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Finally this piece of crap is complete! If you want any games use te menu on the left. If you want anything else try under this useless message.
You can click here to use a search engine to view this site but i don't think it is worth it. If you have a few seconds please complete this form so I can improve this site.You can also E-Mail me if you find something wrong with the site Also, I am not responsible for what the people who I linked to my page have on their site. Thanks for visiting!

News and updates
May 07, 2001Updated the menu bar. The buttons won't be jumping skyhigh whenever your mouse pointer goes over it anymore :D
January 07, 2001Added e-scape games to the links page
October 20, 2000Fixed some minor bugs. Also, Shattered Empires is down for now.
July 12, 2000Also, the music freezes when played on some browsers. If it happens to you go to the main page and select the link under the image.
July12, 2000Sorry about the menu problem in IE. It should work well in all browsers.
July 9, 2000Deleted the News page
July 9, 2000Added the news to the main page
July 9, 2000Added the things around the mouse cursor.
July 4, 2000Added most of GC's web sites under the game links and description
July 4, 2000Added the news page! :)
July 4, 2000Added the Voting Booth
July 3, 2000Added a Links page
July 1, 2000Added Strategy guide for Mayan Adventure
July 1, 2000Finished the site.

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