Mushroom Scribe

Well, I just graduated from high school, and don't know what I'm doing next yet, but it'll probably be in college, majoring in writing or art. I've always thought Nintendo was the greatest, and I already have my GB Advance reserved. I have old NP's, Mario comics, and other weird Nintendo memorabilia, like McDonald's toys. I'm an old school NES player, too, and I buy a used NES pak every other week. I've been considering buying a NES Advantage, but i did just buy a Dreamcast (yeah, i have other systems too, but Sega is developing games for Nintendo now, so i'm not that much of a traitor or anything). I need a job!

Gamecube looks cool. I had to establish that. So what if it doesn't play DVDs or CDs? It's a game console; it's not supposed to! Besides, I've heard PS2 sucks as a DVD player. The disc size is designed to cut down on piracy.

I like all kinds of music, but I tend to think country sucks (even though I live in Missouri). My fave bands right now (they change constantly) are Tool/APC, Train, "Weird Al", Daler Mehndi, The Beatles, Leone Di Lernia, Tears for Fears, Nine Inch Nails, INXS, and Seal.

Not much else to say. My email is, and I would appreciate you telling me what you think! And yes, there will be a chapter 2 of The Mysterious Scent... someday.

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