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Below is the start of what will be a look into the past at some articles, some over 10 years old, on Chess activities in Jamaica. Some of the articles will take some time to load and may not be the best quality visually, but I still feel they were worth sharing. Enjoy!


  1. Wolmers Surprise in Workers Bank Chess - January 4, 1989
  2. World Olympiad Sets Stage for Productive Year for Jamaica - January 9, 1989
  3. Campion Seeking First Hold on Workers Bank Chess Trophy - January 23, 1989
  4. Campion Crushes St. Jago in Workers Bank Chess Semis - February 2, 1989
  5. Cornwall Through to Workers Bank Schools Chess Championship Finals - February 7, 1989
  6. Campion Wins First Chess Title - February 14, 1989
  7. Immaculate Triumph in Schools Chess Champs - March 14, 1989
  8. Shane Matthews Wins Xmas Chess Tourney
  9. Capablanca Win Again
  10. First Workers Bank Chess Tourney
  11. NM Dr. Kevin Brown Deep in Thought
  12. NM Neil Fairclough
  13. Fairclough and Denny Share First Prize in Caribbean Open
  14. Tobisch Edges McLaren in Junior Ladder
  15. Campion Boy Leads in Age Group Chess Champs
  16. Age Group Chess Champs
  17. Schools Chess Semi-Finalists Decided
  18. Campion Favoured to Retain Schools Chess Title
  19. 1981 Jamaica Open Chess Champs
  20. Ptterson, Tobisch Top Junior CHess Tourney
  21. 1989 National Junior Chess Champs
  22. NM Fairclough Simultaneuos at Heritage House 1988
  23. NM Fairclough Simultaneuos at Heritage House 1988
  24. NM Fairclough Simultaneuos at Heritage House 1988
  25. Schools Chess Champions - Campion College
  26. Siva Wins Island Chess Tourney
  27. Young MoBay Chess Club Wins Jamaican Tourney
  28. Jamaica College Wins 1982 Workers Bank Chess Tournament
  29. Women's Chess Flourished in 1986

    Much more to come!

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