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Anti Pokemon


Everyone knows what Pokemon is, it's that phenomenon that has hit North America and taken over the Industry. Nintendo scored big with this one, now Pokemon is being milked dry by Nintendo. The pokemon logo and characters are on every product imaginated, it's so bad people sometimes seem to forget "hey, isn't pokemon a video game?". Well right now Nintendo had bastardized Pokemon to be 4 variations of a video games, a TV show,Playing Cards and all manner of other merchindice. I have had enough, like many others I have been driven to Anti Pokemon.  

I really hate Pokemon now, the game is pointless and worhtless that nintendo tries to pass off as an RPG. In reality the game is a waste, it's whole basis is to build levels. The plot is nil and their is no end to the game. Next we have other pokemon merchendice, a sappy TV show hailed for "Good Morals" which you can find on any 2nd rate show and the card game, well don't get me started on that.

Anyways I don not employ anything stupid in my site, no gory pictures or links to Warez. I will be posting intellectual peices on why pokemon is bad and why I think it is a waste of time and money. So enjoy my AP site!

AP Images

No, not the AP images your expecting. These pictures are either done by me or checked to make
sure they are 100% completely non offensive.  If you have a picture like this you'd like to see in the
Loud House send it into me.
My 10 Reasons To Hate Pokemon

Thats right, here's 10 reasons why I hate pokemon. These are all good reasons why, not simply saying because they suck, I think their gay, etc. etc., you may change your mind about pokemon
after reading this also.
Hate Mail

Well im AP, I get a few hae letters. Here is the Hate Mail ive received and my replies to what the
people say. E-mails,IPs etc. are not posted here.
The Facts and Myths of Anti Pokemon

Thiers alot of stupid things being said about AP, mostly by the people who hate us. here is the true information diproving these myths.
Song Parordies

their are alot of stupid songs in Pokemon, here are some humourus Parodies some people have sent
me on them and other songs.
AP DO's and DO NOT's

Are you going to become AP? before you build "my Pokemon death row" or something to that degreee, read my Do's and Do nots to being an AP.
AP Links

Well my site is not alone, go to these other great AP sites!