Written by Velvet Dark 007

A/N- Okay, this is a story about Waluigi and my character, Rain. It is based off of a scene from an unseen episode of 'Beast Machines-Transformers', so beware okay? Either way, enjoy this little sap.- VD007
Waluigi and Wario were planning to break into the Mushroom Kingdom to get Wario's boxers from a game of 'Capture the Flag' gone screwy. It's a long story, but I'll leave it at when Yoshi drank some beer and thought Wario was a girl.

"This is embarrassing! I can't belive Yoshi took my pants!" Wario grumbled, climbing up a hedge fence, with Waluigi trailing behind.

"Well, you said 'Drink the Booze, dork-o-saur!"

"Oh for..... Well, okay, you stay here, Waluigi, and guard with Toad, Boshi, Doutrio, and Rain. If anyone comes, get 'em." Wario snuck in the window, with Waluigi with a big smile on his face. He stood there...... and stood there.

"Gosh it's quite late. Maybe everyone left." He said to Toad. Toad was drinking some lemonade.

"I heard from Doutrio that Rain squealed to Peach about where Wario was going... Then they all are gonna jump him in the Castle." Toad explained. Waluigi's face fell. He ran up the hedge fence, and jumped in, only to be confronted by Rain.

"RAIN! You squealed on us! Why didja do tho that, ya-" Rain cut off Waluigi.

"I am loyal to my Royalty, you dork." She said prissily. Waluigi was getting fumed. He held up a finger to the woman.

"Rain, if you wern't so pretty, I'd KILL you here and now!" Waluigi spat. Rain then tilted her head.

"You think I'm pretty eh?" She said walking toward Waluigi, she held his face up to hers and smiled. "You're the first to think that, Waluigi." And then, she did what she never wanted to do, or what Waluigi wanted-

She kissed him.

They both backed away, blushing. Waluigi was sighing, blissfuly, Rain, smiling.

"Hey Waluigi, let's go get Wario and his pants. And let's not talk about this, okay?" She said running down the foyer. Waluigi nodded his head, and ran after her. As they ran down, I guess they forgot about their little 'pact'..

"Hey Rain.. that smooch... was kinda nice."

"If you're lucky, I might do that again!" Rain cheerfully shouted as she swirled into the treasure room, where a big meelee broke out.

"WALUIGI! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLPPPP!" Wario cried, who was being tossed around and mosh pitted. The two giggled and rushed in to help.

Later that night, everyone was seated to watch a movie and sleep-over. Waluigi walked up to Rain, who had a seat for him ready. Peach couldn't help but notice that Rain and Waluigi had been acting strange.

"Hey Mario, did you ever notice that Rain has been a lot nicer to Waluigi for the day?" She asked, during a scene. Mario looked at Peach with his KeroKero Cola.

"I dunno-ah." Geno looked at Rain and Waluigia and he then turned to Peach, seated behind him.

"If I don't know any better, I think they're in love." Peach and Mario gasped.

"You must-ah be messing-ah with my mind!" Mario said. Geno shrugged his shoulders.

"You never know."

Mario and Peach scratched their heads and looked at the two loveshrooms, hands held together, watching the movie.

"Huh. I never would have guessed." Peach said, sitting back.

The End

A/N- Cute huh? I guess so. Well, I hope you enjoy this. Now, I'm gonna work on some more Mario stories before my 'Legend of Dragoon' parody. BTW, did you knowm the main guy behind 'LoD', was a main guy who worked on Super Mario RPG? I thought so.- Vd 007

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