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The Lair of the <UnNamed> Norn

Updated 7/12/2000

Welcome, and thank you for coming.
This will probably be the last update for The Lair of the <UnNamed> Norn.

This site is primarily a distribution vehicle for things I have written.
It had been a year and a half since I updated the page or worked on my programs,
so I've decided to do one final update and 'park' the page for archive purposes.

Thanks to everyone who helped out and gave me feedback about my programs and COBs!

COB Downloads

Just one at the moment...

The EggFinder (C2)

Download Now

The EggFinder will locate all of the Norn eggs in Albia
and deposit them in a row beside the incubator.
Designed for the post-Wolfling clean-up.
Takes the tedium out of running down all the valuable eggs
that those darn Norns have used for footballs.

Program Downloads

Two available now...

EggSitter v1.01 (C2) *Updated

Download Now

EggSitter is a program that automatically restarts paused eggs
and tries to make sure eggs are in a hospitable location for hatching.
Every 30 seconds, EggSitter will:
  • Restart paused eggs.
  • Make eggs that are underwater 'doozer jump' in an effort to get them back to dry land.
  • Make paused eggs 'bounce' (jump a short distance straight up) to make sure they are above the surface. I added this functionality after I discovered a small population of norns living under the floor of the incubator room.
EggSitter can make Wolfling runs either very rewarding or very
disappointing. Good breeders will keep the population nearly maxed
and the run will last for many more generations when using this
program. Poor breeders will still die out and there will be no eggs
left to salvage at the end.

Creatures Commander (C1*) (C2)

Download Now

Creatures Commander is a command line interface for use with Creatures 1* and 2.
*5 minutes of testing indicates that it works with Creatures 1...Your Mileage May Vary
I wrote this program for my own use because I wanted a history buffer of my
twiddlings. I use it often enough that I decided to polish it up a bit and
make it public, in the hopes that someone else will find it useful, too.


So you don't get stuck here...
(actually, these are a few of the creatures sites I find indispensable and highly enjoyable!)

Frimlin's Kiwi Creatures
Slink's Burrow Online
The Palace of the Evil Shee
The Creatures Developers Resource
Creatures 2 Go

Source Code for Borland C++ Builder 3.0

Creatures command line sample v1.0 (C1)(C2)
This example demonstrates how to use BCB3 to communicate with Creatures via DDE.

Download Executable
Download Source Code

The Borland DDE controls distributed with BCB3 have a bug that must be fixed for the source code to run properly. Apply the public domain fix below.
Download Fix for BCB DDE control (Required for this example)

This source code and lots more information on developing programs that interact with creatures is available at The Creatures Developers Resource

Thanks for visiting!