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Other Links-if you care.

The Chess Variant Pages My inspiration.

No More Lies My cult page. It's run by Sonus. The second member.

The Ultimate Band List A great site where you can find out just about anything about any band ever!

Some of my favorite bands' sites.

Ben Folds Five

Counting Crows

Better Than Ezra


Dave Matthews Band

Illusions of Innocence

Bessie Mae's Dream A work in progress.


The Black Crowes

Smash Mouth

Rage Against The Machine

Smashing Pumpkins


Flaming Lips

The Squirrel Nut Zippers

Crash Test Dummies

Our Lady Piece


Freddy Jones Band


North Mississippi Allstars

Some more chess sites.

The Bobby Fischer Home Page My idol, and every other chess enthusiasts' too I'm sure.

Garry Kasparov's Site A great site.

The U.S. Chess Federation

Some other good sites.

The Official A Clockwork Orange Page A cult favorite. A great site where you can learn about many kinds of games. If you want to be grossed out, come here.

Steve Jackson Games Knightmare Chess, Tile Chess, and many others. 37 search engines, no waiting. Free e-mail too. Learn just about anything.

65th Square