booster, honey, could you please turn off that music?" Valentina asks.

"Oh, I am sorry, but the music never stops. It does grow on you after awhile!" Booster says.

"This is going to be pure....." Valentina stops. She sees Booster is still listening. "Paradise!" Valentina forces out, rather painfully.

"I'm so glad you're happy!" Booster says happily. "All my first bride did was yell and scream HELPMEMARIOHELPMEMARIO!" Booster finishes, as they enter the kitchen.

Dodo already was stuffing his face. The Snifits just stood there, staring. Finally, Snifit 1 says: "Didn't your mother teach you manners!?" Then he looks at Valentina. "Never mind...." He then says.

After everyone finishes eating, Booster walks up to Valentina.

"Would you prefer you own room, or you could sleep with me..." Booster says.

Valentina wants to blast him into orbit, but holds back her temper and says: "Oh silly! We barely know each other!" Valentina says; her stomach was begining to turn.

"Very well, your room is on the 55th. floor." Booster says without disappointment.

"WHAT!!??" Both Valentina and Dodo yell.

Valentina had planned to stay for 3 weeks, then she would get Booster to help her take back Nimbus Land. Three weeks later....

"YOU MEAN THREE YEARS LATER!!" Valentina interrupts the narrator.

"I have an announcement, everyone!" Booster yells happily.Snifits 1,2 and 3, along with Snifits 4,5,6 and 7 and everyone else from Booster's Tower are there. "Valentina and I are getting married! And lets have one of those parties again. The last one was fun!"

"Booster dear, I have a favor to ask." Valentina said.

"Yes? my dear?"

"Before I met you, Mario took my Kingdom away from me and gave it to some mean and greedy cloud people! Mario hit me with Ultra Fireballs and Super Jumps! He kicked me out my castle and 4 others helped him! Can we PLEASE retake my castle and kingdom first and teach Mario and his 4 pals a lesson? Pretty Please? With Beetles on top?" Valentina asked.

"My dear, You should have told me at the start! I would have helped! Mario will pay and we'll get back your kingdom!"

(to herself) "YOU MEAN I WENT THROUGH 3 WEEKS OF PURE TORTURE FOR NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Valentina was about to blow,but didn't.

"Snifts 1,2 and 3 lets go! 4,5,6 and 7 all call you on the BeetleCell phone if I need you."

"4,5,6 and 7: Yes Sir, Booster Sir!" They all said.

"All right, let's get going!" Booster announced.

"Nimbus Land here I come......" Valentina said, as they exited the tower.

End of Part 1.

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