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Imperial V3.0 Diku Mud

Please Mail comments, and suggestions to

The ip address for Imperial diku is. 6969

You may want to check out Imperial's own website.

Coming attractions for this site.

Shops on Imperial (under construction)
Kills for Equipment: Class specific. (under construction)
Area Rundowns including loaded eq (Under Construction) Info appriciated
Leveling strategies (Under Construction) Ideas appriciated.

Imperial is an extremely well coded mud, one each member of its' staff should be very proud of. Yet there is much more to Imperial.

Imperial offers its' players a choice of 12 possible classes, 50 levels and 10 ranks. The players of Imperial have made Imperial their community. While there is still the mad experience rushes, there is an extensive realm for the explorers, and fun people for the chatters. This site is a tribute to the friendly players and immortals, who live in this community.

Along with being a place to escape the hassles of everyday life, Imperial holds both fun and diverting activities for its' players and immortals. With quests, and groups that one can't help but get drawn into.

Imperial Directions
Imperial Gods For Clerics
Ranking on Imperial
Equipment on Imperial **NEW**