The Power of Stars by Dinobot

Note: This story takes place in the Mario Party universe. (The FIRST Mario Party)

Toad walked down the halls of the huge castle. Mushroom people passed him down the hall as well. "The Princess's Castle has been up for six years now and I still haven't seen the whole castle." Toad thought to himself as he approached a door with a label saying: Power Star Core Room.

As Toad entered the room, he saw the six guards that are always there. Then he saw the bright glow of the yellow Power Stars. They all were in a long thin container, which stretched up almost to the top of the castle. It was one of Toad's jobs to make sure all the Power Stars were there. If they were to disappear, the Mushroom Kingdom would cripple and fall apart, making it a cinch for Bowser's army to take over.

"Yep, they are all there." Toad said, then left. Unknowing to anybody, Bowser was secretly watching.

"It's a good thing I placed those hidden video cameras there when I was in control of the castle." Bowser thought. He could easily zoom in on any part of the castle, well, almost any part.

"Attention all Koopas, Para Troopers, Goombas and all you other ugly monsters, assemble in the meeting room, I have an announcement!" Bowser said over the intercom system, then began to walk to the meeting room.

"Toad, were all the Stars accounted for?" The Princess asked.

"Yes Princess." Toad responded.

"Good, I wonder how the Mario Bros. and the others like their new worlds?" The Princess asked.

"They seemed excited about them when they left." Toad added.

Meanwhile, at Bowser's Castle......

"It is time for us to attack!" Bowser said proudly, as he looked over 500 or more of his troops, (That’s not even counting the flying troopers)! "Those plumbers are far away, giving us the perfect opportunity to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom!" Bowser said as everyone cheered. "Now listen closely to my ingenious plan!" Bowser added.

"Ah...I love my Rainbow Palace." Mario said happily as he relaxed. "Fresh air and a blue sky!" It's nice to relax for once."

Luigi was also enjoying his very own world. "I've always loved machines!" He said as he polished the main central engine. "My Engine Room is the best in the world!" Luigi said with great pride.

"Yoshi like world!" Yoshi said happily. The new Yoshi Island World was much better then the old island. Yoshi and the rest of the Yoshis happily romped around.

D.K enjoyed his world a lot as well. He had his very own jungle with a very valuable treasure-- his Golden Bananas.

The only person not relaxing was Wario. Wario's Battle Canyon is a huge weaponry station.

"Jets, helicopters, Bob-bombs, cannons. You name it, I got it!" Wario said aloud, working on his T.V commercial. "An easy way to make tons of coins!" Wario said to himself.

"Mwa ha ha! Look at those idiots! They have no idea what is about to happen!" Bowser laughed as he looked through his magic scepter.

"Magikoopas 1,2,3,4 and 5, REPORT!" Bowser yelled. Five Magikoopa’s appeared out of thin air. "You all understand you are to magically seal the five warp pipes, correct?" Bowser asked. They all nodded. "Excellent! Now there's no way those pesky plumbers, that bumbling dino or that fat ape can save the Mushroom Kingdom!" Bowser said with pure confidence.

Bowser then walked over to the intercom and said: "All troops, report to the Doomship immediately!" Bowser yelled.

All of Bowser's Troops rushed towards the Doomship, which was docked at the edge of the cliff, next to Bowser's Castle. Bowser watched as Koopa Troopas, Goombas,Para Troopas and Para Goombas, Sledge Bros. Magikoopas and more boarded the Doomship.

"This is great Kamek! Absolutely nothing can stop me now!" Bowser laughed as he and Kamek walked down the hall to the Doomship.

Soon, everyone was onboard the Doomship, except the five Magikoopas who were already sealing the warp pipe's to the 5 worlds.

Peach walked outside her castle, where already there were mushroom people walking around, and Peach could clearly see the Mushroom Villages way out.

"Ah...What a wonderful day!" Peach said, taking a huge amount of fresh air in. Not a cloud in the sky!" She continued.

Suddenly there was a big explosion!

"What?!?" Peach said in confusion, looking around for source of the blast.

"Princess, Hurry!" Toad ran out of the castle. "It's Bowser's Doomship!"

Peach then saw the huge Doomship speeding towards the castle. As fast as everyone could run, they entered the castle.

"Ha! They're all gathered into one area!" Bowser laughed.

"Hurry Toad! Use the beacon to call the Mario Bros.!" Peach said frantically.

"Right away, Princess!" Toad responded and ran to the room were the beacon was placed. Toad pressed it, but nothing happened!

"What?!??" Toad said confused. Toad continued to try and finally ran back to the Princess as the castle shook.

"Keep firing!" Bowser said to the weapons troopa. Bob-Bombs rained down onto the castle, which continually shook.

"Princess! The beacon isn't working!" Toad yelled.

"Well, arm the Star Beam!" Peach yelled.

Suddenly, the entrance doors flew open and Bowser's troops ran in! Everyone began to panic and run. But before the mushroom people could run to the doors in the castle, Para Trooper's flew in front of them.

They were all surrounded. Bowser then walked in. "Well, THIS was easy." Bowser gloated.

"It won't be so easy when Mario comes and swings you into a couple more mines!" Peach yelled.

"Mwa Ha Ha Ha!" Bowser laughed. "Don't count on it. The plumbers will never know! I've sealed up your 5 new worlds, none of them will EVER be able to escape!" said Bowser. "You've sealed your fate and trapped them all for me!" Bowser happily said.

Peach felt a rain of guilt wash over her.

"Now...for those Power Stars." Bowser then said. Bowser walked into the Power Star Room. "Hmmm" He said as he looked at the controls, which said "on" and "off". "Simple enough!" Bowser said. He pressed "Off". The Castle began shaking as The Power Stars fell to the ground, and the castle begun to darken a bit. The castle's protective Star Shield and Star Beam, which were never activated, were disabled. All over the Mushroom Kingdom begun to darken.

Meanwhile, at Mario's Rainbow Castle, Mario was watching the T.V, when suddenly, the Castle began to fall apart! The rainbow's disappeared and the castle darkened.

In Luigi's Engine Room, the engine stalled and other machinery parts stalled as well.

On Yoshi Island, all the super happy hearts dimmed, the sky darkened and all the super happy fruit withered up!

"Oh no!" Yoshi cried out.

At Donkey Kong's Jungle, the sky also darkened and DK's mystic Golden Bananas dimmed black, all their magical powers gone.

"No!" DK yelled.

"Faster, FASTER!" Wario yelled.His weapon assemblers, Bob-bombs, built all the weaponry.

"Ha Ha HA! I'll be rich! rich! RICH!" Wario laughed.

Suddenly, production stopped! The Bob-Bombs stopped. The conveyor belts, everything.

"Huh?" Wario stopped laughing.

Bowser walked into the room, where all his troops had gathered the Mushroom people.

"Mwa ha ha! Nothing can stop me now!" Bowser laughed. "Take them to the dungeon!" Bowser ordered. "Kamek!" Bowser called out. Kamek then appeared in front of Bowser. "You will lead half the Koopa Army into the Mushroom Kingdom. You are to seize the Kingdom and take control of the Palace." Bowser ordered.

"Yes sir!" Kamek answered.

"I will be in the Throne Room, working out Phase Two." Bowser then said.

Kamek nodded, then left to get half the troops. The Mushroom people and Peach and Toad went willingly, since the Sledge Bros. had metal hammers, which could kill you with one mighty hit.

Bowser sat in his new Throne Room. "With these Power Stars I will be able to control the world! All the worlds under my control, and no one to challenge me!" Bowser thought happily.

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