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Welcome to my world of paper dolls!

During my childhood, I used to love to play with paper dolls.  As these were fairly inexpensive, I would usually get one new book each week, when Mum went shopping.  This was during the 1970's when Whitman books were popular.  Unfortunately as a child, I never had the forsight to keep my dolls and I never thought that my love for them would resurface in my adult years.

About 2 years ago I also started collecting Barbie© and other fashion dolls.  It was through this that I discovered the Barbie Fashion Designer© and Barbie Cool Looks Fashion Designer© software for PC's.  With a little bit of experimentation and my beloved scanner, printer, the Paint Shop Pro 5 paint program and lovely patterns from the Web, I was able to design and colour my own Barbie paper dolls.

I have offered these here to everyone who loves paper dolls.  Please enjoy!

Print her out using heavy weight inkjet paper -  I use 205 gsm which is excellent.

As some of the clothes also come with their own shoes, don't forget to slit the darker lines on the outsides of her feet for the tabs on the shoes.

Click on the doll to get a larger image for printing.

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I am also working on the dolls from the Cool Looks Fashion Designer.
So don't forget to visit often for these and new outfits!

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