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Fancie's Taxidermy
Specializing and Perfecting Small Bird Taxidermy Since 2004.

Thank you for visiting my little spot on the web. As stated above I specialize in mounting the smaller birds and chicks not often done using traditional taxidermy. I DO NOT use freeze drying to preserve the body of the birds I mount, so you can expect a high quality, long lasting mount. This web site was created to help give a little insight on my operations to my new, existing and perspective customers. and supply a quick easy way to place orders Almost finished mount on ducklings and chicks. Average wait from paid order to shipping is 3 - 8 weeks.

I do have both state and federal permits allowing me to mount and sell these birds. If you are planning on buying birds (mainly the mallards and other captive bred migratory birds) to resale please check your state and federal laws first. All mallards are right toe clipped to prove that they were born in captivity. All other ornamental breeds are banded and are accompanied with proper paperwork.

Sorry U.S. Orders only on Wild Breeds



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