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Zerg Overview

The zerg are composed of several different types of creatures that have been intregrated into the swarm by the overmined. These creatures,or breeds, have been selectively evoled to become efficient killers and to assist the zerg in their quest for ultimate power. The zerg do not utilize technology on the common sense,but their natural weaponry and armor is comparable combined with an unmatched savagery and their blind devotion to the overmined, make the zerg an extremely formidable and deadly foe.

The Creep

Zerg structures are effectively giant organs,making a Zerg colonie a living creaure. To provide the required nurishment and infrastructure, the Zerg produce a living carpet of cio-matter that invading forces have dubbed the creep. Creep, produced by both Hatcheries and the aptly named Creep Colonoes, will spread quicly accross any fertil ground. The Hatchery is the only structure that can be built without the benefit of exsisting Creep since it has been genetically designed to automatically produced enough to fuel it own growth. The Creep itself is extremely durable and capable of near-instantaneous regeneration, only retreating from infested ground when a hatchery or colony is destroyed.

Zerg Life cycle

The zerg do not train or manufacture their military like other species. Instead, a central Hatchery produces larvae which, in turn, metamorph into various Zerg breeds. This system of creation is both an advantage and a drawback as all Zerg breeds. This system of creation is both an advantage and a drawback as all Zerg production is necessarily centralized. Great care must be taken to guard the hatchery, and it is advisable to quickly create new hatcheries for increased Larvae production.


Pehaps the greatest advantage of the Zerg and biological nature is an amazing healing and regenerative ability. A Zerg colony will remain viable unless every creature and structure is completely destroyed, as even a Zerg on the verge of death will eventually return to full health.


The Zerg Overmined maintains a constant psionic link with its servants,but in order to issue commands on an individual level,it must use overlords to relay its orders to the other Zerg breeds. A Zerg colony cannot grow beyond the collective ability of all Overlords to provide the necessary amount of Control. The current level of Control is always displayed in the upper right hand corner of the Main Screen, and selecting any individual Overlord will also display the current level of control required and provided.