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24th of July, '03 - No, you're not dreaming... The site has been updated! Maaaaan, it's been QUITE some time. Things have changed - as they do - and I no longer have the time nor the required effort to continue updating the site, as you may have guessed during the two years of inactivity. The site will continue to stay up for the odd visitor, but I doubt it'll receive the gracious and frenzied updating that it used to... There's always hope though. Anyway, I guess this is goodbye. Cheerio!

Oh, and I lied.

The site hasn't been updated, minus this lovely little piece of 'news'.

29, August, 01: Whee! Updated The List. Also, I decided to take down all of the Final Fantasy VII pages, images and other related material. Right now, the site is getting a major overhaul, so please, bear with me. In other news, I'm going to add loads more tracks to the MIDI Menu. So stay tuned...

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