Only the Green One by Princess Peach (Webmistress)

Once upon a Mushroom's night,

The forces of evil poised to unite.

The kingdom of fungus they would overthrow,

Then race to the distance with Princess in tow.

Goombas and turtles the people would be,

Imprisoned in blocks and never set free.

This was the plan of King Bowser the Great,

Last name of Koopa, with a passion for hate.

Together he called them, his minions of pain,

And told them of riches that they could gain.

They nodded their heads and raised their voices

To agree with their king (they'd no other choices).

The following night, they readied for combat,

And rushed to the place where the castle sat,

And slipped into the room where the young princess slept.

Towards her ruffled canopy each creature crept,

Then snatched her from her slumber and raced down the hall.

As for the Mushroom people, Kamek magicked them all.

Goombas, and spinies, and a red Lakitu,

As from the castle King Bowser flew.

He reached his castle as night became day,

And Princess Peach wailed all the way.

Scared out of her mind was young Peach,

As she sat within evil's grim reach.

She tried to think of a plan full of cunning,

But all she could think of was simply running.

Then it happened-- a light bulb lit up!

A colossal idea was soon to erupt.

Mario! Of course, her hero in red!

He would show up and kill Bowser dead!

Then another thought came and turned out the lights:

Mario was in Bermuda for the next seven nights.

Peach entered the castle with thoughts of despair,

Heroes like her plumber were very rare.

She couldn't wait seven days, what could she do?

Who could come and save her? Who? Who? Who?

She decided not to think (it hurt her head),

It was assured that to Bowser she would be wed.

He'd smiled when he told her, but that smile was bleak,

And away from her, all of her hope did leak.

The next morning at Birdo's first crow,

Peach felt more pain than you could ever know.

'Twas he wedding day, to Bowser the Brute;

Her stomach felt kicked by Kuribo's boot.

Indeed, she felt nausea as she dressed for the day,

Toward Bowser's embrace she'd be given away.

When the wedding began, her state had not mended.

Mario was not here, as she had intended.

She'd just given up hope when she heard a cry

That sounded so blessèd she wanted to die.

Mario! Her true love! It had to be him!

But when she looked up, her smile grew dim.

The crier looked a bit like her love but...

He was in green, and taller-- without the gut.

He reached out to her and Peach was in fear;

She did not know this man that was near.

"Peach, don't you recognize me?" asked the fellow,

"I am Luigi, brother of Mario."

"No!" Peach screamed, in fear she did shake,

"Mario has no brother, you are a fake!

You've never fought with him, nor rescued me.

He doesn't mention you, you're not in his memory.

Are you here to remind me of him?

The one who caters to me every whim?

Do you do this to cause me pain?

Because Mario will never come back again?

All you want to do is bring me fear!

Get back! Back I say, and get out of here!"

Confused and upset, Luigi did stand;

He had wanted to return the princess to her land,

But now it seemed that his plans did switch.

"Fine!" he snapped, "Rescue yourself, you bitch!"

Over the stone wall the green one fled,

And on that day the princess was wed

To Bowser, the creature that she despised,

But not more than the man who had surprised,

And pretended to be kin to her loved one.

She thought he brought pain, but he brought none.

Luigi wanted to give Peach the help she needed.

If she'd known him, he would have succeeded.

She did not know him, and not just she,

Not many know of this man's bravery,

Or the good deeds worked by his noble hands,

For in his brother's shadow, Luigi stands.

The princess had one hero, but there is another,

The hero you'd find in the neglected brother.

Legends of his actions, there are none,

For who cares of his deeds? Only the green one.

© 2000 Princess Peach

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