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Glenmuir and St. Jago getting ready for 2001 National High Schools Chess Championship

After the June exam period, Middlesex's top Chess playing schools Glenmuir High and St. Jago High are now stepping up preparations for the 2001 Championship.

While Glenmuir has retained 75% of the team that took them to the quarterfinals last year, St. Jago has to rebuild from scratch as they have lost all four of their players who took them to the semi-finals last year.

Both teams will have their work cut out as last years winners, Chess 'juggernauts' Meadowbrook High have retained all their players!

This year's tournament may see the entry of new teams from Clarendon. Vere Tech and Clarendon College both have signed on to a JAMALCO sponsored coaching programme being run by Adrian Palmer (Glenmuir is also a part of the programme).

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