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Hidden in a desert shrouded by mystery and danger lies Lara Croft's Tomb of Tales. What would you find when you raided this tomb? Perhaps the most butt kicking Tomb Raider fanfiction ever! So join Lara's adventures and raid this tomb yourself, maybe you'll find a masterpiece! Or, leave a few relics for Lara to find by submitting your own stories, songs, poems, etc. to And maybe if you're lucky, you'll become Lara's pick for Tomb Treasure of the month! Thanks to our submitters: Fanficscribe (that's me!!!).... and that's it.

LEGAL NOTICE: The following stories, although based on previously created characters, remain the property of the individual authors. If you would like to use any parts of these stories, copy them, or post them, you must get permission from the author. If you fail to do so, you might get yo' ass sued, so be careful!

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