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And The Gods Of The Heavens Roared Out In Anger At The Pride And Vanity Of Mortals. Their Anger Drew To A Focus Point Of Devastation And Destruction. And So They Decreed That Mortals Of All Species Shall Pay For Their Crimes In The Sundering Of The World.

And So The World Spun 10 Days And 10 Nights, Wreacking Havok Upon The World, Tearing The Lands Apart And Raising The Oceans To Wash Away The Filth Of What The Mortal Have Wrought Upon The World. And In The Heaven Anger, They Too Suffered Greatly, For The Deed Did Not Go Unnoticed By The Father of Time. And So They To Were Punished For Their Vanity And Charge With The Recreation Of The World.

It Was A Dark Time Indeed For Those Who Survived The Sundering. For Many, It Was Hell, And So The Gods Of the Heavens Pledge Anew, That Those Who Have Commited A Crime Against The Heavens, Shall be Punished Directly.

The Gods Of The Heavens Reached Forth and Cleared The Air, The Oceans Were Settled, And the Land Reformed And Stablized. The World Began To Flourish Over Time, The Healing Was Long In Coming, Many Have Forgotten The Sins of The Age Of Corruption And So The Gods Of Heaven Began To Punish Those Who Over Step The Line.

The Father Of Time Was Not Please Yet, For Those Who Weilded The Godly Might, Sought To Argue Amongst Themselves, And So, The Father Of Time Sunder The Powers Held By Each Deity And Casted them Out Far And Wide Across the World. Each Power Will Be Held Seperately By Individual Enity, Those Who Were Sundered Are Known As Elders, Those Who Came Next, Were Known As Greaters, Then Came The Younger. Soon, A New Breed Of of Gods Came Into Existence, And The Father Of Time Spoke To His Children: " These Are Known As Demi Gods. Know Them For What They Are, For They Shall Rise In Your Place Shall You Fail Me Again. They Will Keep You In Line, And You Shall Not Worry No More The Sins Of Mortals"

And So It Was, And The Deities War Across The Heavens, Forming Alliances And Grouping For Survival. No Two Powers Could Belong To An Alliance, And So The Mortals Vied To Attain Greater Status, For There Was A Way To Achieve The Heavens And Greater Power.

Each Alliance Formed Their Own Followers, Ruling A Empire of Mortals.

And So The Pantheons Emerged Into The World Of Mortals.........

Enter the World of Pantheon