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Turnstyle is a variant of chess using the traditional chess equipment. Turnstyle is a simple game that is played by 4 players, 2 use the white pieces and 2 use the black pieces. Each player gets a half of the board to move pieces on. This half is divided right down the centre, between the queen and king. One player gets 4 pawns, 1 knight, 1 bishop, 1 rook, and 1 queen or king (depending on what side you chose to play). Both teams of 2 players choose their pieces and begin play.

It is played as regular chess is but the players may only move pieces on their side of the board. Play starts with the player who has the white king and then on to the player with the black king. Then to the player with the white queen and finally to the player with the black queen. Play then resumes with the white king player again and the cycle begins again.

The only difference in this game is the teamwork involved. When one player puts another player (or team technically) in check. They must still get out of it, even if it isn't their turn. The other team player must get the king out of check or the game is over, checkmate.

Players that I have signified by having the queen or king do not always have to have the pieces they started out with. If one side takes a piece or moves to the other players side then that piece can only be moved by that player unless later moved back the other side.

If at any point in the game one player has zero pieces on their side to move they must skip their turn and play resumes with the next player has pieces to move.

The object of the game of course is to checkmate your opponent's king and win for your side. I hope you have fun using team work and strategy in this game.

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