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Math Sites

Useful Materials and Lesson Plans

Mathematics Worksheet Factory Deluxe

A free downloadable program which creates high quality printable math worksheets for K-6

Superkids Math Worksheets

This is a site which allows you to print worksheets directly from your browser for free.


Create and print free algebra worksheets, solve basic math problems or study online for the SAT or ACT.

Rick's Math Web

More worksheets for students who want to review basic skills

Lesson Plan Z

This site is useful source of lesson plans and materials for K-12.

Math Games

A math challenge jeopardy game featuring problems on basic computations, fractions, and multiples and factors
An interactive quiz on one-step equations.
A neat flashcard game for the pre-schoolers. The non-java game is much more interesting.
A brainteaser game using flashcards. Use non-java version.
Sam's Quiz A quiz on adding and subtracting like terms
Kimberly's Quiz A quiz on basic definitions for Algebra

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