To My Darling Peach by Mario by Princess Peach (Webmistress)

Oh, how I wish that Bowser could keep thee!

Id finally be rid of they nagging;

Thy ranting: O, Mario, please save me!

Thy sharp little tongue never stops wagging!

I get so sick of being the hero;

Dost thou not tire of being the victim?

The next time thou callest, I shall say NO!

Bowser can keep thee, Ill give thee to him.

Get it through thy thick yet beautiful skull,

Thou annoyest the Hades out of me!

Thine endless whining has grown quite dull,

Tis boring to go on rescuing thee.

My dear Princess Peach, may thy tongue be still,

For tolerance of thee, I have lost my will.

2001 Princess Peach

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